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Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)Felicity BlakeRavenclaw Crest (Gif)
The Stitched
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Felicity 11

Gender: Female Age: 31 Height: 5'8" Weight: 130 lbs
Sexuality: Pansexual Relationship Status: Single
Accent: British Birthplace: Doncaster, England

Magical Info

Wand Wood: Hawthorn
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Wand Length: 12 Inches Patronus: Hummingbird

Felicity Laugh

Felicity is a quiet person who keeps to herself and doesn't open up much to people. But she's different, and she's changed. She has been through years of therapy and has changed the course of her life for the better, she wasn't going to turn bitter and let herself wallow in pity.

Felicity lives in London in a small muggle apartment complex, she works as a journalist and has a quiet and humble life. Sure, she's lonely and she wishes that she wasn't but she's come to terms with being alone and never speaking to her family again.

She mostly keeps to herself, but chit-chats every now and then with passersby and strangers she meets while walking to and from work. She enjoys a little company, but only a little. She has a small fear of reverting back to her old ways and feelings and doesn't want to become the bitter and angry person she used to be.

Felicity loves herbology and has a small garden on her balcony where she grows muggle plants and magical plants. She's a very healthy person now, and a vegetarian. She enjoys yoga and running to keep herself calm and relaxed.

She's been thinking about going back to Hogwarts and applying to become a teacher/professor, but her fear is holding her back from going back to the place where it seemed her life was ruined. She would like to just live out the rest of her life in comfort but knows that she needs to take a risk every now and then or else her life will become mundane.

All in all, Felicity has changed and changed for the better. She still has tendencies to be bitter or negative and she tries to catch herself from saying something along those lines. But she cannot deny the fact that she has an aching hole in her heart that will never be filled.

Felicity is a quiet person who keeps to herself and doesn't open to people, she finds it hard to make a connection with others which is why she hardly has any friends. She feels like she can't trust anyone and no matter what they will always stab her in the back.

She is used to being alone though, as that was how her childhood was, she likes the quietness and solitude as that is what she is used to. She is not open that much for change and likes to stick to things she knows and understands, she isn't one to just jump into an idea without first planning out how everything will work and having back up plans as well.

Being alone all that time she has read quite the collection of books, nearly enough to fill up a mini library. She has a vast knowledge of things having to do with the Muggle-World as well as the Wizarding world, and loves to spout out facts to people but mostly does it during the most random times. Some people find it annoying how she is like a walking encyclopedia but she just loves to tell people all that she knows.

If one were to gain her trust and get past her quiet and shy self they would find that she is nice and helpful but just doesn't know how to act out towards others, they might also find that she is lonely and empty and needs someone to talk to and get her emotions out. Unlike her brother Greg who has Cloud and drawing, Felicity has no one and nothing.

Felicity has matured and changed throughout the years. She has learned that being by herself is the only way she is going through life, no one cares about her. And she has learned that the hard way.

Solitude and being by herself has shaped a nearly impenetrable wall and barrier around her heart, she no longer opens up to anyone about her deepest feelings and wants. No one deserves it, and no one would care anyway. They all leave in the end.

She is quiet and likes it that way. No one being nosy and getting in her business, no one bothering her and making her get distracted or lose track of her thoughts. She enjoys the silence, and she enjoys being alone.

But she can't lie through her teeth forever, behind her walls and facade she is hurting and broken. No one has taken the time to carefully peel away at her fake image and find the real her, no one has bothered to take the time to just care.

Felicity misses her family, she wants to be apart of the Blake family again. She wants to have the relationship with her siblings that they seem to all have together, but she knows she isn't apart of that happiness.

Her family is better off without her and she knows that they don't need her and they never did. So she stays alone because that's how it's always been and that's all it'll ever be. She doesn't reach out because there's no one to reach out to.


Felicity Violet Blake was born to Claire Hollis and Jonathan Blake on May 27th. She's the second oldest child of 5. A year before her older sister, Charlotte, was born her mother had an affair with while her father fought in Afghanistan. Her mother ended up having a child, who was Cloud Rosendale, though before her father returned from the war she gave the child to his father to be raised. She never told about the affair and so no one ever asked questions because they didn't know.

