Emersyn Davina Holland
May 9th, 2021
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Emersyn Holland is a 19 year old witch, a graduated Slytherin, and an Auror.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Clothing Style
Kat Dennings

Ilverness, Scotland
Native Language
Scottish, English
Earliest Memory
Type of Childhood

:Her mother and father were perfectly normal until the mother cheated on him. When the father found out she had cheated, he snapped. Took her out for dinner, and she was never seen again. He had simply told his children, Emersyn and her twin Ember, that she had simply disappeared, and would not be coming back. From the ages of 3 to 9. the girls would never know exactly what happened. Emersyn is still even a little confused by it. How could somebody be so evil and underhanded, and then lie about it. Still, the girls grew up without a mother, and every woman who came into their lives, who had always looked somehow a bit like David's wife, never stayed long despite his tendency to throw everything he has into these new relationships. Oftentimes he would even neglect and ignore his two children. Usually the breakups were hard, mostly because their father would do everything in his power not to let them leave. Occasionally, cops were called. Occasionally, he was thrown into jail. Somehow, he never stayed there for very long.
The girls knew never the better. When their father disappeared for a couple days on end, the girls simply stayed with their aunt Meghan. Their aunt knew no more. A simple business trip, or maybe just time to get away from the girls who, day by day, looked more like the lovely Lara Holland. It wasn't until they turned 8 that their father started to find it difficult to spend any time with his two daughters. Until one day, he snapped. Mother's eyes, mother's hair, mother's laugh.... Was clearly all too much for him.
Ember was to be first. Really, the only difference between the girls was the eyes- Ember's being a tinier bit more empathetic, more... Blue. He moved when they were asleep- Aunt Meghan had no inkling of the events to happen. Emersyn woke up to the smell of blood and copper, and a wetness when she reached for her sister. Something snapped her into being alert, and she was lucky to get enough of a reaction time to see her father coming at her with an already bloodied knife.
To this day, Emersyn doesn't know if it was pure luck, or if it was some sort of magical force that stopped David Holland in his tracks. But whatever it was, she could see the utter anger and disgust grow in his eyes as he struggled to move his own body. She prays to God every day, thankful she had enough time to grab a phone and call her aunt Meghan, who had called the police, and was on her way. She was almost unable to believe her eyes when she had come across the scene. Her own brother had been incarcerated, put into cuffs and thrown into the back of a car. Even the police thought it a complete miracle; It was unlikely for Emersyn to survive such a thing without a scratch. But it didn't do much favors for her psyche. Meghan had to pry her away from her cold sister's body so they could take her away. The 8 year old was completely inconsolable.
At the funeral, it was clear the event had taken a toll on her. Emersyn was angry. She couldn't cry anymore. The event had taken too much emotion from her. Throughout the entire trial set against her father, she was angry. It wasn't until almost a year later that she finally got a little bit of closure. Her father was a murderous bastard - Aunt Meghan said it herself. Multiple times. Emersyn doesn't know if she thinks it makes her feel better, but she always told her, "Yes. I already know that." But when the information came out that not only did he murder Ember Holland, but his wife, and Emersyn's mother, Lara Holland as well. That's when everything came down to a bit of a crash for her.
Emersyn essentially began distancing herself from everyone. The only time she ever really showed emotions is when she was forced to see her father one time before he was sent off to spend the rest of his life in jail. All the anger came boiling out when he began to talk about Lara. He just wanted to tell Emersyn one thing before he was gone forever - "She was magical." He barely got that out before something prevented him from speaking, and he started puking... Slugs. She was quickly pulled out of the room, and she's never seen David Holland since. When she got back home with Aunt Meghan, she was greeted by a man claiming to be able to explain everything. Meghan allowed it, and that is when Emersyn found out that Lara Holland was a Witch, and so was she.
Emersyn had attended Hogwarts school of wizardy. She had been sorted into Slytherin, and for the entirety of the time at school, she made 'friends', but none she were very close to, If not only to appease Meghan. Really, she was more of a loner than anything. She always came off as cold and unappealing to others, which was fine. She had spent her time more or less studying the new world around her. While there were many interesting things, one of them stuck to her the most -- Aurorship. Helping people. Since she didn't want what happened to her to happen to anyone else, it seemed like a no brainer to her. She studied with the goal to become an Auror. Now graduated, she decides to take her first step and apply.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Kind, Protective, Trustworthy
Worst Qualities
Cautious, introverted, fearful
Most Influenced By
:Emersyn's misfortunes has taken it's toll on her psyche. Though while growing up, she was an extroverted child, and loved to laugh and play, that girl was gone along with the death of her sister. Nowadays, Emersyn is more reserved than anything. Though she misses interacting with people, and having fun, just generally being a child, Emersyn also sees everything through dull-colored glasses. Though she is a friendly person, she can't spend too long with other people and keep up a 'facade' of brightly-colored clouds in the sky. She still loves to do certain things - Like read, or watch bugs on the floor. That's the side of her that the everyday people do not ever see.
Emersyn has a cold shoulder, and a hard exterior. It's not that she isn't easy to get to know, it's just that she has a wall. One clearly meant to keep people out. So while she has that sweet face, and that welcoming grin, she's just scared of people. Not in the agoraphobic sense, but rather, of them getting too close. Not only does she not want anyone to get hurt, but she's also had enough pity to last an entire lifetime, and then some. Though really, apprehensiveness is one of the very few things she can feel with full affect. Her emotions are, if nothing, dulled. She still enjoys some things, but not to the extent she used to. Emersyn realises this, and misses it intensely. Occasionally, she even seems a bit jealous of those who can express their emotions and feel them deeply. But she doesn't let this affect her too much. Emersyn is good at brushing things off; She never holds a grudge, and never takes anything too personally. She's also seemingly a bit naive, a bit too trustful, but she herself is also very trustworthy. Trust, in fact, is one of the most important things to her.

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Auror • Sociopath • Single• 20 Years Old
Emersyn Holland
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Languages Spoken
her father, her dead sister
Favorite Drink
mint tea
Favorite Sweet
orange chocolate
Amortentia Scents
Grape juice, orange rinds, and mint tea
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