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Birthday July 7th
Age 16
Status Alive
Pronunciation fah‧ree‧yeh
Family n/a
Handedness Left
Gender Female
Orientation who tf knows
Relationship Single
Nationality Turkish, Bulgarian
Speaks Turkish, Bulgarian, Egyptian Arabic, Farsi, Gobbledegook, Hebrew, Greek, English
Species Witch, Half-Veela
Blood Status Half-blood
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Dark
Height 5'0"
Model Aslıhan Malbora

Fahriye Osmanoğlu is gorgeous and she knows it - and hates it. She sees no reason why beauty should be important at all, and in fact hates it whenever someone comments on it, as though that takes precedence over everything else that's amazing about her? Of course she's pretty, she's half veela! Which is another reason she hates it. Merlin does Fahriye wish she wasn't veela.

Of course, being a veela means if Fahriye put absolutely no effort into her appearance she'd still look flawless, though of course she does put effort in. She's not one for bold makeup - she's never really had any talent with eyeliner - so most of her energy tends to go into skincare and other self-care tactics. Coconut oil is Fahriye's best friend. Her fashion sense, too, is refined; she grew up with money, after all, and she has to look the part. But if you were to ask Fahriye for one thing about her appearance she does love she'd say her hair. Her mother always taught her to take pride in her hair - she used to brush it for her every night, before she died - and looking after it has taken on an almost religious quality for Fahriye now. Not to mention how important a veela's hair usually is to them. But Fahriye refuses to acknowledge that it might partially be because of her heritage that she loves it so much.

Boggart the judgement of her peers
Amortentia coconut, her mother's perfume, wood smoke
Patronus anatolian red stag
Wand fir, veela hair, 8 1/2"
Interests wing chun, journalling, piano, hippogriff riding
Pet Peeve clingy people
Habits playing with her hair (twisting it around her finger, running hands through it, pulls it when she's concentrating), toying with her locket, hums/sings under her breath
MBTI entj-t
Star Sign cancer
Dreams/Goals prove herself. she’s not sure how yet but she’s sure as hell going to do it. other goals include: get straight Os on her NEWTs, move out, stick it to the bitch that calls herself her stepmother.
Color blue
Song queendom
Show muhteşem yüzyıl: kösem
Movie thoroughbreds
Book maresi
Food grapefruit with honey
Drink ayran

- she's very protective of her own hair
- her wand is made with her mother's hair and she's incredibly attached to it because of that
- her favourite subject is transfiguration, closely followed by healing, and she's a natural at both
- she wants to become a healer when she's out of hogwarts, specialising in transfiguration mistakes, and volunteers at the st mungo's lincliff clinic for this very reason
- she loves horses, but hippogriffs have her heart
- she keeps a bullet journal
-for the past twelve years she's studied wing chun and she's now a black belt. it was her mother's idea, so she'd be able to protect herself
- she hates being half veela and wishes she weren't
- her control over her allure in particular is subpar. she can do fireballs though!
- she hates being called pretty
- she's saving her first kiss
- she wears a locket containing a lock of her mother's hair. it's her most prized possession other than her wand, and she intends to use the hair for her children's wands one day.
- her other most prized possession is a jewellery box she transfigured last year to have a beautiful mother-of-pearl inlay. it's her best non-animate work, if she does say so herself.
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