Though as for her father, Johnathan, he isn't a Blake but a Cloud. He changed his name after he was disowned by his parents at a rather young age, being a squib he was deemed a nuisance and his mother (a Veela) and his father (a Pure-Blood) hated him from the moment they found out about him being a squib. As a kid he could tell they hated him, while his siblings went off to magical schools he was sent to muggle schools and hated it. And so he was glad to leave that horrible place, years after the whole ordeal he met Claire and then joined the army. And now, well he's married and has a wonderful family.

Felicity was born only a year after her sister, Charlotte, and her parents couldn't of been more thrilled to have another child. And their mother was especially happy that it was girl, all the more reason to spoil them and baby them. Though when Felicity turned 5 her mother gave birth to Greg and Niall, the twins.

The attention that the two got made Felicity jealous although she didn't like to admit it, she felt like her parents didn't care so much about her and her needs anymore. It was all about how cute and adorable the babies were, even when people came over they always commented on the babies and never gave Felicity a second thought. Which made the young child feel invisible and empty.

It wasn't long before her mother gave birth to another set of twins, this time Phoebe and Daisy who were gushed over just like the other set of twins. Felicity truly believed that her parents hardly cared about her anymore, especially her mother who gave all her attention to the babies. Though Felicity might of been selfish she wanted at least a bit of attention, but acted like nothing was wrong.

Charlotte noticed how the two year old Greg was always fussy and angry and mentioned it to her parents who realized how selfish they were being and started to give their attention equally to the sibling, although it managed to calm down Greg it hardly helped Felicity who was to far gone to really feel any love from her parents.

She showed the first signs of magic when she was 5 and was in her room fighting with Charlotte who was trying to explain to Felicity how their parents really did care for her, but the 5 year old wouldn't believe her older sister and ended up nearly breaking the fish tank they had in their room and only managed to crack it some what. It was then that her parents explained to her about her magical abilities and all about the magical world.

When she received her Hogwarts letter she was happy to leave home and go try something new, but then they started to get visits from some Cloud Rosendale that her mother had said was a son of one of her dead friends. Felicity, being the smart child she was, knew something was fishy and instantly didn't like Cloud.

Unlike all her other siblings who got along fine with him, she would always argue with him and fight. Shouting at each other and one time actually psychically hurting each other but her parents broke up the fight and got Felicity in trouble but not Cloud which made her angrier. She noticed how Greg and Cloud got along so well and it actually made her jealous, she was glad to be sent off to Hogwarts and get out of her home which at that point she loathed.

Now in her Third Year she has become less bitter and angry at her parents and is starting to talk to them more and open up, trying to heal old wounds and fix things that were done in the past. She is trying to be a better older sister and example to her younger siblings.


Model: Shailene Woodley

Extra Info

Full Name: Felicity Violet Blake
Date of Birth: May 27th
Nationality: English
Ethnicity: English
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English, Irish
Current Location:
Current Status: Alive
Species: Pure-Blood Witch

Known Spells
Name Relation Feelings
Jonathan Blake Father She loves her father despite him being a squib, she looks up to him a lot and he is her biggest inspiration.
Claire Hollins Mother Although she's been going through a rough patch with her mother, she still appreciates her efforts of trying to mend their relationship.
Daisy and Phoebe Younger Sisters She is jealous of Phoebe's relationship with Charlotte, but knows there's no point in trying to break it up. Where had Felicity been in the twins lives? No where, she was nothing to them.
Niall and Greg Younger Brothers She loves them both to death, but hasn't spoken to them for a long time. She doesn't want to come back into their lives and ruin what they might have, she isn't going to be an extra dead weight to them.
Cloud Rosendale Half-Brother She is unaware of them being half-siblings and doesn't exactly like him too much as they always but heads and argue a lot.
Charlotte Older Sister She knows Charlotte has tried her best to keep the family from falling apart, and she has noticed the strong bond Charlotte has with Greg and Phoebe. Felicity is just an outcast to them all, and so she doesn't dare try to ruin what her sister has worked so hard to build.
Xavier Thomas Son Felicity loves Xavi like her own flesh and blood and treats him as such. She never mentions that he's adopted unless someone specifically asks or mentions it. She loves Xavi with all her heart and hopes that he loves her just as much.
Felicity Strong