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I've learned so much from my mistakes, I'm thinking of making a few more."

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May 1st














Magical UK


Sixth Year





Family Blood


Wand Core

Unicorn Hair

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losing his loved ones


Granian Winged Horse




I've learned so much from my mistakes, I'm thinking of making a few more."

petty insufferable puppy, unapologetic playboy, hahahaha idk what else made by Lexi.


yanan (pentagon)

Eye Color

Light Brown

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I've learned so much from my mistakes, I'm thinking of making a few more."

petty insufferable puppy, unapologetic playboy, hahahaha idk what else made by Lexi.

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Favorite Food

Rice (heh)

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Favorite Book

How Many Exes Is Too Many Exes?

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Sports, Dancing


Sleeping, Hexing, Yawning


English, Korean


Felix: Luck
Lee: N/A


Addi Lee


Christopher King

Full Siblings

Angela Lee (younger twin)

Half Siblings

Regina King (half-sister/cousin)


Lizabeth Lee(grandmother), Mike Lee(grandfather)




I've learned so much from my mistakes, I'm thinking of making a few more."

petty insufferable puppy, unapologetic playboy, hahahaha idk what else made by Lexi.

ENFJ. Felix is a very outgoing kid who tries to befriend anyone he makes eye contact with. His key personality traits are his great leadership and people skills, and his integrity and loyalty to those he cares about. He's never afraid to step forward to help anyone who's in need, and this appeals to many people, making him a fairly popular dude in his Year. Felix, like his name, is also very lucky. You heard about that Transfiguration quiz he completely forgot to study for? Well he got a B on it! You heard about that kid who tried to pick on him the other day? A huge flood came by today and destroyed his entire house! Haha just kidding. He wishes that would happen though.
Felix has lots of these really good and likable traits, but he also has some very questionable ones too. Ever since he was a young kid, Felix was known for being a handsome boy. The grandmas and grandpas in his muggle town would always remark about his face and say stuff like "You see, I bet ten coins that that kid would grow up to be a heartthrob and break women's hearts!". Well, they were right, but the thing is Felix is actually bisexual and is on his road to breaking both MEN and women's' hearts, not just girls'. As much as Felix is loyal to those around him, he also has issues with keeping commitments. That's er..why he breaks so many people's hearts. He gets bored easily. Felix tries to improve himself on that after his last boyfriend cussed him out over text after they broke up. RIP.
Even though Felix's outgoing personality easily deceives others into thinking Felix is a confident person, it's actually otherwise. Felix is often very doubtful of himself and has lots of personal regret and insecurities, which all mainly sprouted from the bad parenting he received from his parents, particularly his father Christopher. He still feels guilty for the way his parents treated him compared to Regina, and constantly feels the need to make up for it even when Regina has forgiven him already. He's also very perfectionistic, coming from the fact that his father would always screw him up over the smallest mistake he made and emotionally manipulated him whenever he did something he did not approve of. When he found out his father had been taking advantage of his naiveness, he developed trust issues and had lots of difficulties forging healthy relationships with his partners. That's also why he can't make commitments; you can commit to a romantic relationship when you can't trust your partner in the first place!





I've learned so much from my mistakes, I'm thinking of making a few more."

petty insufferable puppy, unapologetic playboy, hahahaha idk what else made by Lexi.

