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Elouan Pen CP1

elouan fransez pendragon
sixth year hufflepuff
dancing in the beating sun

Elouan Pen CPM1

Birthday october 21st
Age sixteen
Pronunciation ehl-oo-ahn pen-drag-uhn
Family briunal + joceline (parents)
avenie + adela (sisters)
Gender male
Pronouns he/him/his
Orientation homosexual
Relationship single, not available
Nationality breton
Languages breton, english, + french
Residence hufflepuff dormitories
+ josselin, brittany
Religion catholic
Handedness right
Roleplayer ateleia
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Eye Color blue
Hair Color blond
Height 5'7"
Style fashionable, extravagant
Faceclaim tarjei sandvik moe

like most of his family, he has blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. he actually tans a decent amount when given the opportunity to wade in the sun, but that is very rare at least back in brittany. he has an average build, but is on the shorter side for boys at around 5'7 (or 1.70 meters). most of the men in his family have grown to be quite tall, so he is expecting to shoot up in height eventually. his hair is slightly longer with some pieces curling down all of the way to his ears. he usually dresses quite nicely given the weather and has an interest in fashion. he isn't very vain and doesn't care too much about his personal appearance although he is rather confident and comfortable in it.

Elouan Pen CPM2

Elouan Pen CP2


no one can tell for certain because they were matched by an arranged marriage, but briunal couvreur and joceline pendragon seem very much in love or at least a worthy pair. both dedicated to the throne, they are far more beloved by the media than queen gwhenhail and her husband, who are seen as tyrants and bigots. their four children grew up with unlimited love including their final child elouan frañsez pendragon. he was born five years after their third child, marking him an accident by the media, but he felt all of the love from his parents all the same. it had no impact on his upbringing except for a natural detachment from his older siblings, who were seemingly always in a different stage of life than he was. this gave the media the perfect window of opportunity to portray him as this blundering baby of the family, which would change how he saw himself forever.

elouan was ten years old by the time he was able to have his first sign of magic. it caused a lot of anxiety among his family, who feared he would become a squib (although in many degrees, they are still not wrong). his parents and siblings would never care to hate him for such a thing, but the reaction from the queen would be an interesting one as she had already hated him for his clear femininity for many years by that point. elouan was simply playing in the courtyard with some of his cousins when he had managed to trip over a loose stone. as he fell, a small cushion appeared beneath him, protecting him and his nice clothing from any tears or scrapes. it is actually up for debate if this was his first sign of magic or if he ever had one at all as several of his cousins were there to witness it and had shown signs of magic in the past - making it completely possible that it was really one of them.

less than a year later, he was sent to beauxbatons for school - still at the age of ten. his oldest two siblings had attended beauxbatons previously and had already graduated meanwhile his older sister did private tutoring at home. this meant he was very much alone apart from his cousins, who he was friends with of course, but he was encouraged to not be around by the queen. by this time, elouan was clearly very flamboyant in his ways of doing most things and he started to deal with a lot of mockery from the other boys in his year. he was really struggling with a lot of the concepts in his classes, feeling overwhelmed and swamped in material with the inability to make any of it work coming out of his wand, so the pressure on him was far too intense. he wrote home every day devastated, so it took his parents only a month of trying to let him adjust before they withdrew him from school and got him private tutoring much like his sister.

elouan continued with this private schooling for four years, finishing with much higher marks than he deserved. as each year passed, he became more and more convinced that his grades were rigged for success since he felt his magic was very rarely successful in its practice or execution. however, he was content with this as long as he was getting through school, but his dread surrounding his education lessened over time meanwhile his confidence increased. this wasn't a permanent change though. a fight between his parents and the queen left them in exile out of brittany. instead of roaming off to the rest of france, they found solace in the united kingdom. by the time of their move, elouan was the only one of his siblings still in school, but his parents no longer had access to the royal tutors they had in brittany. they subsequently forced him to try to attend hogwarts, where he was sorted into hufflepuff.

Elouan Pen CPM3

from the portrayal that the media made of him in breton, he has developed a conscious around his own childlike behavior. he's a bit more mature for his age group, always trying to seem on top of things much like his favorite cousin. he follows rules and is a sucker for royal traditions (except for arranged marriages as he is currently fated to marry a woman), loving every moment of dressing up all proper. he tends to only take on more posh talents and hobbies such as ballroom dancing, fashion styling, tennis, etc. he has taken a liking to muggle sports, a venture his parents have often supported him in despite queen gwhenhail's insistence that they should not convene with muggles. he is an advocate for groups with a smaller voice and has taken after his parents in his desire to challenge the queen and his bigotry. even in his young age, he has managed to develop a built-up mutual hatred between the two of them although most of this also relies on the fact that he is gay.

elouan has a decent amount of confidence although he has a number of complexes surrounding his own intelligence and maturity, which have been ridiculed by many. he is very comfortable in his appearance and his sexuality, but not necessarily in a vain way. he enjoys doing things to take care of himself and prioritizing himself in a general sense, but more often than not he chooses to put forth the health of others. he was always taught to be selfless in his actions, so he often tries to be. it doesn't bother him when he needs to step aside for others to have attention, but at the end of the day he wants to revel in some of the light too. elouan stands for himself just as much as he stands for others and although he has a weak spine, at least he still has one. he's generally gentle in his approach to common interaction, slightly on the more timid side despite being quite extroverted. he enjoys talking, but can listen to the right person for hours and hours with a decent attention span and largely prefers others to take charge in things.

he has always struggled academically and is not considered book smart nor street smart. while he can't be easily manipulated, he does tend to do things on his own accord that will get him in a great deal of trouble if not watched over carefully. he's not necessarily a baby and doesn't need constant surveillance, but certainly cannot be trusted when let loose in diagon alley as he will surely end up in knockturn alley talking to someone who is ready to 'nap him. meanwhile in the classroom, he has troubles focusing in large groups and benefited from his private tutoring back home. he is capable of sitting down to complete his schoolwork, but only on more practical assignments (for which, he still needs to rely on his cousins to aide him). he is less capable of performing most forms of magic and has genuinely provoked questions about him being a squib, which he would be fine with if not for how seriously his family takes it. generally a calmer individual, magic is one thing destined to make him anxious and he has started to develop panic attacks now that he is attending hogwarts and his grades aren't rigged for him to look better.


Interests glass animals, ballroom dancing, fashion
Habits apologizing, clearing his throat, fidgeting with his hands
Pet Peeves open mouth chewing, reacting negatively to foreign food
Goals float through three more years of hogwarts, beat the queen
Enneagram 9w8
Star Sign libra sun
Alignment neutral good
Love Language words of affirmation

Magical Characteristics

Wand hazel wood, unicorn hair, 10.25 inches
Amortentia citrus + vanilla
Patronus n/a
Patronus Memory n/a
Boggart beaches
Blood Status pure-blood
Peculiar n/a


TV Show
Color peach

* he has been homeschooled via private tutoring his whole life up until his fourth year, where he was forced to attend hogwarts
* he has a cat named melen ('yellow' in breton), who is - you guessed it - a slightly orange, blonde cat
* he is an incredibly skilled ballroom dancer
* he is ninth in line to the throne

Elouan Pen CPT1

Elouan Pen CP3

elouan fransez pendragon
sixth year hufflepuff
dancing in the beating sun