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Zendaya Main 1


Birthday 18 November 2028
Age 18 y/o
Status Alive
Pronunciation FA-luhn LEHV-ereht
Family Jasper Voll [pseudo-sister ]
Selene Leverett [ older half-sister ]
Orion Leverett [ older half-brother ]
Handedness Right
Gender Female (cis)
Orientation Unlabelled
Relationship Single
Nationality British
Speaks English
Species Cursed Witch Immortal
Blood Status Half-Blood
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'4
Model Zendaya Coleman

Fallon couldn't look less like her biological father. Darker skin, curly hair, brown eyes — she's grateful for the lack of resemblance to him. In the same vein, he's someone she associates heavily with opulence and displays of power and wealth through extravagant suits and hairstyles. Because of this, she's gone out of her way to depart from that kind of reminder, and typically lounges around in comfortable, often mismatched clothes she nicked from someone else or found at local thrift stores. Most of it never fits, too big or too small for her skinny, 5'10 body, but Fallon likes it. She'd rather be in rags than look herself in the mirror and see a carbon copy of Egbert Worley. Her hair is always loose, maybe tied up in a ponytail to get it out of her way, and she's never felt motivated to catch up with the latest cosmetics, so suffice to say — she's a pretty big far cry from what she never wants to be. Practicality over regality, always. Her FC is Zendaya.
Zendaya Main 2
Her history can be found here!
Fallon’s experiences have led to her closing off from everyone. She doesn’t get along with anyone she meets as easily as other people have the luxury of doing, and that’s largely because from very early on, she was raised to become a warmonger against her own kind. She was raised with the preconceived notion that all wizards were abominations, and when you’re conditioned to hate someone from a young age, it’s exceptionally difficult to deprogram that hate.

Currently, Fallon is in a position where she’s questioning everything she thought she knew, and she’s at a crossroads between becoming the person she was always told she had to be, or who she thinks she should be. It’s conflicting enough, nevermind when it’s put on top of her other issues. So yes, Fallon is very mistrustful; she’ll question your intentions even when you’ve shown you’re someone she can trust, and at every step of the way, she’ll find any reason to believe you’re well on track to betray her. She’s a master saboteur — especially if she thinks she’ll come out better for it in spite of how she feels.

Fallon is unnecessarily temperamental. She’s patient, yes, and she’s pretty much mastered the art of adapting to her environments, but she takes things very literally because it's all she's ever been exposed to. So any comment made that she misperceives as a slight against her could set her off, and how explosively she reacts varies depending how badly she misinterprets the grievance.

She can be very aggressive and rancorous, too; she’ll hold grudges for long periods of time, and throughout it, she’ll be very hostile. She isn’t the kind of person to become passive aggressive at all, preferring to handle all her problems on the spot, but the lingering anger and frustration may lead to her having a lot of bite to her attitude.

To her credit, though, she does try her best to try and quell her anger issues most of the time. Typically, she’ll try to take a more analytical approach — which is why she tends to take an eternity for things as simple as messaging or even making irrelevant decisions. She likes to think before she acts; after living on the edge for 18 years, she’s learned to do so by force.

As it turns out, being tormented for eighteen years means you end up being very malleable when it comes to constantly evolving environments. She’s someone who adjusts very easily to what happens around her, and it’s made her very flexible. She isn’t the type of person to plan everything to the t, even though she does think a lot about immediate consequences, as it’s better to be able to be dynamic in a situation rather than be forced to adhere to a set plan.

Sometimes things go sideways. She knows that better than a lot of people. She’s practical, though; she’ll prepare as best as she can for any situation she might find herself in. That’s probably how she’s survived for as long as she has. She’s very conservative with how she lives, and it does make it easier to remain more ‘grounded’. It’s hard to be a dreamer and aspire for luxury and opulence when she’s living in a small alcove in Knockturn Alley, y’know? She can’t afford to be wistful over something she’s already a solid 98% sure she won’t ever be able to experience herself.
Zendaya Main 3
Jasper Voll

Boggart Egbert Worley
Amortentia Smoke, Old books, Petrichor
Patronus Can't produce one
Wand Blackthorn, Basilisk horn, 10"
Interests Reading, Silence
Pet Peeve Loud noises, Questions, Unnecessary attention
Habits Lying, Jumpiness, Consantly moving around, Shaking her leg
Star Sign Scorpio
Dreams/Goals Killing Egbert & finding her mother
Color Brown
Song N/A
Show N/A
Movie N/A
Book A History of Magic
Food N/A
Drink N/A

  • she doesn't have any pets at hogwarts with her.
  • she currently goes by wiccan voll, because she hasn't found out her birth name yet.
  • she has never seen a show, movie, or heard any songs, hence why she has no favorites.
  • because she hasn't been exposed to a lot of cuisines, she has no real favorite food or drink.
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