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This Character Has Left Hogwarts
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This character has graduated Hogwarts and has journeyed on into the World of Wizarding. You may see them around, but they are no longer a student in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Emily Greene
Emily Greene

Birth Date

May 12th

Hair Color

Dark Blonde

Eye Color




Blood Status

Muggle Born






Alder wood and Kneazle Whiskers, 8 1/2 inches

Home Town

Kentucky, USA

Quick Info[]

Hufflepuff crest

This character is a Hufflepuff!


  • Charms-E
  • Transfiguration-E
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts-E
  • Potions-E
  • Herbology-E


  • Charms-A
  • Transfiguration-A
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts-A
  • Potions-A
  • Herbology-A


Emily is a very kind person. She has shown that she will always help those she feels are in need, even if it costs her. While she wasn't the most talented in school, she was kind and helpful, and well remember by those who were at school with her with many thinking of her as a friend. However, she also is fairly clumsy, and was known for usually having at least a few injuries. The reason she did so poorly in school is that she tends to be scatter-brained and would often forget she had homework or tests. She originally spoke with a Southern (American) accent, but her time at Hogwarts made her speak with more of a British Accent.


She's nice looking with dark blonde hair, and brown eyes. She's fairly tall at 5'10". She often wears conservative clothes and bright clothing. She's not especially athletic or intelligent, but does know how to make herself look nice using make-up and magic.


She loves helping others. She doesn't much consider her own well-being, but at Hogwarts would help others study through the night to pass a test, forgetting she herself had work to do, causing her to fail. She would give someone the clothes off her back or food out of her mouth, only to later realize she didn't have clothing or food.


She came from a farming family in the US, and was accepted to Hogwarts at the normal age 11. She's used to long hours and hard work from the farm. She has 6 younger siblings, and her parents all in America.


After finishing school at Hogwarts, she went back to America to find work. She went back to her family's farm, helping out, but was later contacted by the American Auror office. Due to her Hogwarts education, she was given a chance to work for the office, and though it was obvious she wasn't cut out for field work, she excelled as an analyst, seeing trends easily in data. She still works for the American government collating and correlating data, and moving her way up in the Auror Office. Though she tries to stay out of the field, she has planned and directed Auror missions before.


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