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Endelyn can’t stake a claim in her half-brothers’ fame. Realistically, she knows that. They are their own people, and to be frank, Endelyn is okay with it and is more than proud of what they’ve done to achieve the power and reputation they have today. It continues to motivate her, fueling her competitive nature and forcing her to come up with innovative ways to step outside their shadows. Rest assured — by no means does she harbor any ill will or resentment against her brothers for their accolades in their respective fields, but she’d be lying if she said that everything she’s done since her youth isn’t to surpass the low expectations placed on her in the wake of Hudson and Levy’s successes. Endelyn appreciates the idea of being seen as her own person, so it would stand to reason that she’s as charming and charismatic as them. She’s always very forthcoming about herself and, considering how easily she gravitates towards others, it should come as no surprise that Endelyn loves to engage with others in idle chatter or deep conversations. She’s versatile in theory and in practice, and takes great pleasure in sharing whatever thought comes to mind with the people she’s surrounded by.

In the spirit of being fully honest, Endelyn has the ghastly habit of jumping to the worst conclusions possible. She finds it difficult to place any trust in others after being deceived several times by those who she once considered her closest friends, and more often than not, it’ll entail her deliberately choosing to shut people out and become very withdrawn. She doesn’t tend to cope well with her emotions and is prone to lashing out under turmoil, which then leads to self-sabotage, which in turn leads to her feeling further betrayed when the other person can’t handle her rollercoaster of emotions, and — well, you get the idea. Endelyn is very skeptical about the intentions of those who try to get close to her, and although she’ll be superficially amicable with anyone who approaches her, anyone going beyond that typically meets resistance at some point. With any luck you’ll get past it, and if you do, it does get easier. Endelyn cares about other people. She worries often, as much as she abhors acknowledging any kind of vulnerability, and tends to become protective (nigh possessive) of the people in her inner circle.

Endelyn is a very demanding young woman. She’s by no means arrogant nor entitled, and she certainly doesn’t expect people to grovel at her feet because of her achievements or network, but she does expect the very best from those she works with. She’s a perfectionist at heart, and as little as her goal is, she puts extensive thought into all she does. Curious, studious and inventive, Endelyn is a natural problem-solver who avidly enjoys solving crises with unparalleled swiftness. It is what makes her so good in her field. She’s ambitious but pragmatic, and as a Ministerial Staffmember, more often than not it makes her one of the most reliable officials to have around. She detests impulsivity and looks down on belligerence; she likes being three steps ahead at all times, and when she doesn’t have the foresight it entails, you’ll quickly realize her mood is souring. Expected but infuriating nonetheless; Endelyn Roscarrock is someone whose angry side you don’t want to see. You just might have the misfortune of getting a whiff of one of the many strange vials that line her shelves. After all, Endelyn isn’t above playing dirty to get what she wants.

It might do you good to remember that.


Not unlike Hudson and Levy, Endelyn Roscarrock’s story begins with that of his mother, Euphodora Abbott. Now, Euphodora was always a little different when it came to her approach to life. Whilst her siblings married strictly within the wizarding world, she wanted to venture out and experience muggle life. With the Abbotts being among the more lenient in the Sacred Twenty-Eight, her parents made no attempts to stop her and, in fact, encouraged her. Soon after graduating from Hogwarts, Euphodora ventured into the muggle world and, well, was in her element. Sure she relied on magic for some things privately at home but, for the most part, she threw herself into muggle life.

It was in her new life that she met Macen Radley, a muggle her age who was striving for a degree in medicine. The two fell head over heels for one another and, after a few years of dating, got married at the young age of twenty-three. Everything, truthfully, seemed to be going perfectly for the young couple. They had bought a house together, adopted a German Shepherd named Calico and were thinking about starting a family together. However, on a night of drunken mistakes, Macen went missing. Hours turned to days and days turned to months. His story was all over muggle news, so much so that Euphodora felt like she couldn't go anywhere without being questioned on her thoughts, how she was dealing with it. She had no answers, no thoughts, none - until his remains were discovered only minutes away from what would've been held on his final night. For her, that was the last straw. Dropping Calico off with her parents, she escaped for a trip in America to escape it all. The ten month trip, funded by her parents, was her chance to escape it all before returning to the wizarding world - the safer world away from all the memories.

As expected, time away from the muggle Britain did wonders for Euphodora's mental health. She perked up quickly and found herself feeling like her again. Of course, she was prone to bouts of sadness and it was in one of those bouts that she fell pregnant. On a night of mourning for Macen, Euphodora had decided to go out to a party where she hooked up with a man - Horatio Douglas. She knew him as a neighbour of sorts who was attractive but their connection ended there. She didn't know she was pregnant at first and it was only at the urging of some friends that she took a test and it was all revealed. She and Horatio attempted a relationship but it fell through; Euphodora felt as if she had betrayed Macen in a moment of weakness and would rather the child over Horatio. Eventually, nine months later, she gave birth to two sons, naming them Hudson Nicodemus Lancelot Radley-Abbott and Levy Aristotle Macen Cupid Radley-Abbott. She moved back to England promptly after giving birth, settling in her native village of Godric's Hollow.

