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Basic Information
AGE 21
MODEL Dominic Sherwood


The Belfrey family has had their fortune for a long time now, for as long as the records have kept track of them. The Belfreys are known for birthing children who grow and branch out to become some of the most productive members of society, as entrepreneurs, lawyers, healers, government officials, etc. Over time, they've come together and amassed an unimaginable wealth, to which every Belfrey now has access to, contrary to the times where only the men in the family had access. Though they've always been centered in France & the United Kingdom, you're likely to find a descendant of the original Belfreys wherever you go - granted you know where to look. Lord knows the Belfreys breed fast, and at great quantities.

A key component of their family is the way they've come across throughout time. They're one of the original families in the world of magic - they've been in this Earth for centuries now, and thus feel a sense of superiority. It's not so much because they're of pure status - that's far from it. They've seen the rise and fall of many legendary families, great wizards and witches coming and going simply because they saw themselves as the best of the best, just because of the purity of their blood. That doesn't take away from the fact, though, that not all of them share the same mindset. Now think about how difficult it must be, living with a family that's ethically & morally diverse. The current Belfrey patriarch is a blood supremacist, despite his inclusive upbringing. He lived around the era of the Great Wizarding Wars, and has clung onto old ideals as an (undiscovered) former Death Eater. That, in itself, is bad enough.

His eldest daughter, Victoire Belfrey, is a prideful, arrogant woman. She strives to be one of the most powerful, one of the richest and most beautiful women to grace the British wizarding society. She's an over-accomplisher who married into the Yaxley family - a family known for their purity, their stance on muggle-borns and creatures, and the sheer amount of influence they have, what with all the political figures and lawyers they've spawned. Victoire is easily one of Bartholomew's favourite offspring; she understands what power is and strives to have it all. For that reason, her children's upbringing involved awareness of their status, and subsequently loads of tutoring on proper etiquette. They are, suffice to say, modern nobility - they have been ever since the rise into power of the Magical Monarchy. They need to look and act the part.

Ethan was a terrible child to be born into the Belfrey's. He paid little attention to the upbringing, preferring to throw himself in the world outside, exploring every nook and cranny in the lavish gardens that he could find. On the rainy days, Ethan would spend his time exploring the house, trying to find secret passages. He'd often employ his siblings to play hide and seek with him or act in some game of make believe. Ethan loved animals and often begged his parents for them. By the time he was ten, he had a small zoo of dogs, cats, rodents and even a docile snake. Guinea pigs were his favourite. Ethan was also fascinated with ancient history, though. Ethan use too beg his parents to take him across Europe and Egypt in search for ruins. Ancient Roman, Greek, Mesopotamia, Egypt–all were things that Ethan loved to read about. Ethan was always over the moon when he was allowed to visit a site with either one of his parents or a trusted employee or friend. Ethan's fondest memory as a child was visiting Hadrians wall in England. Ethan had little mind or care to the noble aspect of his family. Ethan's dream was never to be a gentleman who spent his time at some dinner party or other. He didn't really want to be involved in the ministry. Because of this, his parents were often frustrated with their son. Ethan didn't want power, he didn't care for blood supremacy, he didn't even seem to care for his surname and the influence it gave him. All Ethan wanted was information and the ability to explore history, as well as spend a chunk of his time with animals.

It was because of this optimistic and carefree attitude that made him almost shrug off his older sister's reveal of only being his half sister. Colette was half nymph with a different father. Ethan was always closest to her, always made her the victim of his silly games. Ethan use to beg Kohl to be his partner in exploring the house and grounds, even when they went through that part a hundred times over. When her powers began to shine through, it was only their parents severe attitude that caused Ethan to distance himself. He was a child and was rather intimidated by his parents, especially when they spoke about Kohl. However, the moment the parents were gone, Ethan ended up running back to her. How could he shy away from the only sibling that really put up with his nonsensical games? Being as young as he was, Ethan didn't truly understand why so many of his family had a problem with her. When he was nine years old, he had his first magical experience. Ethan had this little figurine of a mummy and one night he caused it to come alive, making it walk around. It delighted Ethan and he didn't stop raging about it for weeks.

