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Name:Estella Stanton

Age: 39


1. Give a reason why you wish to be an Auror:

I have always dreamed of being able to protect people who can't protect themselves and bring those who do wrong to justice. Also, my husband,who was an auror, was killed while trying to catch a dark wizard. I would like a chance to capture him and bring him to justice, while avenging my husband.

2. State two of your greatest relevant magical abilities:

I am very skilled in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration

3. What characteristics make you a better candidate than others?

I am relaxed in extremely stressful situations, I work harder than most, and i wont stop until a job is done.

4. What are your NEWT qualifications?

O in Charms, Defense against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration. E in Potions and Herbology


1. If you saw someone, under suspicion only of being a dark wizard, what would you do? Why would you do so?

I would follow the wizard under suspicion and seen what actions he does. If they prove to be a dark wizard i would capture them and bring them in. If they were not caught of doing any dark activities that night, i would ffollow them a little longer to make absolutley sure they were not a dark wizard. I would do this to be 100 percent positive that they are evil and that i do not bring in an innocent wizard.

2. If you were on a mission for the Ministry to rescue a group of wizards taken captive, and could either save yourself or the captives, who would you save? I would save the captivies. The lives of innocents ar emore valuable then my own. To be an Auror you must be ready to risk your life, and i am ready to do just that.

3. If you are dying in battle, what would you ensure before your demise?

I would make sure that my family and anyone else around was safe and that they would be ok. I would also try to stop whatever was causing this battle to the best of my ability before i died.


Which of the following spells have you MASTERED:

-Full bodied Patronus - Variety of curses and counter curses - - Cast a Protean charm - Cast a Fidelius charm - - Knowledge of venomous plants - Know how to clean ghost ectoplasm. - Know the incantation to make objects disappear.

I look forward to hereing from you.

All the best.