Felix King Lee, was born to a muggle-born witch named Addi Lee and a pure-blood father named Christopher. Due to personal issues between the two parents, Felix and his younger twin sister Angela were given their mother's surname, Lee.
Felix had always felt a huge unwanted burden on his shoulder even as a child. His father, Christopher, frankly hated his older half-sister, Regina. Felix grew up being told that he had to be better than his sister, that he had to outplay her in everything. Felix hated that. He hated the fact that he was constantly compared and evaluated as if he was some robot with no feelings to consider. He wanted to be free. To be himself Bold textand express who he really was, not be a simple toy for his father to play with. He loved dancing. He loved the way his body naturally reacted to the rhythm of any song that was within earshot, he loved the way the music just rippled through his body like he was born to just dance. But Christopher thought otherwise; he thought dancing was for girls who had nothing better to do. He banned any type of music to be played in the household, and forced his son to do nothing but study all day.
When Felix was nine, his first magical occurrence took place when he was defending his half-sister from the kids from school that picked on her. Wanting to make up for the guilt he felt because of his parent's clear bias and mistreatment, Felix stepped in front and defended his Regina. When the bullies taunted him about his father's mysterious whereabouts(since he was a wizard he was away from home and worked in the Wizarding World; his mother was a muggle witch and was a stay-at-home mom, so they were raised in a muggle town), saying shit like his father was cheating on his mother just like how he did with Regina's deceased mother. Felix had enough and out of pure anger and adrenaline, he had accidentally used magic to slam one of the bullies into the lockers and ended up getting suspended. Sadly, this was not the last time he had to defend his sister from the malicious rumors.
After Felix’s magical manifestation back when he was nine, his parents were sure that he was a wizard. When he hit the age of eleven, his Hogwarts letter came in through the door and Christopher’s perfectionistic parenting grew worse. Christopher started doing everything he can to financially burden his son(expensive materials, brand new uniforms, etc). Felix was horrified and felt even more "responsibility" to excel in academics and beat Regina. The thing was, Regina was a genius. A legit genius. She topped all her classes with excellent marks and finished her First Year as the top student among her entire peers. Teachers, even the headmaster, all praised and acknowledged Regina's brilliance, claiming she was the brightest witch they'd ever taught in years. How was Felix supposed to beat that? It didn't help the fact that Felix never had any interest in studying charms and reading books; he loved going outside and doing outside stuff. While his two sisters were inside reading books and being smart, he would typically be out in the field playing football!
During the first months of his First Year, Felix was making lots of friends as his outgoing personality was appealing to many peers. Everything was going great until the first test of the Year came up. Felix panicked more than studying and ended up failing it entirely, which almost made him repeat the year if it wasn't for the clear favoritism his teachers had(they loved his personality and didn't want him to fail). But oh boy, Christopher was furious. Regina had topped and gotten first place on the same test the year before, and Felix had completely bombed it! Felix felt like a disappointment and felt even more insecure. The happiness he gained from being at Hogwarts was suddenly replaced with worries about tests and exams. He started forcing himself to do whatever that pleased his father. He felt that that was the only way he would be approved by his father and not feel like an academic idiot he really was. He started studying for tests furiously and became a perfectionist.
Things were going normal up until his Fourth Year. He had been his daddy's good obedient boy, getting top grades on everything and associating with the "right" people at school. When he turned fifteen his hormones started being all weird and shit and he suddenly found boys really attractive. He became afraid of how he was changing and was too much of a wimp to confide in anyone. His father was deeply homophobic and close-minded, and Felix was afraid his father would pull him out of Hogwarts and force him into the things muggles did, something like "gay conversion camp" or whatever it was called. Felix was terrified. He fell into a deep state of turmoil and grew afraid of how he was starting to view other people. He drifted away from his friends, his twin, and basically everyone he was close to and became all alone, lost in his world and losing a grasp of himself. He started failing in school and became aggressive and hostile, venting out his frustration by lashing out and hurting the people he loved dearly. Felix didn't realize how much he changed or how his actions had affected his close ones. He felt guilty, he felt too much of a jerk to even be deserving of their apology. His depression grew worse. His grades started dropping. He lost interest in everything. His perfectionism and desire to please his father had withered away; how could he earn someone's approval if he couldn't approve of himself? Christopher noticed the drop in Felix's academic performance and demanded an explanation. Felix was done. He was done with being his father's little pet, being bossed around and treated like a lump of clay that could be forced into any form and shape. He was his own human. He had his own goals to achieve, and he was fed up with trying to achieve his father's goals for him. He was done staying inside the closet and being spoonfed such homophobic monstrosities his father wanted to engrave into his head. That night, right after the start of summer break, Felix confronted his father and broke free of the chain he was bounded to.
So yeah, Fourth Year was hell for Felix; he made a shit ton of mistakes and went through a ton of self-neglect and inner turmoil. He was determined to make things better and return to the same, confident guy he had always been once Fifth Year rolled in. He embraced his sexuality, his hobbies, and no longer cared about the nagging criticism from his father. He befriended new people, rekindled past friendships, and started going out more often and went to lots of parties. He fell into love, fell out of love. He made mistakes. Did some great stuff. Learned from his mistakes. Laughed and rejoiced at the great stuff he did. And most of all, he learned how to let things go when it was time. He started loving himself more and returned to the bright, optimistic Felix he always had been.
Now he is a sixteen year old Hogwarts Sixth Year.





I've learned so much from my mistakes, I'm thinking of making a few more."

petty insufferable puppy, unapologetic playboy, hahahaha idk what else made by Lexi.

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