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This character is dead. They either died in battle or on a quest, but they have moved on to an after life beyond the veil.

Ethan John Williams
Avenger | Returned

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Ethan Main 2

Ethan is hot tempered and distrustful. He isn't incredibly smart, but he isn't dull witted either. At first approach, he may seem like the kind of kid not worth your time, as he is gets defensive and mean with new people, pushing away would be friends out of fear they are just messing with him. Once you get to know him, and once he trusts you more, you get to see how fun and playful he can be, being a bit of a daredevil and always standing up for his friends. This however, is not the demeanor the general populace gets to see.

Ever since coming back, his attitude is much more confrontational, and somehow, more aggresive. He's prone to starting fights.



A quick not about Ethan's parents- His mom at one point slept with Tom's coworker, and although they did not know it, the coworker is actually Ethan's dad. Interestingly enough, the coworker was Mason Brown's father.

Ethan's life began normal enough. He lived with his father and mother (Glenda and Tom Crowther) in a little apartment in London. His dad was a mechanic and his mom a school teacher. When Ethan was about four, he had to be rushed to the hospital because he was having seizures. There, they diagnosed Ethan with bradycardia, which was not allowing him to pump enough blood, which had caused some neural damage. He stayed at the hospital for a year, waiting to get fitted for a pacemaker. All the while, his family fell more and more into debt trying to pay for his hospital bills. Eventually, he got fitted for a pacemaker, and was able to be released from the hospital. Soon after, he started school, and Glenda took on a job as a waitress at a pub. Everyday, Ethan would walk home alone, only to stay at the apartment alone. The times in which he saw his parents were well into the night, and sometimes early in the morning. Before the discovery of his heart condition, he spent most of his time with his parents, so coming back home to nothing was a radical change for him. In school, word got out about how he had a heart condition, and kids picked on him and teased him for it. Teachers always held him in sympathy, which made kids hate him more. He suffered from bullying and false friends, turning him into the wary person he is today.

When Ethan was about eight, his mother was murdered while trying to work a new shift at a convenience store. The store was robbed of money, and he of a mother. Tom started hitting the drinks a lot more, Coming home later. Not that it really affected Ethan, he hardly saw his father before anyways. About three months after the death of Glenda, Tom committed suicide, the body found by Ethan. It had such a reaction on Ethan, that he had his first encounter with magic.

Seeing his father's body, Ethan had wailed so loud, the room seemed to shake. The ceiling above cracked, and the mirror broke, dust falling onto him and his dead father. The cops came for the noise complaint.

Put into foster care, Ethan was adopted by a rich couple, trying to gain better appearance in the public's eye by looking kindhearted for taking in a traumatized boy. He was transferred to a posh school, where kids made fun of him for being poor and different. The nanny did most of the work taking care of him. In the end, it all seemed the same for him, with the only difference being nicer things and a nanny.

Since the first time Ethan had a magical occurrence, he had been having tinier incidents of magic, but nothing that really affected him or others. No one really noticed them. When he was about ten, he finally had another large magical occurrence, large enough to get the attention of the ministry of magic.

Ethan was being bullied when he accidentally caused an explosion in school. It wasn't really his fault, but he'd fought against his bullies whom then had pushed him into a nearby chemistry classroom, forced him into a corner, and took turns kicking his can. All he could wish for was the pain to go away. His heart condition didn't help at all in the situation, and he honestly thought he might die. He wished for something to happen- anything to happen. That's when one of the lamp wires caught fire, spreading and spreading until it reached the chemicals. There was a mini explosion in the room, getting the attention of the teachers and other students. The bullies stopped attacking him, thrown to the ground from the force of the explosion. Ethan knew the fire had been him.

Despite being bruised, the school blamed Ethan for the incident and expelled him. The bullies accounts all painted him as the culprit. His adoptive parents were planning on sending him far away when they received the letter from hogwarts, inviting Ethan to join them the incoming school year. They decided it was probably the only place that would take him that they wouldn't have to bribe, and so instead let him finish his school year online. He was to go to hogwarts when the new school year began.

He went to hogwarts, made some friends, made some enemies, and disapeared. In truth, he went to search for his nanny, the only person he cared about, after his adoptive parents fired her. Ethan found her on the streets, and she told him about the fact that his birth isn't his real dad, something she stumbled upon when she was running an errand for his adoptive parents. She told him about his birth certificate saying something different, so they broke into his adotpive parents home to search for it. This led to her untimely death,being shot by one of the security gaurds. Ethan ran away for the second time, with his birth certificate. He lived on the street until getting hit by a car, later being found in the hospital by Klaus Backus, a teacher he hated in school, and who nevertheless offered him his home. He's been staying with Klaus, who has become his adoptive father and one of the only people he trusts. Klaus has encouraged him to come back to hogwarts.

He dropped out of Hogwarts again during his fifth year, and is currently struggling to maintain a home and a job. Because he's fallen deep into drinking and smoking, however, his appearance has matured enough that he can easily pass as an adult.

Many things happened after. During the height of the Arcana Alliance's reign of terror, he was sought after for being a muggle born. A group called Vigilance attempted to save him, and in doing so, used decoys of himself to weed out the people looking to kill him. One of them died, and they thought it would be best if he would use the opportunity to maintain a low profile. From there, he was presumed dead. All his life, the only people who really cared about him died, and while he didn't want to hurt his friends and the girl he loved (also a friend), he didn't want to see them get hurt anymore. Not only did he hie- he also joined the ranks of Vigilance, becoming an Avenger. His new identity is as "John Williams", and he lives a quiet life in the hills of wales.


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