Esteban Torres
Funeral Regular
Hufflepuff Alumnus
Owned by: Manolo
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Personal Information
Full Name: Esteban Julio Hernando Torres Ascevedo
Sexual Orientation:
Romantic Orientation:
Relationship Status:
Birthplace: Borba, Brazil
Native Language: Portuguese
Languages Spoken: Spanish, Portuguese, English
Magical Information
Blood Status: Half blood
Wand Wood:
Wand Core:
Wand Length:
Wand Arm: right
Patronus: cat
Boggart: childhood bullies
Exotic?: no

Esteban isn’t smart, but he is studious. He takes his education seriously, and spends hours and hours reviewing and preparing for class. For one, it’s his opportunity to achieve success. Another, is, he finds studying to be a sign of respect for his professors and the class they teach. He is extremely protective of his teachers, who were the only ones who defended him from the bullying he received in school, and once almost got him taken from his abusive home life. To him, teachers are idols and role models, saintly and almost figures of worship.

Despite being organized for school and for his teachers, in anything else, he’s a complete and utter slob. He can’t find even the most important things in the disaster area he calls a room, and probably irritates his roommate with it, a cherry on top to the addition he only speaks portuguese and spanish to them. He gets social anxiety, so instead of dealing with people, he just acts like he doesn’t understand english. He’s reserved to people upon meeting (if they must discover he can speak perfect english), and straight up rude to people who disrespect teachers and their classes. Basically, he’s passive aggressive to most, minus teachers.

Despite how he is in person, he has a raging social media, full of exposing pictures and flirtatious captions. Some might even mistake him for a f-boi. Esteban sort of feels superior to other people, which contributes to his standoffish nature both online and in person (online being an unattainable babe, and in person being a passive aggressive nerd). Esteban has an addiction to dressing up and attending funerals, although he argues he’s “committed not addicted.” He enjoys cooking and will sing to his family. He loves his family to the core, mainly because they’ve been his main friends in life (excluding parents). Esteban hates animals but is in love with cats, and his soulmate is a cat named Corazon, which he’s charmed accidentally to change colors. He isn’t easily excited, but he is easily flustered. Fabi in particular tends to put him in a lot of flustering situations.


Esteban was born into a huge family, in the subset and cutoff portion ruled by Adrián Torres and Karina Acevedo. This particular branch was based in the town of Borba, Brazil, and they are the descendants of the missionaries who founded it. Their father, or as he was known, el pastor. He wasn’t the oldest, but he sure wasn’t the youngest. He had an older brother named Joaquin, his twin, Fabiola, and his younger sister, Monica. Around the time Monica was born, he also gained a third sister; the adopted but beloved, Natalia. They had a fourth sister, but no one speaks of her and her tragic story, forever ingrained in their hearts.

The early years were a blur, but he remembers a sort of tenseness in the family. His parents had a tumultuous relationship with Joaquin, and Natalia was spoiled for not being like them (Joaquin). He remembered intense homeschooling until he was about five, and then the abuse of home and school. Esteban was an awkward and skinny kid, smaller than almost everyone his age. When Joaquin wasn’t around to be a punching bag, he took their place. And in school.... Let’s just say kids are cruel. His severe bullying triggered an odd reaction of magic, while he was in a fight or flight situation. The boys had thought it would be funny to bury him alive, so they did. While crying and scratching at the casket they had pushed him into, he passed out. Later that day, he awoke in the hole with the casket open and dirt all around him. A dead body lay against the wall of the pit, assumably the thing that had saved him, a product of his magic.

When he and Fabi were about nine, the family moved miles and miles away, to the large city of Los Angeles. It was a complete 180 of the kind of life they’d lived before, and everyone reacted differently to the environment. He, for one, became closed in, learning perfect english yet still not having the confidence or will to speak it. Their parents were the same restrictive people they had always been, and the school kids were still terrible, although arguably less physical about their bullying. When he was 11, Esteban made the decision to attend Ilvermorny to learn magic, freeing himself momentarily from the tyranny of his home.

As he grew up, he grew weirder, and maybe less relatable to people. His only connection to kids his age came from social media, which he first traversed the muggle way. Esteban transferred to Castelobruxo about the same time Fabi did, with hopes that Monica would follow suit. Anything to put distance between them and their parents, but staying together, unlike Joaquin. His sibling (now realized to not exactly be a binary brother), had moved away, a move that Esteban still doesn’t know how he feels about.

The entire family made another, final move. Joaquin reached out to them, asking for them to come live in the UK. Their parents obviously said no, until they mentioned the large amount of Torres’ there. With the pressure of the kids, they agreed. This school year, the three remaining school age Brazilians (as they were called and called themselves) began attending hogwarts. Being a fish out of water isn’t new, but at least now they had a family that might actually love them for who they are. Or so Joaquin insinuated.

Model: Francisco Lachowski
Eye Colour: brown
Hair Colour: brown
Height: 6'2ft
Weight: 187lb
Voice Type: Baritone
Blood Type: O
Distinguishing Marks:
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Father: Adrián Torres
Mother: Karina Acevedo
Full Siblings: Natalia Torres, Anita Horcrux, Fabiola Torres, Monica Torres
Half Siblings:
Spouse: nah
Children: nah
Other Relatives: Torres family

Name Meaning:
Nicknames: Banban
Favourite Colour: white
Favourite Movie: Praia do Futuro
Favourite Song: Hear Me Now, from Alok, Bruno Martini, and Zeeba
Favourite Food: moqueca
Favourite Drink: Guaraná Antarctica
First Kiss:
First Crush:
First Love:
First Time:
Most Important People: His siblings
Most Treasured Possessions: Corazónf
Custom Trivia:
  • has a color changing kitty named Corazón
  • hates Suit Life of Zack and Cody
  • is claustrophobic
  • is addicted to attending funerals
  • can wiggle his ears
  • cannot whistle

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