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Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)Evelyn DanielsRavenclaw Crest (Gif)
Feeling Estranged
Owned by: Lilly Mara

Gender: Female Age: 22 Height: 5'7 Weight: ("You think I would share this?") lbs
Sexuality: Bisexual Relationship Status: Mother to Marley
Accent: Icelandic Birthplace: Scotland

Magical Info

Wand Wood:
Wand Core:
Wand Length: Inches Patronus: Lynx


Evie is kind, she will always go out of her way to be nice to somebody, although she has her cunning moments. Once upon a time she liked pranking as a child, but such childish endeavours have long since passed the 22 year old Evie. Intelligent, although sometimes she doesn't use it in family/relationship matters, she is smart and excels in spellwork but not so much social interaction. Evie likes people, but since Chris, trust has been an issue she's had that she's hidden for a long time. Evie left with good grades, and she knows she could do a lot with them, and hasn't ruled out going to work for the Icelandic Ministry - right now, however, she's focusing on family she was so sure she's lost. Introverted and only really needing family, but doesn't refuse interaction, she's more empathetic than she lets on and is predominantly ruled by feelings, crying easily. She can be judgemental, and often turns that judgement into judging herself rather than others.


Lilja Jónsdóttir and Allan Daniels met when Allan was on a business trip from Wick, Scotland to Sauðárkrókur, Iceland — and he liked the place so much he decided to stay. Because of the rather small population, it was hard not to know most people that lived in the parts, so it was only a matter of time before the two go married and their three girls: Elara Melody, Evelyn Rosalie and Emerald Kalliope, were serially born. Because they were living in Iceland, their parents decided to honour their daughters' Scottish heritage by giving them British names. Their oldest daughter, Elara, was born on August 12th. She had her father's brown hair and her mother's green eyes. Their next, Evelyn, who would soon begin going by Evie, was born on August 27th of the next year. She looked different from her sister. She looked much more their their mother, with not only her green eyes, but with her Nordic blonde hair as well. And finally, Emerald was born the following June, on the 17th. She looked more like her eldest sister Elara, also with dark hair and green eyes. Her hair was even darker than Elara's, and became near pitch black before long.

The girls were muggle raised because Allan is a muggle, and although Lilja is a witch (with a half-blood father and muggle mother) she chooses not to use magic for the most part. The sisters attended year 1-5 of grunnskóli. There, Emerald started stealing pencil cases and such when other kids annoyed her. Evie would deliberately sabotaged the teacher; she was a pranking mistress. Elara would steal things sometimes too, but because she wanted the thing, not to mess with the owner; but mostly she just slipped under the radar, manipulating people and situations to suit her.

They soon got their letters to Durmstrang, and they were thrilled to go, although a bit confused at the thought of magic because of their muggle upbringing. So they headed off to school, another sister joining them each year. However, Durmstrang wasn't all they wanted it to be. In fact, the students were rather cruel (especially to people with so little magical heritage) and some of the classes were poorly taught. After a few years of putting up with this, the girls begged their parents to transfer them to a different school, and thanks to a well-timed job offer, they moved to the Scottish highlands and they began attending Hogwarts. The girls were halfway though their 6th, 5th, and 4th years at the time. Even though they had moved, they still visit Iceland often to see their mother's side of the family — Usually during the Summer and Winter breaks.

They were sorted into 3 different houses: Elara into Hufflepuff, Emerald into Gryffindor, and Evie into Ravenclaw. They all arguably belong in Slytherin, but were sorted into their respective houses due to Emerald's almost reckless bravery, Evie's very sharp mind, and Elara's respect and value of hard work.

In fifth year Evie met Orestis Taylor, a dashing Gryffindor in her year, and she fell head over heels for him, much to her sister's disapproval. In seventh year she got Head Girl and concieved Marley Orestisson, his child. Born slightly after graduation, Marley's birth caused family estrangement, especially when Chris left suddenly without warning. The first time, she forgave him, but now it has been years since the second time, and she's decided to focus on raising five-year-old Marley, and her newly reconciled relationship with her family.


Model: Amber Heard

Extra Info

Full Name: Evelyn Rosalie Daniels
Date of Birth: August 27
Nationality: Scottish/Icelandic
Ethnicity: Scottish/Icelandic
Native Language: English/Icelandic
Languages Spoken: Danish
Current Location: Her apartment
Current Status: Alive/Single
Species: Witch

Known Spells