ezra gyeong
bad boy with a good heart

Human unpredictability is Ezra's favorite concept in life, often taking pleasure in observing and understanding people based upon their body language. He often enjoys putting people into uncomfortable, awkward or downright chaotic situations just to witness reactions. Not to mention that he is the ultimate grade-a asshole with his constant impish smile and cocky attitude to back up a surprisingly amazing affinity to parkour and pit-pocketing. He is careless, dangerous and definitely unpredictable and often leans in the direction of violence to solve issues despite being raised to be a gentlemen. However, those aspects his mother taught him often do shine through when he so chooses.

Ezra is insanely intelligent despite not applying himself in school and can often be found playing games that force him to think, especially taking an interest in chess and checkers. He does a lot of research and literally has a vault of useless facts and information readily available for use. He can be the life of a party and often enjoys making the most out of everything but can sometimes spoil the fun with his crazy stunts. His unnatural need to protect those who can't protect themselves often give him a big-brother/protector complex. This often leads to an adorable attentiveness over those few friends he does keep.

Although he thoroughly loves conflict, often popping up whenever something is happening to grab a front-row seat with some popcorn - until provoked, he often tries not to directly be part of anything and prefers to watch rather than participate. There is an extremely fine line between Ezra being dangerous and unstable and unless you know him well enough, then good luck figuring out which one it is. He is an enigma very few will get to solve and appreciate. In conclusion, Ezra is pretty much your bad boy with a good heart that just wants to improve his life but can't seem to get himself in the right direction.


The life of Hana Mutō was anything but abnormal throughout the younger years of her life. She excelled in her courses at Mahoutokoro, was an after-class tutor for wandless magic and became a wandmaker's assistant under her very strict father, Jiro. That was her life until she was fifteen years old. Hana fell in love in her fifth year with a boy from South Korea named Gyeong Jun-ha and he ultimately treated her like a queen. They young couple spent a lot of time together and often times, she wouldn't come home and work for Jiro during the breaks and holidays. Instead, Hana was sneaking off to South Korea with Jun-ha to meet his family and spend time with him instead as her father could often been harsh and cruel.

When she was sixteen years old, Hana felt overwhelming guilt for not telling her father the truth and confessed to Jiro that she was in a relationship and was spending her time with him rather than working. While she didn't disclose any names, Hana was relieved that Jiro was too furious to pry. In retaliation, he found himself slowly introducing her to what his little wand-making shop really was in attempt to intimidate her out of the relationship. Hana discovered that her father Jiro was not just a lonely old wandmaker who had lost his wife to cancer; he was a high ranking member of the Yakuza clan and dabbled in very illegal things which helped support their upper-class lifestyle. Shocked and frightened, Hana spilled her family's profession to Jun-ha and they chose to keep their relationship quiet until she was old enough to leave.

So for nearly an entire year and a half, Hana pretended to be interested in her father's line of work and even witnessed some of the things he did. Deep down, she grew disgusted with him over time and couldn't bring herself to see Jiro as anything but a monster. All she wanted was for her life to go back to normal and for it to be okay that she was with Jun-ha. Things got even more complicated in her seventh and final year when Hana discovered that she was pregnant and was left to conceal it from her father and the school until she graduated. Jun-ha took Hana and fled to South Korea, leaving Jiro to wonder where his daughter had vanished to. With not information, his efforts in locating his daughter were futile and he was forced to wait for her to return by herself.

Hana gave birth to a small boy who she named Gyeong Seung-min and he was the perfect mix between Hana, Jun-ha and even Jiro but his Korean genetics ultimately were the most prominent feature. She was thrilled for the first time in her life and with some convincing from Jun-ha's very compassionate but traditional family, she married him by the time she was eighteen. Eventually, Hana couldn't live with not allowing her son to know his grandfather and made the mistake of reaching out to Jiro. While shocked and admittedly angry, Jiro wanted nothing more than to meet his grandson and he had always wanted a little boy. With slight suspicion of ulterior motives, Hana visited Jiro in Japan with Seungmin and told her father that she had given him a Japanese name; Takashi Mutō. Absolutely thrilled with his grandson, Jiro seemed to behave for the next five years of Seungmin's life.

