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Emeric Deverill
(Roleplayed by Freja)

Dev – Emeric Deverill – Former Slytherin
TALK I know how men in exile feed on dreams of hope. - Aeschylus
Just call me Dev.

Biographical Information
Birth Date August 31st
Home Town Hogsmeade Village
Pet Aegeus (Siberian Husky)
Aleita (Barn Owl)
Blood Unknown (presumably Half-Blood)
Physical Information
Species Wizard
Gender Male
Hair Brown/Black
Eyes Blue
Height 6'1"
Magical Characteristics
Patronus Dragon
Wand Hornbeam, 13", Phoenix Feather
Family Information
Wife Evanesca Douleur
Daughter Faye Deverill
School Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House Slytherin
Occupation Business Owner


I look very similar to my father Atherton (Emeric III), and my grandfather Ambrose (Emeric II). They both have very deep dark brown hair and striking light blue eyes accented by our olive brown skin.

My grandmother Cosma and my Great Aunt Alpha used to say that then when I would show my true anger, a rage that is overwhelming. I look exactly like Emeric Deverill I, my great grandfather. I am over 6 feet tall, I have long arms and broad shoulders. I maintains a muscular build from my martial arts training.

About the Deverill Family[]

I was born Emeric Atherton Deverill IV (b. August 31), I am the eldest son of (Galatea) Alatea and Atherton. My mother was born to muggle parents, the Vance's. Both Kitty and Bill are squibs, or Wizardborn Muggles. My father was the youngest in a long line of Pure-Bloods. Needless to say they were less than thrilled when their youngest son choose to sully their Pure-blood lineage. Because of their deep affection for their baby boy, my grandparents Ambrose and Cosma did not cast him out as most purists would. They instead met with the Vance's, after a lengthy discussion provided them with a home in Hogsmeade Village.

After Graduating Hogwarts, my mother and father Alatea and Atherton moved to their new home in Hogsmeade. The newlyweds prepared for my birth, the first son Emeric. Much like my father Emeric is often described by family and friends alike, I was tall, dark and handsome. Of course at such a young age the term cute seems more appropriate. After my birth my parents, Alatea and Atherton learned they were again expecting. A beautiful baby girl, my sister Demelza 'Deme' Glory (b. May 11) the spitting image of our mother. Deme and I are the best of friends, I was even able to translate her baby talk. That bond helped to ease the growing fears of our parents, since again the Deverill family would be adding to the brood.

The twins, Lorcan Emerys and Mordaunt Bilius (b. March 9) were the perfect mix of our parents with hair dark brown like our father and bright emerald eyes like our mother. Deme, Lorcan, Mordaunt, and myself got along famously and the family again grew with the birth of another sister Pryská Hazel (b. December 13). She is haunting mix of the our muggle and pure blood ancestors. When I was seven years old I distinctly remember Pryská's eye color changing from our mother's green to our father's blue and back. As I was the only one to witness this no one believed me except my best friend, my sister Deme. Amidst the chaos of five young witches and wizards the family grew once more with last daughter and youngest child Synnøve Katherine (b. August 24) named after our maternal grandmother Katherine.

I was educated a Brazilian Wizarding School in Maranhão, my sister, and my best friend Deme was sent to France. My mother claims that she sent me to Brazil for discipline, she also claims that it backfired. I think she's right. Had I never met my pen-friend, has I never met his friends, or cousins, all of us might have stayed out of all the trouble we got into. There is one drawback to imagining if I had never been Brazil. I never would have met Iracema, and I never would have fallen in love for the first time. We didn't end well, and for a time it felt like we didn't end at all. I went back to see her multiple times, until she asked me not to anymore. That had a combination of results none of which I think that she wanted. I did go back, and I found out she was carrying our child. Serves me right. Evanesca gave me Faye, and Iracema gave me Emilio. At least one of those two children is legitimately mine, ironically he is the child that does not carry my name. Iracema gave him her name.

Saying it puts a bitter taste in my mouth but sometimes I think Evanesca and I were made for each other. Without even thinking about it we rushed into a relationship, and without thinking about the consequence we both had affairs leading to us both becoming parents before I think either of us wanted to. If we ever wanted to, I will never know. I knew that Faye is not my daughter, and I know that Evanesca knew that too. Neither of us were going to admit that, it was shameful and would have sullied our reputations. Not to mention what it could do to Faye. I will always love her, and I do consider her to be my child. She is an innocent pawn in her parents twisted little game to see who can hurt the other more. I haven't told Evanesca about my son, although I have this feeling she knows. Women usually know things even when they say they don't. We haven't been at odds anymore than usual, even with Faye's illegitimacy being aired. It could be my work habits, we rarely see other. Ever since I've taken over running The Apothecary, we don't have the time to squabble like we used to.

Magical Education[]


Evanesca Wife He loves and would do anything for her
Faye Daughter He loves her much more than he knows
Anna Venus Grace Friend She is impressive, trustworthy like a sister
Uno Friend Friendly but still make one another angry
Reynaud Sidekick/Mentee Dev sees "potential" in Reynaud

Spells List[]


This Character Has Left Hogwarts
Hogwart express

This character has graduated Hogwarts and has journeyed on into the World of Wizarding. You may see them around, but they are no longer a student in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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