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Felicity Darlington
Head of the Agents and Hired Professionals
(This Character Belongs to Moonlit Castle)

Felicity Génevieve Regina Darlington
Gender Female
Birthday May 31
Age 20
Family Richard Darlington (Father)

Elizabeth Darlington (Mother)

Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Light Brown
Skin Colour Pale
Affiliation the Darlington Family
House Slytherin
Wand-Arm Right
Job The Shrouded


Felicity Génevieve Regina Darlington was born to Duke Richard Darlington and Duchess Elizabeth Darlington in 1997 on the 31st of May. Her parents were pure-bloods but had been good-hearted people. She grew up in a sophisticated enviroment and learnt etiquette and table manners as 'a young lady should' by her mother. She had loved her father more than her mother as her mother was strict but what Felicity didn't know was that inside, her mother truly cared for her. Because of this, Felicity never knew her true feelings for her mother until the day her mother was killed in a hit and run accident. Richard was mourning for days with mixed feelings of grief and anger while Felicity just played with her toys. But when she went to bed and the lights were put out, she cried herself to sleep and dreamt about her mother. 

When Felicity was 11 years old she received a letter to Hogwarts and she went until she graduated at 18. She ran away from home at 16 so Hogwarts was her primary home at that point. Since she ran away, she was training with a Dark Wizard who adopted her as his prodigy in the Dark Arts.

Hogwarts Life[]

Felicity was a good student but sometimes she could be a bit of a rule-breaker. She excelled in Potions, Transfiguration and Charms but when she grew older it became harder for her to study Defense Against the Dark Arts since she was learning the Dark Arts secretly. She didn't become a prefect or Head Girl but she did get awarded housepoints very frequently either due to good work or perfect behaviour.


Felicity doesn't get on that well with strangers, but when she does she confides herself in them. She has a rule that she never breaks which is she will only trust someone if she trusts them. 


Felicity has long light brown hair with pale skin that have a rosy tint on her cheeks. Her lips are normally dark red with lipstick and her eyes are a cold blue.

Magical Abilities[]

Felicity is trained in the Dark Arts after running away from home to learn with a Dark Wizard. She can also use Non-Verbal (NV) spells.

Talk Bubble[]