Elsa Vrubel-Kolstad
Smart, Beautiful, and Strong
March 12th, 2018
Ana Lemieux-Kolstad, Markus Kolstad
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Hair Color
Clothing Style
Sasha Pieterse

Native Language
Norwegian, English
Earliest Memory
Type of Childhood
Celebrity life, independent

It started with an Interview, some sparks, and a child. Elsa Vrubel-Kolstad derives her surnames from her mother, Kateryna Vrubel of Bulgaria, and her father, Markus Kolstad of Norway. Kateryna didn't want to be held down by a child, so she released the child into Kolstad's care. Markus took the child and raised her, and Elsa Vrubel-Kolstad became the daddy's girl of the professional Quidditch world. Her father was a Keeper for the Norwegian national Quidditch team. The two had a saying of "He's a keeper, She's a catch." for years. Even after Markus had another out-of-wedlock child, who both he and Elsa named "Ana." What could Elsa do? She was a huge Frozen fan at the time.

Elsa was a very independent child. Such came of being able to have free reign of an entire stadium and festival grounds every time a National Quidditch World Cup came around, though she was always careful. SHe had a couple of skip ups where she was almost kidnapped, which formed a fear of such a thing happening. Really, Elsa traveled a lot. So much that she never really had a home... Not until she was around eight years old when Elsa showed her first sign of magic. Markus had refused to get her ice cream from the store. Instead of accepting it, Elsa wished for the ice cream to magically follow her. It floated for a minute before Markus grabbed the box and put it in the cart. Of course, Elsa knew about magic before, so when Markus saw her first sign, he had to explain that Muggles won't accept it the same way the people they know well. She had to be very careful from now on. He also explained that in a couple of years, she'd be sent to a school for the magically inclined. She chose Hogwarts.

Ana, six years her younger, was devastated when Elsa first left for school. The little seven year old wouldn't let her leave, which caused their first big fight. Elsa figures it was good for both of them- Elsa got to have her independence and Ana could start building hers. The two were still very close in their young age, though. Elsa told Ana everything, even all the stuff about her own mother, and she helped explain Ana's mother's situation as well. As Ana started to discover herself, Elsa moved on to her own adventures.

Her adventures included some partying, and a lot of studying. Elsa had one goal; Be a good daughter, and follow in her father's footsteps. Elsa aimed to be a Quidditch Player once she graduated. But just in case, she wanted good grades as well. Now that newts were over, Elsa could focus on the most important thing; Becoming a Keeper for Quidditch.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Determined, Brave, Independent
Worst Qualities
Reckless, Defiant, Anti-Authority
Most Influenced By
Ana and Markus
Elsa is an independent free-thinker. Sort of a three-for-three, she's smart, beautiful, and strong. Not only that, but she's also a loyal friend, to the end. Elsa is a kind soul, and she really tries to be the best person she can. Sometimes her independence and defiance get in the way of that, though. Elsa, she's learned throughout the years, is not a fan of Authoritarian figures. Though she's not sure why. Elsa enjoys doing her own thing, she supposes anybody telling her what to do is a pet peeve of hers.

Elsa gets in the face of people, especially those who are unkind to her or her friends. Though she's never been one to physically get into a fight, Elsa is a Protector, defending those she loves. This requires a fair amount of bravery, and Elsa shows it in her everyday life. She never second-guesses herself. Her confidence is key in many things in her life. Elsa is very typically the first soul to go into a dangerous situation, and she's confident she'll come out of any situation, unscathed.

Elsa is very determined with things she finds worthy of her time. Doing good in anything she puts her mind to is a must in her book. She's also very thorough, as doing any task well means understanding what you are doing, why, and how to do it best. She is definitely not a fan of half-assing things unless she's forced into it, which, as aforementioned, is something she really hates. Overall, her determination is one of her defining features, along with her bravery, her intelligence, and her loyalty.

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Languages Spoken
Norwegian, Dutch, English, Bulgarian
Being Kidnapped
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Amortentia Scents
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