Despite a turbulent beginning behind his conception, Levy lived a fairly ordinary life for that of a young person with a single witch parent. Euphodora was always torn on how she wanted to raise her sons; no matter how bad the memories of the muggle world she had attached to the thought, she knew both Hudson and Levy were half-muggle and that, to her, was important to honour. Thus, for their entire education until Hogwarts, the twins were educated in the muggle school located just outside of Godric's Hollow. During this time, Endelyn tended to frequent London, often spending time with her children in the city if only to distract herself from the reality of her life. It was during one of these little trips that she met Tomas Roscarrock. He was a wonderful man who preferred living on the thrilling end of life, and while her parents were skeptical of the kind of life he would be willing to provide their daughter with, they weren’t ignorant to how he was restoring her youthful beauty and joyous personality; the Euphodora Abbott they’d once missed was returning to some capacity, and for the most part, it meant they kept any judgment reserved.

In the years that followed, the Radley-Abbott family saw itself expanding to accommodate Tomas. He was a doting step-father who did his best to fill the hole left by Macen without overstepping, and for the large part, Levy and Hudson took to the man as best as they could. In that time, the twins had begun to come into their powers, and while it presented a unique dynamic within the family, Euphodora had the fortune of marrying an open-minded man who celebrated her boys’ achievements regardless of their magical nature. Eventually, as once happened to her, Levy and Hudson received their respective letters of acceptance to the infamous Hogwarts School. Following news of their acceptance, their mother and grandparents took them to Diagon Alley where they would get every single supply they needed. Following that weekend, Levy and Hudson moved up to live with their grandparents in Hogsmeade for the remainder of the summer so they could be even more immersed in wizarding life, giving them the chance to use their wands a little bit, before returning back down to London so they could experience the Hogwarts Express.

In the year that followed, the family changed even more. While it was true Euphodora was suffering from Empty nest syndrome, there was also truth to the statement that she, like her husband, wanted to expand their family with children of their own. Come next year, they were welcoming Endelyn Morgana Tamsyn Roscarrock and Byrok Cadan Locryn Roscarrock completed the family. The age differences created a justifiably difficult dynamic at first; twins Hudson and Levy were already building their own lives in Hogwarts (and later Beauxbatons) by the time Endelyn was teething, nevermind by the time she could walk and talk. They were loving older brothers, no doubt about that, but there was no misunderstanding why Endelyn always gravitated towards her parents and Byrok more than she did towards them. Their dynamic did shift towards improvement when, at age eight, she magically fixed the shards of the perfume she had shattered whilst playing ‘catch the quaffle’ with Hudson indoors. Their relationship’s foundation became magic, and from then on it wasn’t uncommon to find her perched on one of her brothers’ laps, brandishing their wands in a fruitless effort to cast magic.

Come age eleven, Endelyn was ecstatic to be pursuing an education at Hogwarts School. After years of pouring over theory from years one through three, she was eager to dive into the practice of it all. To the surprise of none, the years that followed were a flurry of magical success and extracurricular ventures that marked her as one of Hogwarts’ most successful students during her seven year tenure there. Following her graduation, Endelyn followed into her brother Hudson’s footsteps and quickly joined the Ministry. She started off as a junior assistant for the Head of the Internal Magical Cooperation but rose through the ranks so quickly that within the year, she was working in the International Magical Office of Law. She worked there for some time before joining the International Confederation of Wizards as a British representative while it was centered in France. She was 20, then, and her tenure as a diplomat based out of France meant she became intimately acquainted with Jean-Luc; a political aide to the President fourteen years her senior.

Her family vocally disapproved of this relationship, but Endelyn fell quickly for the witty, astute man. He could keep up with her, unlike many of her previous suitors, and trusting him came damningly easy to her. In a year’s time, her family was receiving invitations to her springtime wedding. For all intents and purposes, she wasn’t blinded by love so much as had fallen prey to his manipulations. She was an easy ticket to step up politically, given her brothers’ success, and after the wedding ceremony, it quickly became clear he had other intentions in mind when he married her. He became verbally and emotionally abusive, but his manipulativeness kept her in his control for a time longer. She was only a gateway to international political success, and he was willing to go to great lengths to ensure it all went according to plan.

Jean-Luc tried baby trapping her — Endelyn Roscarrock, who has always been vocal about disliking infants — and while it almost worked, a late term miscarriage ended up costing him his elaborate plans. The torment she’d been experiencing was heinous, and adding onto it the growing pressures to reconnect with the family he had successfully isolated her from, Endelyn reached out to Eleni Yaxley via the consulate and arranged for transportation back to Scotland whilst she was recovering from her miscarriage at the central Parisian hospital. At the time, Jean-Luc was preparing to launch his own campaign for President and — well, why would he pay attention to someone he presumes to already have under his thumb, even through all the lies, cheating, and abuse? It was never physical. Not like it was with his Danish ex-wife. In any case, he was definitely surprised when he returned home to find the manor half empty. By then, Endelyn was long gone.

In spite of her disappointment with herself for being so naive, Endelyn was relieved when she returned. She took a hiatus from politics while she recovered in the comfort of one of her brothers’ homes, during which time she had Jean-Luc served with divorce papers. The shitstorm that followed was one she didn’t anticipate. Jean-Luc wasn’t Jean-Luc, and their marriage wasn’t legitimate to begin with considering his French life was built on lies and fraud. It turns out he was Bjorne Hansen, and he was wanted for several crimes in various countries. Truth be told, Endelyn isn’t so sure what happened to him. The aurors never caught him. He was long gone by the time they had zeroed in on him, and they had virtually no leads. It took a while for Endelyn to recover from the humiliation she felt afterwards, but as time went on, she picked her life back up. While yes, she did technically shove it all in without acknowledging her trauma, she’s now the Adviser to the Minister and is safely based out of the Ministry of Magic in London, where she feels much more comfortable and safe, with her family to support her if needed.

Which she doesn’t.