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Born on July 9th to a pair of loving parents, well, one was a witch, and the other was a half-vampire business mogul, Erin was the first twin to enter the world. Her brother, Dalton, followed not too long after, and from then on, they were always extremely close.

When her brother discovered that he was part-vampire, Erin was there for him. When Dalton needed her, she was there. Erin was always by her brother's side and is the only person who can calm him when he starts getting all frustrated and irritated. She's not part-vampire like her brother, but fully inherited her mum's magical side.

Her first sign of magic came when she was out in their yard with her brother. Erin was sitting on the fence, just laughing at Dalton, and summoned a book to keep herself entertained when she got bored of watching him. It's never been just Erin, nor just Dalton, but Erin & Dalton.

She got accepted into Hogwarts and their family moved up there to allow her the chance to attend there. Despite her brother's refusal, he also got into Hogwarts and now she's entering their fourth years in Gryffindor.


A girl who's always stuck in her own head, who is always day-dreaming, but hides secrets? That's Erin for you. She's the quiet, Luna-like girl in the background, the one that always gets picked on because no one understands her.

However, she does hide more depths than what most see. Her dreamy side is a protection, a preventation to keep herself from being hurt again. Under that comes a girl with incredible mental quickness and powerful intelligence, two things that make Erin Erin. She's hard to get to know, but crack her shields and you'll find a girl who keeps you on your toes and is the loyalest friend you can ask for. Erin's protective of her family and will sacrifice herself to save them, any of them, despite her younger brother's behaviors.

Erin is also extremely open-minded, not discrimanting or making people feel unwelcome. She also rarely displays signs of emotion, but it is her eyes that give her away. I hope you know how to read people, because Erin doesn't say when she's not feeling 100%.

She's quite quick with her words, but careful at the same time. Erin is also very ambitious, attempting to take the title of top student in her year.



Erin Hailey Warner
Erin New Infobox
RPer Frostleaf1615
Age Fifteen
Birthday July 9th
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Species Dhampir
Blood Half-Breed
Orientations Straight
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Faceclaim Nathalia Ramos
Height 5'5"
Weight "NO!"
Schooling Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Year Fifth
Occupation Student
Wand Arm Right
Languages French (Canadian Dialect), English
Erin New End Gif

Model: Nathalia Ramos

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