Eva Saetre
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Eva Johanna Saetre
None such.
January 31st
Oslo, Norway
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Head of Department of Mysteries
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Keira Knightley
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Single and Looking

Eva's a born leader, and she knows this. She takes no sh*t from anyone, and this she quite admirably picked up from her parents. She's somewhat intolerant of failure; although, one particular talk with her favorite professor got her to reconsider whether failure was bad or good. Eva's sculpted herself into being an approachable, yet determined person, her ambition to succeed greater than anything she will ever have.

Eva's driven and focused to achieve whatever she puts her mind to. A visionary and a planner, she always desires to be a step ahead than everyone else, no matter what the scenario. If she is given a task and a deadline, she'll do the best in her ability to be ready precisely when she must be. She doesn't like to be bogged down with an unrelated thought, so she'll try and avoid any social activity until her work is finished.

Admittedly though, Eva's a bit of a workaholic, although she doesn't take it incredibly far. If she finds a need to rest, she will put down her work and rest up. After all, success does mean hard work, but not so hard as to neglect your own wellbeing. Her priorities are quite simple really; herself first, her work second, her family third. Her family used to be second until she had started working, then her work took more importance, since without it, she can't help her family.

On the not-so-bright side though, Eva has been told she can be a little bit possessive and rather demanding at times. Her siblings and friends have occasionally said that to her, and despite not being physically fazed by it, mentally, she was a little touched. Hence why she tries to work on her people skills, but sometimes, she'd rather bark her problem away, than talk it out in a professional matter (she's still trying to work on it, she swears).

Eva Johanna Saetre was born on January 31st, 2003, in Baerum, Greater Oslo, Oslo. The first of soon to be seven children, Eva's life was somewhat set in stone for her already; she had to be the example, the role model for her siblings. And that meant she'd not get it easy whatsoever.

Her parents, Frans and Gina Saetre, were a bit hard on Eva, but with good cause. As Eva slowly got more and more siblings, she always looked to be the role model to them all. Her room was always clean, her homework always done... you get the picture. And of course, the others were expected to follow. The short of it... the family was quite intolerant of failure and slacking.

Eva's first sign of magic came about when she was seven years old. As the family with three children at the time was getting ready to go see the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, which conveniently was happening not overly far from their home, Eva "ruined" her mother's clothes, by splashing her mother's dress with a sudden blast of water. She was about get yelled at... if it wasn't for the fact that Frans and Gina were a Pure-Blood wizard and witch respectively. She was forgiven for it, and they still went to see ESC (they weren't disappointed in the winner either, in fact, Eva personally liked her. she'd never admit it publicly though).

A few years later, Eva began schooling in Durmstrang. At first, it was an anxious affair for her; it was a whole new environment and her parents weren't around to tell her how she must behave. But she kept her head straight and her expression neutral as she slowly grew into life at Durmstrang. She made few friends in her first year, but oh well, what are you going to do.

Before she knew it though, she soon enough was joined by her siblings, starting with her first younger sister joining in Eva's third year. Of course, Eva watched out for her siblings, but still made time for herself and her friends. She soon enough gained the title "Miss Perfect" from her friends; it was with just cause. She was an amazing student, and quite frankly, most of her teachers liked her, despite never actually admitting anything of the sort because of favoritism. That title soon enough expanded from her friends to other classmates. She minded it not.

In her sixth year, she got to know a teacher whom would become her personal favorite (she'll never admit it), that being Professor Geist Blumenthal. Eva grew fond of Geist, and vice versa. She was one of his better students, and Eva quickly found a mentor for life. Or so she'd think. Either way, she had a lot of intellectual conversations about topics such as children, to being a role model, to taking care of oneself. She learnt a handful of things, which really helped Eva cope with the fact that around the middle of her year, her mother passed away, for reasons unknown to her.

(Truth is, her mother died in childbirth when giving birth to Eva's eighth sibling; a sister whom she will never know, because her father had her become an orphan to protect her identity.)

Either way, Eva continued on with life, not letting her mother's death get to her too hard. She went on to graduate with excellent marks, but her family needed her more so now than ever before. She became the motherly figure in the household, taking care of the younger children and looking after the school-aged ones, making all the more certain that the example Eva set was kept.

Two years later however, her father died after he wandered down the wrong way on a shady street. Eva was now pressured to try and support the remainder of her family. So she sought out a job. She got one, working as a PA in the Norwegian Ministry. It payed well enough, and she had the more younger of her siblings in a daycare until they become of school age. Soon enough, her siblings that entered school after her, joined her in getting jobs to keep the family going.

Soon enough though, Eva and her siblings had a talk and decided that they should move out and perhaps consider living somewhere else. Eva hesitated at first, but she agreed to it, nonetheless. The family moved to England, using the money they had saved up from all the siblings that had jobs to get a small house. It was enough to sustain the seven of them, but now the process begins all over. Eva needs to get a job, and that a little fast. She's considering an application to the British Ministry of Magic and as she prepares for the new life ahead, only time will tell how ready she really was...

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