Ethan was sorted into Gryffindor when he was sent to Hogwarts at age eleven. Ethan didn't mind Hogwarts. He had neither a good experience or a bad experience. It was simply school. Ethan had a few friends but he much preferred to spend his time in the library, pouring through history books. Ethan was really written off as a bookworm but he was likeable enough. Ethan always had a good attitude to everyone he met and this translated well with how Ethan interacted with the world around him. Ethan was someone you could get along easily with and was always there with a smile. By the time he was sixteen, Ethan had almost rejected his parents values, becoming open minded and always pushed for inclusivity. Of course, he never rebelled against his parents. Ethan kept his mouth shut when they went on their tangents, maybe throwing in a light hearted comment here and there that often bothered his parents. In fact, he reached a point where he never took his parents that seriously.

When he was eighteen, he decided to travel. Ethan wasn't too sure what to do with his life. His parents wanted him to go into the ministry but he didn't want to. Politics wasn't for him. So he went travelling. For years, he rarely came back to England and spent his life travelling from country to country. When he was nineteen, he settled briefly in America, becoming a cursebreaker for their government there. During this time, he rarely called his family save for his siblings. His relationship with his parents had broken down when they realised Ethan was never going to be the son they, specifically Victoire, dreamed about. However, now twenty one years old, he was finally coaxed back to England. He had gotten wind of the new policies in place and decided that it was time to return and try to help out where he can, particularly considering his sister would be affected if it were to be discovered that she was part nymph.



Ethan Belfrey is nothing like the son his mother envisioned. Optimistic, inclusive and kind, Ethan is nothing short of a gentleman. Though, in his parent's defence, Ethan's manners and courtesy could be an after affect of the constant classes on etiquette. Ethan just uses it on, in their eyes, the wrong sort of people. Basically everyone from muggles to vampires. Plus, with what Ethan wants to do with his life, he really can't afford to be picky with who he interacts with. Ethan wants to return to his job as a cursebreaker in England. Ethan adores history and archeology and has ever since he was a child. It's only natural for him to enter that area for a career. Ethan is passionate in the world of history, believing it important that they protect their history, whether it be good or bad, in order to make sure they don't forget what happened. Ethan's also passionate in writing current events down and keeping a diary. Historical events would have been long forgotten if the people hadn't kept records about it. Ethan also loves animals, particularly magical creatures. One of Ethan's closest companion is his niffler, called Platypus, that he acquired a few years ago when he became a curse breaker. Naturally, he got attached and took her with him to England. This wasn't a surprise to him, though, Ethan easily becomes attached to animals.

Ethan is terrible with politics though. Unlike his mother's dream of him entering the ministry, Ethan is a terrible liar and manipulator and can't really handle doing both. Ethan's an open sort of person that cheating someone, for whatever reason, can never fully compute with him. Ethan's attitude is more so: make everyone happy. This can often get him into a difficult position as he tries to accomodate for everyone. Ethan also struggles to stand up against people but he does try most of the time. Usually it's just ignoring them, though. Not a typical pureblood, Ethan has little care for money or power and doesn't strive to gain other. In fact, he's quite modest. Ethan took his upbringing and picked it apart, taking the good values and rejecting the others. Chivalrous and caring, Ethan is very much a people's person and struggles to be cruel to people. Ethan is, by definition, a ladies man, though not a womaniser and it certainly isn't restricted to ladies. Ethan's ideals are romantic and can often fail to see problems with his own ideas and can get caught up in them. Ethan isn't into alcohol, though, or any other drugs. He likes to be completely sure of what he's saying and doing. He's quick witted though and is rarely at a loss for words.

Ethan is courageous, though. Ethan isn't afraid to get his hands dirty in the search of discovering history and is very willing to head straight into danger, even for those he cares about. Naturally curious, though, Ethan often doesn't need much encouragement to go poking into something that could harm him, though this is usually more directed at his career than other people. He's also quite athletic and often rides horses in his free time. Though it's a muggle sport, Ethan's also very good at baseball. Ethan has a phobia of heights so it means both quadpot and quidditch are out of the question for him. Ethan, in short, is a sweet man who means no harm but is in search for history and has a love for animals.


EB3 Ethan Belfrey EB2

Other Information
FATHER Bartholomew Belfrey
MOTHER Victoire Belfrey
SIBLINGS Colette Belfrey
BODY TYPE Muscular

Magical Information
WAND Apple wood with a unicorn hair core
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Gryffindor

FAVE CLASS Care of Magical Creatures
FAVE DRINK Milkshakes


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