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Emily Mathieu
Gryffindor Alumni • Armored Heart

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Personal Information

Full NameEmily Rose Mathieu
BirthdayAugust 7th
Age19 y/o
Zodiac SignLeo
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationBi-Sexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
Living SituationApartment
Languages SpokenEnglish, BSL

Magical Information

Blood StatusPureBlood
Wand WoodAsh
Wand CoreUnicorn Tail Feather
Wand Length9"


On the outside Emily is cool, collected and a woman who seems like she knows what she wants and how to get it. Emily is nothing short of a strong, independent woman who won't stop at anything to get her hands on what she wants. She knows how the system works and how to play her cards right, and she knows how to spill the wheel and how to play the players. Being in Azkaban taught her that only the tough survive, that weakness will get you no help or handouts.

On the inside though is a small child who is scared, fragile and damaged. Emily wants nothing more than love, acceptance and a place where she belongs. Only the softest, most gentle of hands and words can destroy the thick cements walls around her heart. Emily won't let anyone close, no one close enough to even see the walls around her. She's been hurt too many times, damaged too much, forgotten, cast away and hated to try and reach out again. She just can't bring herself to do it.

Emily has a soft spot for children and animals, but especially children. She can tell when they're damaged, abused or unloved and will stop at nothing to protect them. She wants no child to go through what she went through, and if she has to kill their parent(s) or abusers to rescue them she will without hesitation. Emily is a broken, forgotten child who has built a suit of armor around her to give her strength and protect her from the outside world.

If someone were to get close enough to her by some miracle to see her walls and start to take them down, she might actually be able to change. But until then she will remain the way she is, unnoticed and living in the shadows like she has been her entire life.


Emily's life was nothing short of a disaster. It was full of uncertainty and unlove. her parents were pure-bloods who got thrown into an arranged marriage, having 2 children probably to try and make things work but it just forced them apart even more. Emily was their second child with Cyrus being their first. Emily was just an average child, wanting her parents attention and praise but instead she got nothing but the cold shoulder.

From a very young age Emily could see and understand that she wasn't loved by those claiming to be her parents. She saw what real parents were supposed to be like and she wanted that, she wanted that love and attention and she craved it like she craved air. Only, when she was 8 she caught her father cheating on their mother. It wasn't like her parents cared, they were already seeing other people by this point, but it destroyed Emily inside. Her father was angry that she caught him, probably because it meant he had to face the reality of what was happening. And so to keep her quiet, he beat her.

Emily would cover up the bruises with makeup which she stole from her mother, even going as far as to create elaborate lies to explain away the bruises she couldn't hide. That's where her lying stemmed from, but it was for protection. Not even Cyrus knew what was going on, she couldn't let him know because what if father beat him too? So she took everything and internalized it, even more so when Ross went off to Hogwarts and left her alone.

Her magic manifested when they were watching him get on the train. Emily was a mess, a complete hysterical mess as she sobbed. Her cries amplified and shattered the windows of the train, making her parents take her away and she didn't even get to see Ross depart. The 9 year old Emily was slowly turning more and more silent and depressed, but whenever Ross would come home for the summer she had to put on a fake smile. It wasn't fake that she was happy to see him, it was fake that everything was okay.

When she went off to Hogwarts it was her escape, she was blooming and was actually happy and protected for once. She felt normal, she felt emotion, she felt love. She was wanted somewhere and mattered. But when she went home for the summers it was the same routine of beating and not eating, being forced to keep both of her parents secrets and turning into their personal punching bags. By the time she was 14 it wasn't about a secrete anymore, it was about Emily being a sandbag for her parents.

One night when her father drank too much she was on the receiving end of his anger, only he wasn't holding back and was giving it his all. Emily was thrown against the wall, hit with a chair and punched in the head. She was going to die, and her father didn't care. She snapped and pulled her wand on him, using Crucio to hurt him. She was angry, bitter and had no emotion towards him. She murdered him by snapping his neck, and when her mother happened upon the scene she tortured her all night with no mercy.

The next events were a blur to her as she was taken away to be judged and then thrown into Azkaban. She didn't understand why Cyrus didn't stand up for her, why he just watched and let it happen. But then she spent the next 5 years in hell. No one cared about her and she was left alone. The first few months were fear of her crying and wanting to be released, and then after that she shut off. The next few years were full of not only a wall but cement being built around her fragile, vulnerable heart to protect her. And then she was released, and is now living a somewhat normal life.


Face ClaimZoey Deutch
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Weight120 lbs.
Voice TypeSoft
Blood TypeB-
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleThin
ScentVanilla Perfume

Family Information

Full SiblingsCyrus Mathieu
Half SiblingsN/A
Other RelativesN/A


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)N/A

Name Etymology

Given [ Emily ]Striving, Eager
Middle [ Rose ]Flower
Surname [ Mathieu ]Gift od God


Favourite ColourPink
Favourite MovieSpiderman Homecoming
Favourite SongAnxiety
Favourite FoodFish and Chips
Favourite DrinkRaspberry Lemonade
LikesCrepes, Writing, Strawberries, Her Brother, Magic, Reading, Muggles,
DislikesPrison, Pain, Coconuts, Chocolate, Summer, Polyester Fabric
First KissTBA
First CrushTBA
First LoveTBA
First TimeTBA
Pet(s)Cat named Luna
Sports PlayedN/A
Instruments PlayedViolin
GoalsHeal and Reconnect with her brother
AchievementsSurvived Azkaban
Biggest HopeTo be Forgiven
Biggest RegretHurting her family
Best MemoriesHer and Her brother at Hogwarts
Worst MemoriesKilling her parents
Mental IllnessesAnxiety, PTSD, Depression
Criminal RecordEx-Azkaban Resident
Medical RecordN/A

Custom Trivia

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