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Evanesca Douleur
Hogwarts Graduate
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Evanesca Monique Douleur
Gender Female
Birthday May 30
Family James Douleur (Father)

Luciana Douleur (Mother)
Emeric Deverill (Fiancé)
Faye Deverill (Daughter)

Status Alive
Hometown London
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Skin Colour Pale
Affiliation the Douleur Family
Wand Holly, Unicorn Tail Hair, 12 ½ inches
House Slytherin
Wand-Arm Right
Boggart Losing her family
Patronus Snake
Job Unemployed


Evanesca was born in London, England on May 30 to James Douleur and Luciana Douleur. During her childhood her parents worried that she might be a squib as she displayed no magical qualities whatsoever and they were both pure blooded which made them worry even more. One day she was really upset as a dog bit her a bit on her hand and accidentally made the dog turn into a chihuahua. As soon as she told her parents her parents were overjoyed and kept on talking about which school she should go to. They wanted to send her to Beauxbatons but they reconsidered and sent her to Hogwarts.

After going to Hogwarts, she met Emeric Deverill whom she dated till graduation. Emeric proposed to her during the Yule Ball at the House Tournament. Before she graduated, she had a drunken one night stand with Jeremiah Appleton. She ended up pregnant and had a baby girl called Faye Monique Deverill — Monique, the same as Evanesca's own middle name. After graduation she joined the Shrouded which is led by Shadow Berrin.


Evanesca is kind and generous at times but most of the time is mean and spiteful. She can make people regret any bad deeds they have done with a flick of her wand.


Evanesca has dark brown hair with light green eyes. She has pale skin and is known to be very beautiful


Name Relation Feelings
Emeric Deverill Fiancé She loves him a lot and would do anything to help him.
Faye Deverill Baby Daughter She loves her dearly and would do anything to protect her.
Gigi Sliverback Best Friend She likes her a lot as a friend and always does pranks with her.
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