Birthday October 17th, 2028
Age 16
Status Alive
Pronunciation FEE·likhs
Family · Aydan Dane (father)
· Jenelle Dane (mother ✝)
· Hudson Dane (brother)
· Hadley Dane (sister)
Handedness Right
Gender Male (cisgender)
Orientation Homosexual (closeted)
Relationship Single
Nationality English
Speaks English
Species Wizard
Blood Status Half-blood
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5'7
Model Dylan Minnette

He finds himself to be mildly attractive. He is comfortable in his appearance, but to the point of true confidence. His skin is milkier like his mother's, but he has his father's dark hair. Unlike either of his parents or siblings, his eyes are a soft hazel color despite their deeper brown color in his early youth. He likes keeping his hair short and away from his eyes after years of having it longer and constantly pushing it back. His biggest insecurity in regards to his appearance is his shorter stature at only 5'7 (1.70 meters). To make up for it, he usually dresses very nicely and is on top of most fashion trends.
Hogwarts is the meeting point for a lot of witches and wizards in Great Britain including Jenelle and Aydan. They met in their third year as a Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor. At the time, Aydan was still crushing over his dear friend Twyla. Even Jenelle had a small crush on her. When Twyla disappeared, the two friends started to get closer. By their fifth year at Hogwarts, the two were dating and very, very madly in love. Nothing compared to their chemistry.

During their seventh year, Jenelle became the Head Girl. It gave her a few privileges that she probably abused. On Valentine's Day, the two stayed in the hotel above the Three Broomsticks and had unprotected sex. At seventeen years old with big dreams ahead of her, Jenelle was pregnant. Both of them were worried, but were prepared to raise their family together. With Jenelle's Triwizard Champion earnings, they started to rent their first apartment soon after leaving Hogwarts. Jenelle started working at the Ministry of Magic and Aydan was working for Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. Later on, Aydan proposed and they became engaged.

Then, on October 17th of 2028, Felix Maverick Dane was welcomed into the world prematurely. He stayed at St. Mungo's for a little while before they were able to take him home, which was heartbreaking for the young couple. Once Felix was home and well adjusted, the two would get married on December 27th - a nice winter wedding. Life was simple for a while after that. Both of them got promotions with Jenelle maxing out as the Department Head of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.

His parents always knew Felix was destined for good things. He was always a simple, happy child, but tended to need extra loving. Everything was going well for them when Jenelle found out she was pregnant with twins. This wasn't bad news - just shocking. The couple realized it was time to move and purchased a house outside of Hogsmeade just shortly before the twins' due date. On December 13th of 2031, twins Hudson and Hadley Dane were born. Going from one child to three was a crazy experience for the parents. Jenelle, who had always struggled with depression, started to deal with postpartum issues. She loved her children, but the combination of taking care of them, working, and handling all other adult things was starting to take a toll even when Aydan was helping her out (and he did a lot).

Felix started to get less attention with the twins around, but he adored them. He was three years old at the time and would enjoy sitting at their cribs and trying to amuse them. Even when his parents tried to spend time with him alone, he wanted the twins to be around. He grew out of this (eventually) when he realized they were annoying little buggers. Everything was normal for a while after that. His parents prioritized educating him and making sure he was growing into the person he was supposed to be. He trailed his mother around everywhere while the twins trailed behind him. Until his mother vanished.

When he was five years old, his mother just seemed to poof out of thin air. He was sent to stay with his aunt and uncle for a little while with the twins. His father explained that something had happened, but Felix was too young to understand what. That's when he learned about death - just a tad too young for that too. Jenelle had committed suicide after multiple attempts in the past and so many traumas built up in her history. Things had started to take a toll, or so said her suicide letter. From then on, things were different in the Dane family.

They continued to live in Hogsmeade. His father kept working, because someone had to provide for the family, so Felix and the twins started spending more time with their aunts and uncles. He missed his mother a lot and wondered why she couldn't just come back. Felix loved his father, but he wasn't his mother and he couldn't fill that role. Losing his motherly figure was devastating to Felix and affected how he grew up.

He became insanely protective of Hudson and Hadley even though he never really felt the need to protect his sister. Even as a toddler, she had held her own. But that's when his first sign of magic came in. At eight years old, he was playing children's quidditch with the twins, who had recently turned five, and a couple of the neighbor kids. Aydan was inside working on dinner while letting them play. The brooms were only a few feet off of the ground and bludgers were squishy and soft. One of the neighbors accidentally hit an unsuspecting Hudson in the face with a foam bludger and knocked him off of his broom. Felix's broom rushed to his brother to catch him, but was too short and stared at the ground in horror as he realized he would fall. Then it turned into jelly. Hudson bounced off of the ground and ended up being a giggling mess on the ground. He wanted to do it again, but Felix insisted he go inside and make sure he's okay before he went back to playing.

