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Ena is one heck of an ENFP.

For real. She runs her mouth like crazy, and once she starts talking... let's just say it's really difficult to get her to stop. Although, this is more common of everyday and radio personality Ena than journalist Ena. Journalist Ena only asks questions, and speaks when she must.

Ena daydreams alright. Her dreams mostly involve her getting some sort of high recognition or perhaps interviewing a famous Quidditch player that Ena's been begging to get an interview with. And she's also that one crazy girl that wants her dreams to be real. And she'll pull no stops to do it.

Ena is also one h*ll of a public speaker. Don't ask who she got that from; because her parents have no clue.

And um, one other thing. Ena curses. Not like a lot, but she curses. But her all-time favorite word to describe people that hate her or that she doesn't along with, is hater.


Ena Valentina Dedic was born in the early morning hours of May 31st, 2005. She is the oldest of five, the rest of which are all boys. She is also the only daugther of cricket player and pure-blood wizard Wales Dedic (yes, you heard me right. his name is Wales. like the country.) and world renowned journalist Elizabeth Dedic (nee White).

Unfortunately for little Ena, her parents were generally out a lot, thus she had to put up with various nannies. Don't ask what the nannies thought of little Ena. One of them went as far as to say that Ena's a devil's child. Yet Ena was a perfect little angel with her parents. Her dad used to joke that Ena was just like him when he was younger; because he acted the same way.

Beyond that, Ena had a wonderful childhood. If you don't include the fact that when she first learned to throw a cricket ball, she hit her dad where the sun don't shine. Anyway, Ena was a smiling little ball of sunshine and her parents couldn't ask for any more. When the boys grew older, Ena would always be watching over them, making sure they don't cause a mess (although generally, they did. just Ena forced them to clean by pulling her "i'm gonna tell on you" trick).

Ena had her little show of magic when she was around 8 years old. She somehow managed to levitate her dad's cricket bat a good two feet off the ground (and accidently drop it on the dog. it lived, don't worry.). Her dad made a joke of it, and then Ena was also caught in the laugher, when her first youngest brother dropped a pinata on Ena's head. Oh, this family is dysfunctional.

Family jokes aside, the Dedics decided to move to America, where Ena and her first two younger bros will go to school in Salem Institute. The third and fourth bros would join them a bit later, but it was too late for them, as the Dedics moved again to France and Ena had to continue her education in Beauxbatons. She was sorted into Papillonlisse, and she wouldn't disagree with that choice, as she was told that she has a bit of sass in her. Ena would later end up becoming a Hogwarts graduate, after she finished her final year of schooling there. In a way, she felt like she graduated from three different schools, but who cares.

After graduating, Ena went on to pursue the career that her mother did; a journalist. She also went on to become a radio personality at the Wizarding Wireless Network, despite not being overly famous and all.

Physical Characteristics

Model: Daisy Ridley
Height: 6'0
Weight: "That's none of your business."
Posture: Firm
Build: Athletic Fit
Skin: White as snow
Hair: Brown
Widow's Peak?: Nope.
Ears: Normal
Eyes: Brown
Nose: Regular shape
Mouth: Normal
Face Shape: Round
Smile: "Simply brilliant, I tell you!"
Hands: "They're there, okay?"
Feet: "Same here."
Tattoos/Scars: None.
Glasses/Contacts: "I've got 20/20 vision, mkay?"
Left/Right Handed: Left
Distinguishing Features: "I'm like the only girl, aight?"
Mother or Father?: Both
Style: Trendy
Typical Outfit: T-shirt and Jeans
Jewelry: Earrings, (decorative) ring on right hand
Other Accessories: None
Health: Healthy
Hygiene: Normal
Balanced/Clumsy: Normal
Poses: Standard
Walk: Normal
Habits/OCDs/Obessions: When she starts talking, she's talking for real.
Speech Patterns: Normal, when she's everyday Ena. Probe-ish, when journalist mode.
Unique Phrases/Words: "Well, look at who's up to bat for their team." (her way of saying "look at what the cat dragged in")
Curse?: "No duh, Sherlock."
Voice: Soprano
Laugh: Cheesy
Sleep Patterns: Early riser
Daily Rituals: She likes to smash stuff with a cricket bat. Don't ask.

