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Finnick Belmont
Vital Information
Age 30
Birthday October 16
Race Wizard
Blood Pure-blood
Physical Information
Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Height 6'0"
Other Information
House Ex-Ravenclaw
Wand 12", Rosewood, Phoenix Feather
Wand Arm Left
Patronus Puma
Family Niele (Adopted daughter)
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Auror Badge

About Finnick...

Finnick Belmont is the Special Operations Co-Head for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the ministry of magic. He attended Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and wizardry.

However, he was brought up in Paris, France, until the age of ten. He got his wand in Paris, and He lived there with his Mother, Genevieve, and Father, Pierre. When he turned 10, they decided to move to England so that Finnick could have a better education.Finnick was sorted into Ravenclaw, and he had keen strengths in Flying, DADA, Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology and Ghoul Studies. From a young age, he knew what he wanted to become. An Auror.

Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)

He played quidditch for ravenclaw for six years, as a Chaser, and was Quidditch captain for three. Finnick was a prefect and head boy of Ravenclaw, and was always successful in what he did. He had huge aspirations, from a young age.

Finnick's parents supported him in becoming an Auror- they knew he had potential, and they both were Aurors. Because of this, Finnick got private training with them, in case he was ever attacked or in need of help.

One day, when Finnick was in his seventh year in Hogwarts, his parents were on a mission protecting the Muggle Prime Minister-Margaret Thatcher, the Iron lady herself. There was assassination plan for her, but Pierre got shot first, as he ducked in the way of the bullet to stop her being shot. Mrs Thatcher got away, and a few remaining Aurors tried to tackle the assassins. Only one survived, and it was not Genevieve. She was injured, and bled to death.

The news made Finnick's heart colder. He lived with his godfather for awhile, but moved out at the age of 20. He is still wary of muggles, but now he has gotten over the noble deaths of his parents.


  • Finnick was a Chaser on the Ravcenclaw Quidditch Team during his 2-7th Years in Hogwarts
  • His Patronus is a Puma
  • His family is of French Origin
  • He is married to Jaylyn Belmont
  • He was Head Boy in his Seventh Year of Hogwarts