A few years later, he was invited to attend Hogwarts just like his parents. He was starting to understand more and more of his mother's death, so jumping into the school environment was coming at a horrible time. He was promptly sorted into Hufflepuff, which disappointed him until he remembered that his Auntie Elle had been a Hufflepuff and he looked up to her quite a bit. He struggled to make friends his first couple of years. Things were just weird for him. His neighborhood friends were going to Hogwarts with him, but he was the only one in Hufflepuff, so he didn't seem them as much as he had hoped he would. Then his third year started and things were looking up. Although his family problems were starting to escalate, he had higher hopes for this year and wanted to make the most of it before the twins started school next year and ruined it all.
Felix was always a happy-go-lucky child growing up even after his mother's untimely death, but has recently become more realistic. Growing up without their mother around, he did everything in his power to help his father and aunts with taking care of the twins and even his cousins. He became an incredibly sensitive and nurturing soul - kind of like the "mum friend." He is very empathetic and can become very overwhelmed by his and others' emotions. Unlike a lot of boys his age, he isn't afraid of expressing them either. He's generally happy and content, but isn't going to shy away from asking people for help when he isn't.

He was raised to be aware of people's problems, so Felix is unconditionally caring to everyone - even the meanest of bullies, because he knows he doesn't know everything going on in somebody's life. Regardless of what's going on in his own head, he is the one to come to for endless loyalty and support. He prioritizes the people around him - especially his family - and lives his life to make sure they're happy. Most of his imagination goes into into making music and fancy school projects, but the rest goes into finding crafty ways to cheer people up. His way of thinking is very outlandish and colorful, but his more bottled in demeanor would not hint to that at all.

Much to his pride, Felix is an academic like his mother. He enjoys learning and is the student paying the most attention. However, he isn't intelligent like his mother was. He struggles with remembering small details and incantations for some spells fade on him. Frequently, when practicing his spells, he fumbles his words and casts the wrong spell resulting in something disastrous. Felix wants to do better in school, so he spends a lot of his time on studying and just tries his best to not let it take control of his life and friendships.
Although his relationship with his father has always been good, it has become progressively more rocky in recent years as Felix navigates life and turns a lot of his hatred against his father. He feels guilty blaming him for his mother's death, but it's his only way of distracting himself from the fact that he actually blames himself. He loves his father deep down, but is struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with him.
Prior to her death, he was incredibly close to his mother. Born prematurely, Felix needed a lot of extra attention an infant and his mother was the one cuddling and whispering to him the most even when his father wanted a crack at it. As he got older, they grew closer and the birth of the twins didn't affect this. After she committed suicide, he was really confused and still doesn't understand why she would do it.
As his older brother, Felix will always be protective over Hudson and cares a shit ton for him. They are both more on the sensitive side and can relate more in their feelings towards their mother and her death, which helps their relationship stay intact despite their three year age difference. He loves his brother a lot and often worries about him.
Although their feelings on their mother certainly differ, Hadley is his weak spot and he would do anything to protect her. Felix is aware of her reckless tendencies and is in constant worry that she will get herself in a situation that she won't be able to get herself out of. He tries not to project his worries onto her too much, but it's hard not to when she's always in trouble.

Boggart His mother being disappointed in him
Amortentia Crisp autumn air, freshly sanded wood, and blueberry pancakes
Patronus Rabbit
Wand Hazel, Dragon Heartstring, & 10.5 inches
Interests Music (plays piano & guitar & sings), traditional football, and Russian culture
Pet Peeve Shouting while on the phone and slow walkers
Habits Bouncing his leg, clenching his jaw, and writing on his forearm
Star Sign Virgo Sun
Dreams/Goals Getting signed by Alohomora Entertainment
Color Purple
Song Alexander 23 - Girl
Show The Bachelorette
Movie The Outsiders
Book The Outsiders
Food Fish and chips
Drink Honey lemon tea

· He has a slight lisp
· His mother used to teach him Russian words when he was little and while he doesn't remember many anymore, he is trying to teach himself and learn more about her culture
· When he was seven years old, he went over to the neighbor's house that he had a puppy crush on and found out she played the piano, so he started playing
· After learning how to play the piano, he started learning how to play the guitar and fell in love with it, making it his instrument of choice
· Over the summer before his sixth year at Hogwarts, he started a band with some of his friends
· His dream is to get signed for a music deal

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