Psychological Attributes

Intelligence Level: Intelligent
Known Languages: English (three dialects of it) and French

Long-Term Goals:
  • Interview every single Quidditch player at least once
  • Become the go-to person for your Quidditch news

Short-Term Goals: None at the moment.
Secret Desires: Become the editor-in-chief of either Witch Weekly or The Daily Prophet.
Self-Confidence?: Too much of it.
See Themself as a Person?: Awesomeness at its finest.
Perceived by Others?: Talkative weirdo
Most Proud of: Her Everything
Like Least about themselves: Nothing.
Express Themselves: As an amazing person.
Dominant/Submissive: Both.
Patience Level: Ridiculous. Good things are worth waiting for.
Ruled by Emotion or Logic: Both.
Most at Ease When...: Every time.
Least at Ease when...: When she's stressed out of her mind.
Sense of Humor: "It's fresh, son."
Seven Virtues?: *looks at your shoes* "Boy, what are those?"
Seven Sins?: "And what are those?"
Biggest Vulnerability: When she's the one getting roasted.
Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist.
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert all the way.
Greatest Fear: Being called inadequate.
Insecurities: Thinking she's not good enough; assuming that she said something wrong when someone doesn't talk.
Biggest Regret: Writing a story that she completely bs'ed and deciding not to send it.
Biggest Accomplishment: Becoming a radio personality.
Darkest Secret: If you were to leave Ena with one object only, she'd ask for a cricket bat. Don't ask why.


Favorite Color:
Favorite Place:
Favorite Food/Drink:
Favorite Music Genre:
Favorite Songs/Singers:
Favorite Movies/TV Shows/Performances:
Favorite Actors/Performers:
Favorite Books:
Least Favorite Color:
Least Favorite Place:
Least Favorite Food/Drink:
Least Favorite Music Genre:
Least Favorite Songs/Singers:
Least Favorite Movies/TV Shows/Performances:
Least Favorite Actors/Performances:
Least Favorite Books:
Best Subject in School: {{{Best Subject}}}
Worst Subject in School: {{{Worst Subject}}}

Emotional Characterstics

Sense of Morals:
Consider Taboo?:
Spontaneous or Structured:
Instinctual or Logical:

Deal With/React to...

Peer Pressure:
Being Wrong:
Being Criticized:
Being Insulted:
Offending Others:
Hated: {{{Hated}}}

Expressions to...

Generally Express Themselves

Think/Feel About...

Old Age:



Immediate Family:
Extended Family:
Children and Ages:

Percieved by...

Strangers: {{{Strangers}}}

Change perceptions, if at all...

Sense of Trust:
Like Least About Them:
Like Most About Them:
Treat members of the same gender:
Treat members of the opposite gender:
Know anyone who's died:


Meaning of Name:
First Memory:
Most Important Childhood Event that still affects them:
Other Memories that still affect them:
Past Embarrassing Failures: {{{Past Embarrassing Failures}}}
Biggest Role Model:
Biggest Disillusions from Childhood:
Police/Criminal/Legal Record:
Socieconomic Level as a Child:
Socieconomic Level as an Adult: {{{Adult Socioeconomic Level}}}
Musical Talents/Instruments:

Ena Gif Mini
Ena Valentina Dedic
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O-
Nationality: New Zealander, American, British
Ethnicity: White
Race: White
Sexual Orientation Gynesexual
Current Status Alive
Magical Alignment Chaotic Good
Birth Date: May 31st, 2005
Birth Place Wellington, New Zealand
Current Residence: England
Occupation: Journalist, Radio Personality
Title/Rank: the most OG journalist ever, the badass new zealander, the awesome extrovert
Ena Valentina Dedic is a New Zealander with a mouth like the Niagara Falls in America. She's a journalist and a radio personality, and she's hella good at her job too.
Credit goes to Frostleaf1615 for coding and Catty for Summary coding, Kibe for other coding. In-depth questions go to Fyuvix.