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Emma Salis Maersk
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cinderella metamorphagus
September 11th
Maersk Family
Name Pronunciation
EH-muh mah-irsk
Blood Status
rped by sophie.

Emma Maersk is a sixth year Ravenclaw, and somewhat heartbroken at the moment.
Eye Color
Varies, generally brown
Hair Color
Varies, generally blonde
Clothing Style
Different every day
My undivided beauty is undeniable. I'm pretty beyond measure, and I feel like I dress and look like a lot of money, which isn't actually true. I prefer wearing random things everyday, and generally, I don't care if my clothes match. My beautiful body makes up for that.

Native Language
Danish, English
Earliest Memory
Edith's near death
Type of Childhood
Lame and boring
Childhood Fear
Being too good for her own good

Our Story, or as we like to call it, the Maersk Story begins with a man, who is our father. He met our mother, in Copenhagen. They were just children. Our mother had been visiting Denmark, that's all. But, our father, he knew nothing of what was about to happen.

Our Mother, she was a very wealthy lady from Finland. She spoke all the Scandinavian languages and of course, Danish. She was a beauty at that too, some of us tend to think we got her beauty. But, make no mistake, she had trouble to live through in her life. Much trouble.

For a woman of her beauty, her father wanted her to marry an equally wealthy and equally handsome man. She rebelled for days on end, but that, sadly, got her nowhere fast. An arranged marriage was soon in place. Our mother was deeply upset.

Her days in Durmstrang would haunt her as she had to pretend she was the girlfriend of the handsome guy that her father picked. She got sick and tired of it. She had enough of her father, and wanted payback. And she found it.

There was a certain man who stood out to her, in one of her 5th year classes. That man, later became our father. He stood out to her, not because he looked different or whatnot, but because... he did have feelings for her. He would look at her for days on end, never willing to say anything to her. Then, one day, she drags him away from everyone else.

He complimented her and, well, she kissed him. Kissed him. He blushed. He didn't know what to say. But, he came clean. "I really, really like you." Those are his exact words. She said the same thing.

So, they secretly dated. And one day, our mother came clean to her arranged fiancee. She cheated on him with another guy. Our father. And his reaction... "Actually, I should tell you something. I cheated on you." They laughed, finding it a coincidence how they both cheated on each other, behind their backs. They both admitted that they'd rather remain good friends, instead of arranged fiancees. That didn't stop from speaking to each other, every once in a while.

So, the years will pass, and our parents would get engaged. Fortunately for our mother, her arranged fiancee made sure that the arrangement was null, by marrying earlier than she would. She married the next year, since by then, the arrangement made by her father was now ineffective.

And then, a year later, came the first of us, the Maersk girls.

That girl, was myself. I am Emma Maersk. I see myself as the ringleader of this whole thing, after all, I came first. Our mother gave us all names that start with the letter "E", still not sure why. But, family tales aside now.

I was the bit of a feisty young girl, generally because I grew up to take everything. I was also fairly intelligent for my age, and had the perk of learning to speak earlier than my other sisters, whom I think as late bloomers.

My life was free of trouble... and unfortunately, locked away from fun. I never really went outside, somewhat afraid of what is out there. But, even I became temptation's folly...

One day, while the rest of my sisters were outside, playing in our pool, until... Edith was about to drown. Having no prior knowledge of how to swim, since I never really went outside, I dolphin dived into the pool and managed to save Edith. I don't know how and still don't know why.

Then, a while afterwards, on Christmas Day, I ended up lighting the fireplace, without using a match or any other source of ignition. Daddy said it was magic.

So that is how I learned about magic and the fact that I have to go to school and whatnot. So I did. I went to Durmstrang, along with all my other sisters. Wasn't disappointing, but...

It did get pretty boring, being the example in the class. In fact, it was kind of bothersome too. I was (and still am) beautiful and smart, which practically dragged all the lazy boys in my classes towards me. When they wouldn't stop repeatedly following me, I started chilling around with my sisters, doing girly stuff. They went away.

But, being this way for three years was tiresome. Daddy promised me and my sisters that he'd get us a place in the UK, so we can go to Hogwarts. And I surely was pleased.

As my fourth year here in Durmstrang is coming to end, I'm becoming ever so anxious. Will I make new friends? Will I be the smartest in my class? Oh Merlin.

I can only wait and see...

Well, I did wait. And I saw. Hogwarts was far better, but also, it got really boring really quick. My sisters and I were separated into houses, making it difficult for us to spend overly much time together. But I also learnt of this thing called Quidditch.

My cousin family, the Holland-Reichert family, grew up on Quidditch, while our family didn't really do that. But when I first played, as a reserve Seeker, later reserve Beater, I think I might have gotten a feel for it. But it wasn't overly big.

Also, I met a guy named Madan Atherton. We got attached pretty quick... but we detached not too long after. I understood his reasons... but I didn't want to... it's complicated.

Now it's my sixth year, and I'm really trying to move on with my life, but I don't know if I will...

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Friendly, artistic, kind
Worst Qualities
Incredibly timid, a bit sassy, strange
Most Influenced By
Her sisters
My beauty is unmatched, but that does not really explain who I am as a person.

I've been seen as quite the everything; intelligent, friendly, beautiful. Truth is, I'm actually very shy, and try not to talk to people, unless they explicitly wish to talk to me, in which case, it is, but natural, for me to answer back.

But, I am indeed friendly, and won't shy away from making new friends. It is just difficult for me to, well, be outgoing. I've grown up with just my sisters to talk to, and I blame that if I ever do anything silly, just because I'm shy.

I am very smart, but there are times when I deliberately chose not to display this. I generally do it out of fear, fear of being, well, too smart for everything. I'm not perfect, and I want to convey that impression to people.

(Emma is an INFJ.)

talk bubble

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skills and magical abilities
I seem to not have that many skills, compared to my sisters. However, there is a small few worth noting.

I'm quite the artist, being to paint near accurate portraits of people. I say near accurate, because I have a tendancy to overlook some details and end up missing them later.

Apparently, my artistic skill also happens to extend to doing makeup as well. I, apparently, am the best at putting makeup on people, better than my mom even. I still refuse to believe how I can do that.



  • Emma imagines her perfect boyfriend as being much the opposite of her. Not handsome, not necessarily smart, but as long as he has a heart, Emma will be okay with that.
  • She is unnaturally afraid of becoming like Edith; being unable to love.
  • Emma isn't afraid to be in love with another girl; love is love, no one cares with who you share your life with.
  • When upset or depressed, Emma will change her hair and eye color to fool people.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Demi-bisexual, panromantic
Relationship Status
The Dark
Pine, Dragon Heartstring, 10 inch
Bald Eagle
Favorite Drink
Champagne (she wishes)
Favorite Sweet
Dark Chocolate
Amortentia Scents
Cookies, fire, books
Favorite Song
Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon
Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots
On My Mind by Ellie Goulding
Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding

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