Seungmin was seven years old when he first showed signs of magic and Jiro's ulterior motive came to light not long after. The past five years, Jiro had been plotting and making room for Seungmin to one day take his spot in the Yakuza to replace him when he was too old to continue on. Hana was absolutely angered by it all and requested that Jun-ha come pick her up immediately. When Jun-ha arrived at Jiro's house, Hana and Seungmin were not waiting for them. Instead, a parade of Yakuza were ready to greet the man with violence. On her way to the airport, Hana got a call from her father to let her know of the news and had to pull over to be sick. She had forgotten to tell Jun-ha that she was going to meet him and never thought her father could do such a thing. With no where left to turn, she fled Japan and didn't look back.

Jiro searched all of South Korea for his daughter to no avail, as Hana was already in Norway by then and had changed her name to Kim. She set up a new life in Oslo and raised her son alone. Gyeong Seungmin, who his grandfather thought was Takashi Mutō, became Ezra Gyeong in this new life. Until Ezra was of age to attend school, he spent his years helping his mother make wands so that she could afford to support them. When he turned eleven, he was enrolled into Durmstrang and began his first year, where he met the most amazing person ever. Brynja Skovgaard was two years above him but she was cool and the whole reason why he didn't become a shut-in or a nobody. You see, all of the events in Ezra's life had led him off a moral path. What do you expect for a kid who was secretly groomed for a gang behind his mother's back? He told her everything about his life and in return, she did too. She kept him grounded and in-check whenever he was getting to be too unruly. In return, he was her protection.

For an entire year, his life revolved around his best-friend and excitedly paraded her in from of Kim for nearly three months. So you can see why he was devastated to find out the Brynja was going to transfer to Hogwarts for her fourth year and he would no longer see her. Despite this, he continued to stick around and make her last year at Durmstrang something regrettable. After Brynja left, there was nothing left to stop Ezra from going down a dark path. He got into trouble with the law, broke school policy constantly and even got tattoos somehow behind his mother's back when he was only fourteen years old.

Surprisingly enough, he kept in contact with Brynja through letters over the years. Now fifteen years old, Ezra is a spitfire young lad with a bad reputation. He recently found out that Tori Torres had broken his best-friend's heart and ultimately got himself expelled from Durmstrang just so he could be transferred to Hogwarts to be with Brynja. His plan worked out and he's currently in London to provide Brynja company and protection.


Brynja Skovgaard
Ezra first met Brynja in his first year at Durmstrang and despite the age different of two years, they got along really well. Brynja became one of those most important people in his life and they knew everything about eachother. Unfortunately, she transferred to Hogwarts. That did not stop their friendship. Now he's in her same school and ready to kick the ass of anyone who fuck's with her.

Iris Yaxley
Being one of the most pure and kind people that he has ever met, their relationship is perplexing and adorable. Ezra's unyielding need to protect her goes to extreme lengths and he's pretty much always ready to fight anyone who dares to mess with her. Ezra could literally do anything with Iris and find himself having fun and that is exactly what he strives for. He wants to help Iris experience the world from a slightly more... crazy view.

Basic Info
Full Name Gyeong Seungmin
Ezra Seungmin Gyeong
Nickname Ez, Gyeong
Birthday August 8th
Age Eighteen
Nationality Half Korean, Half Japanese
Home Oslo, Norway
Seoul, South Korea
Ikebukuro, Japan
Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual
Location London
Gender Male
Year Graduated
Titles bad boy with a good heart
House Slytherin
Species Wizard
Family Blood Pure-Blood
Wand Core Kneazle Whisker
Wand Wood Alder
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Jiro finding him.
Patronus Black Jaguar
Model Kim Jisung (Kijikush)
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'8
Body Style
Mental/Emotional State
Mental/Emotional Disorders
Physical Disorders
Fam & Gen
Mother Hana Gyeong (nee Mutō)
Father Jun-ha Gyeong
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Cousin(s) Elijah Byeon
Character Flaw
Personal Motto
First Reaction to Crisis
Faces Their Problems
React to Change
Native Language Korean, Japanese, and English
Hobbies Pit-pocketing, Parkour and Partying



Word Bubble


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