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Obtaining Toadstools...

There are three very common ways one should use to collect toadstools and mushrooms for potions, charms, food, or whatever other use one comes up with for toadstools. The three most common methods for obtain toadstools are collecting them in the wild, buying them from local shops such as the apothecary, and growing them yourself in your own garden.

Collecting them in the Wild

One method of obtaining toadstools is to begin a journey of going to collect toadstools for yourself. The journey can be quite treacherous at times so it is best to go prepared for anything. To prepare for your journey, I would suggest a handy dandy wand for performing spells such as Lumos to see in the dark places you will have to tread to find the toadstools, some nice dragon hide boots to withstand any nasty thing you might have to walk through, and this wonderful encyclopedia to help distinguish between which type of toadstools and mushrooms you may be picking up. With these objects in hand, you are ready to begin searching in dark, damp places for those wonderful treasures known as toadstools.

Buying them from Local Shops

Another method would be to consider buying the toadstools from local shops around your neighborhood or town. This is a viable option for those of us who don’t have time to go collecting in the wild, growing them ourselves, or who just need a specific toadstool right then for a specific spell. Apothecaries are a great place to shop for toadstools since they contain so many interesting items that are used in potions and will usually give you a pretty fair deal on a toadstool or two.

Growing Them Yourself

A final method would be to actually grow them in your own backyard; however, to do this you must first have at least one of the toadstools on hand to plant into the garden. Once you have to toadstool in hand, you should find a spot around your yard that is shady and very cool. Plant the toadstool here and make sure to water it once a day, at the very least. Constantly check the toadstool patch every day to make sure the area is damp. If you are successful, within a few months you should have a nice looking toadstool patch.

These three methods are your best bet of obtaining toadstools for yourself to use however and/or in whatever you see fit to use them. Happy hunting!