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i s w a l l o w pills called baseless confidence [ gulp gulp ] — maybe i took so many, now i'm feeling more worried than confident [ brr brr brr brr ]e v e r y t h i n g is being changed, from one to ten [ more and more ] — the side effects kicking in against my will [ no no no no ]
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basic information

Full Name ||

Felix Joachim Jiyong Park-Zelmerlöw [Birth name]
Park Jiyong | 박지영 [Korean name]

Nicknames ||


Age ||


Birthday ||

2 April 2022

Zodiac Sign ||


Assigned Sex ||


Gender Identity ||


Sexual Orientation ||


Romantic Orientation ||


Relationship Status ||


Species ||

Human [Wizard]

Nationality ||


Ethnicity ||

Korean [paternal]
Swedish-Norwegian [maternal]

Birthplace ||

Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Current Location ||

magical information

Blood Status ||


Magical Education ||

Durmstrang Institute of Magic [Years 1-4]
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry [Years 5-7]

Year ||


Wand Wood ||


Wand Core ||

Unicorn Hair

Wand Length ||

14 inches

Patronus ||


Boggart ||

Being Kidnapped Again

Exotic? ||


Face Claim ||

Kim Seokwoo [Rowoon, SF9]

Hair ||

Black [Fluffy]

Eyes ||


Skin ||

Pallor Asian

Height ||

190.5 cm

Weight ||

73 kg

Body Frame ||


Tattoos ||


Piercings ||


Voice ||

Tenor [British-German accent]

Scent ||

Strawberry, Vanilla Bean, Lavender

felix joachim jiyong park-zelmerlöw is the baby of the family. a good decade younger than ilse, and half that for bastian. he came about fresh and early on an april morning in dortmund, germany. he was a chubby, happy baby - a clear delight for his parents, who had always meant for the family to be complete with him. even from birth, felix had such a charm that the entire park-zelmerlöw family couldn't help but to dote on him. from his korean grandmother's cooing at him at his first birthday to zelmerlöw aunts who spoiled him whenever the family visited sweden. no one could ever resist the toothy smiles that the cute toddler would give and all would laugh at his adorable antics. from the start, he was irresistible.

as he grew older, it was sort of expected that felix would fall into the family tradition of sports. by then, the park-zelmerlöw family had been known for their interactions with various sports. his mother agnetha was frequently gone as part of her job as an journalist for a quidditch magazine. from the smallest sunday games in bulgaria to the world cup in england, she was everywhere and no little detail of any game could escape her eyes. ilse liked to join her, whenever she wasn't winning medals for ice skating and boasting about participating in the olympics. his father yunho was a sports doctor for the family's local football team, borussia dortmund. basti was the pride and joy of their youth team, and was already being hailed as a future cristiano ronaldo or lionel messi.

but for felix, it was clear that he liked to go his own way. despite being almost literally in his genes, sports seems to be a mystery to him. sure, he could fly pretty well on a broomstick — but he much preferred to go off into the distance and look at other interesting things rather than catch a snitch. ilse kept on holding his hand whenever they went to go ice skating - despite that he was going to turn ten soon. felix couldn't at all understand why basti and his father considered it a bad thing to support real madrid - it's not his fault that borussia dortmund played horribly. nor why no one else would smile when they lost their youth matches - weren't they supposed to have fun? he always did no matter the result.

it became apparent that felix was more suited to other forms of entertainment. a book could keep him entertained for awhile. history interested him a lot, especially the wizarding wars. maybe he couldn't ice skate, but he could name all of voldemort's main death eaters from memory at age eight. he could play a few tunes here and there on the piano and clarinet. his voice was amazing at reaching whatever notes they required of him. ballet was pretty nice until he became almost too tall for it. and art, oh he excelled in art! fingers filled with paint and canvas filled with whatever caught his eyes. felix tried his hand at everything and anything that interested him, and it seemed to be that the arts were where his talents laid.

he engaged with his magical side often. despite loving his 'muggle-oriented activities', felix was also fascinated with what happened with magical things. he grew enthralled with watching potioneers do their work. his mother grew exasperated with having to find her wand in felix's hand every time she needed it. the thing about magic and felix is that they were perfectly content watching each other. felix could watch just about anyone in the world perform magic and never get bored. and magic looked at felix and his various projects and shenanigans, and decided to join in. throughout his childhood years, magic would play a huge part in appearing when felix needed it. his homework magically being done. an interesting book sneaking into his backpack at the library. the right color for his painting being found. it was these moments that eventually resulted into a letter from durmstrang when he was eleven years old.

whether or not he should even go to durmstrang was a hot topic of debate in his household. basti


Father ||

Park Yunho

Mother ||

Agnetha Zelmerlöw

Full Siblings ||

Ilse [older sister]
Bastian [older brother]

Half Siblings ||


Children ||


Other Relatives ||

Till Durm [brother-in-law]
Samuel and Tristan Durm [nephews]
Johanna Durm [niece]

Significant Other(s) ||

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Best Friend(s) ||

Friends ||

Acquaintances ||


Enemies ||

  • Felix suffers from PTSD and anxiety due to his kidnapping experiences.
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