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Full Name Emmett Furst-Dugmore
Nickname Emmett
Birthday 11/11
Nationality German (adopted into British family)
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Too young

Species Wizard
Blood Status Pure
Wand Core ???
Wand Wood ???
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Crowds
Patronus Bobcat

Model Ethan Bortnick
Gender Male
Height 4' 8"
Weight 85 pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Colour Tan


Gorman Furst was a wealthy pure-blood wizard who lived in Germany. He grew up surrounded by magic, but his parents still passed down an affection for Muggles that stayed with him throughout his life. Around Germany, he heard people say many bad and untrue things about Muggles and Muggle-borns, and it made him angry. He began to feel the tug towards serving in public life. After graduating Hogwarts, he took up a job at the German Ministry and rose quickly through the ranks. When elections for Minister of Magic rolled around, he decided to throw his hat in the race under a pro-Muggle platform.

But there was one problem his opponent's picked on: he had a child out of wedlock with a beautiful German witch named Gabriele. As his reputation began to fail, he proposed to Gabriele, and they hastily married mere weeks before their child was born. They named him Emmett, which means strong worker, and prepared to raise him. Supporters Gorman lost to scandal began to come back to the honest man in droves. Weeks away from the election, he was everyone's favorite to win. Even his opponents knew he had it in the bag. But then, tragedy struck. A man with ice in his heart attacked Gorman's house killing Gorman and setting fire to the place. Gabriele and Emmett scarcely escaped with their lives. Knowing the danger they now faced, Gabriele decided it was best to send Emmett away, and she gave him to a relative to take to England. Since the relative was too old to care for the boy, she gave him to a poor wizard couple who were unable to have children of their own.

Louis and Amanda Dugmore gave Emmett everything they had. They worked hard for everything they had, but it was all for him. They were the best parents Emmett could have asked for, and if they were wealthier, he would probably be spoiled. But there was one problem: they were afraid to lose him. As a result, Emmett knew nothing about his heritage, nothing about the fact that he was the son of the man who could've been the most politically powerful wizard in Germany. Though they were incredibly kind to Emmett, they were also very dishonest. They even passed Emmett's last name, Furst, off as a middle name, worried he would want to find his real mother if he knew the truth.

So Emmett grew up, blind to his past. Not long after he learned to read, he went to a house party at a family friend's house. He discovered the piano in their living room and took a liking to it. Though he didn't know how to play it, he enjoyed the feeling of his fingers moving across the keys. He begged his parents to get him his own piano, but they didn't have the money. When the family friend learned of this, he offered him free lessons, and Emmett found himself learning to play the instrument with ease. He was a natural, and at Christmastime, his newfound friend gave him the instrument. He continued to play it, and even had his first signs of magic before the piano.

It was after his first recital. His parents knew he would be wonderful, because he had spent hundreds of hours over the course of the past few years practicing. But when he got up on the stage, he fell prey to terrible stage fright. He sat there for almost thirty seconds, staring at the crowd. When he finally got his bearings, his hands were shaking incredibly. The first few notes were fine, but he missed one key and it was all downhill from there. He finished the song in tears and ran off the stage. Back at home, he threw himself down on his bench and slammed the door to the room so his step-parents could not get in. Suddenly, one of Emmett's piano books flew off the stand and across the room. Then another followed. And another. Stunned, Emmett watched the books fly across the room without him doing anything. Emmett kept his magical encounter a secret for days, but eventually told his wizard step-parents.

Emmett received his Hogwarts letter and will start there this coming semester as a first year.

Emmett is a mild-mannered boy. He always assumes the best in people, and never stops smiling. Growing up he was a very talkative boy and made friends easily. But, as many extroverted people learn, it's easy to make friends when you're young. The problem is keeping them. Despite his kindness, he soon found that the boys in his class were more concerned with playing rough games like tackle rugby than just sitting around and talking. The boys who were good at the games they played were the once who maintained friends, and the ones who didn't play at all, like Emmett, lost them. Emmett began to keep to himself much more, feeling that the people around him didn't really care for his presence. He still remained talkative to teachers and other adults, but around his peers... He fell silent. Emmett is noble and would never hurt anyone. He always sees the best in people, no matter how badly they treat him. He goes through life with a positive outlook, and treats people as such. He is very humble as well.

Skill Set

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  • Gorman Furst - Biological Father (Deceased)
  • Gabriele Furst - Biological Mother
  • Louis Dugmore - Step-Father
  • Amanda Dugmore - Step-Mother



Too young

*Emmett was the son of the man poised to become Germany's Minister of Magic.

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