Elysia Peyton
The Black Sheep

Elysia is an open-minded person. Her opinions and ideas can change if another is told with sensible logic. She also can change thoughts if she decides to over think about them herself. It's not like she's not too easily changed about ideas because someone believes another thing. She needs good logic and reasoning that makes her think about it in another perspective.

Confidence has never been a problem with Elysia. She's got high self confidence and no one can tell her otherwise. Even with Calvin and his two annoying children talking down to her, she's gotten to learn that they don't matter. Although some people can consider it as being arrogant, the most important person to take care of is herself... Her mother being a close second.

Being confident in herself has a part of coming from her independence. She doesn't need others to help her out, she has it on her own. When she needs something, she'll get it without any of your help. Although her decisions can be influenced by what someone may say, it's her in the end that makes them.

Elysia is judgmental and isn't too keen at hiding it. Sometimes she can make of something about a person by first impression, on occasion overthink the impression and make what happened seem different. Of course that thought of someone can change after getting to know them, it still sticks to the back of her head.


Laura Peyton and Alistair Fitzgerald's secret relationship didn't last long. It was supposed to be a type of thing with no strings attached. That was until Laura fell pregnant. Both of the two didn't want a child. Alistair had a family and reputation to hold. Laura was a decade younger than Alistair and definitely couldn't afford paying for more than one person.

When Alistair tried to ignore the situation, Laura got angry and refused to let him. So he payed her enough too keep hush and she did. So Elysia Peyton was born and the mother and daughter lived alone together for a good while. But when Elysia was seven, Laura married pure-blood and widowed wizard, Calvin Roderick.

Calvin was not a good man, and even seven year old Elysia knew it. Many wondered why Laura married the man, especially since they were engaged only two months after dating. Some thought it was because he was a wealthy man that could help out the family. Others assumed it was because Laura's traditional, pure-blooded father and veela mother were so upset to find her pregnant without even getting to know the father, so she wanted to make it up to them by marrying a rich pure-blood. Even though the reason of marriage (if it not being of actual love for the man) is unknown, many did know it was quite hard.

He spoiled his two twins, Elysia's older step siblings, enough that they would throw tantrums when they didn't get what they wanted. Yet he treated Elysia even worse than Laura. He abused her verbally and emotionally almost everyday, with the occasional physical abuse as well. Although Laura didn't want to see this happen to her daughter, she was to coward-like to stand up to Calvin.

One of the worst times Elysia could remember with the nasty pure-blood was the day she had her first magical experience at the age of eight. Henry and Olivia, both of Calvin's children, was yelling at Elysia because she supposedly had stolen a toy of theirs. All of a sudden, the two stopped yelling. In fact, no noise came from Henry and Olivia at all. Elysia had some how silenced the spoiled twins. they weren't able to speak again until two hours later when Calvin came home from work and found out. After a blow to the face from the man, Elysia's accidental show of magic wore off.

Elysia started Hogwarts, joining the house of Ravenclaw. She wasn't isn't as social or popular as her two step siblings, but she did come out on top with grades. She spent a good amount of her time studying and was quite good at spell work. Although her best suit would be potions, which she was quite talented in. Although she doesn't necessarily feel like she fits well into Hogwarts, Elysia's grown to love it... And the fact that it's Calvin-free, helps.

It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.
Reading forces you to be quiet in a world that no longer makes place for that.
Basic Info
Full Name Elysia Peyton
Nickname Elysia
Birthday December 6th
Age 15
Nationality England
Home England
Status Single
Sexuality Asexual, Panromantic
Location England; Hogwarts
Gender Female
Year 4th
House Ravenclaw
Species Witch, 1/4 Veela
Family Blood Half-blood
Wand Core Unicorn Hair
Wand Wood Aspen
Wand Arm Left
Boggart The death of her mom
Patronus Raven
Model Emily Bador
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'6
Body Style
Mental/Emotional State
Mental/Emotional Disorders
Physical Disorders
Ethnicity Caucasion
Don't be afraid to be open-minded. It is not like your brain is going to fall out.
Fam & Gen
Mother Laura Peyton
Father Alistair Fitzgerald
Brother(s) Half-brothers: Jacob King and Troy Fitzgerald Lascano; Step-brother: Henry Roderick
Sister(s) Half-Sisters: Tegan Fitzgerald Lascano, Raina Fitzgerald Lascano, EA Everly; Step-sister: Olivia Roderick
Character Flaw
Personal Motto
First Reaction to Crisis
Faces Their Problems
React to Change
Native Language English
Hobbies Reading, Photography,
Don't judge the path I choose to take if you haven't walked the journey I had to take.


Books, Iced Tea, Sweatshirts, Open Mindnesses


Sports, Country Music, Dresses, Skirts, People Full of Hate

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