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fletcher. just fletcher.


Birthday 12th december
Age 14
Status alive
Pronunciation FLEH-chuh
Family [redacted]
Handedness right
Gender male
Orientation questioning
Relationship single
Nationality canadian
Speaks english; french; basics of several others
Species human
Blood Status halfblood
Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown (natural)
blonde (dyed)
Height 5'9"
Model jack dylan grazer

Fletcher is not scruffy, thank you very much. He's just- not tidy. Much of the "neat as a pin" rhetoric of his father didn't have much impact on him, and he values comfort and functionality over constantly being dressed up - hence why pretty much none of his clothes fit him. That and he's just a generally scrawny kid, standing at a healthy 5'9" and weighing about as much as a sack of flour. Moving around a lot didn't help in the growth department. In the face, Fletcher looks far more like his mother: jet-black hair rather than the sleek blonde of his dad, though it's currently bleached (poorly) to attempt some sort of disguise. His eyes are his father's, though, dark brown and bottomless. The outfits are... a choice, let's say - that's what happens when your clothes are picked up from various thrift stores and discount outlets, but at least it gives him character. Oh, and he loves his beret.
Oh man, where does he begin? At first, Fletcher had no real clue that his father was- well, his father. As far as he was concerned, he was an only child living with his mother in a grotty apartment in Quebec, a single-parent scenario while his father, a "petty criminal", showed up from time to time with a new scar and some sort of expensive gift that had always definitely been stolen. Few and far between, his father's reappearances became an event; he was the perfect image of that scene in every coming-of-age movie, sat on the kerb waiting for a car that rarely pulled up. Still, the first few years of his childhood were pretty uneventful compared to what would follow later. He and his mother weren't poor by any means, especially since they usually sold whatever his father brought home and would occasionally receive money directly from him, but they weren't affluent either. Magic wasn't really in the picture, considering his mother was a Muggle - though Fletcher was aware of its existence through his father, who most certainly was magic and enjoyed showing it off, he had little-to-no opportunity to ever practise it. Why would he? As far as his parents were concerned, he was just a normal kid. The magic must have skipped a generation, as his father started showing signs back when he was five years old and Fletcher passed that mark without event. Hence, he was just going to be average. Ugh. How boring.

That was, until, his father showed up in the middle of the night and told them both to pack a bag. To this day, Fletcher isn't exactly sure what even happened, but all he knows is that it involved pissing off some very powerful wizards in some very high places, and they knew where his family lived. It was a rush of a job and Fletcher barely remembers it, staggering around half-asleep at seven years old with a Spongebob backpack on his shoulders. To make matters even more complicated, his total lack of magical ability at that age meant he couldn't Apparate anywhere, and neither could his mother; they ended up at YQB airport and, to try and muddy their trail, he and his mother caught separate flights to Tennessee (decided by Fletcher choosing a random number between 1 and 50) while his father Apparated to the airport to meet them. Fletcher's plane arrived last, and when he got there, only his father greeted him. The questions about the whereabouts of his mother were never answered. They still haven't been. He tries not to think about it too much.

The next few years were an absolute whirlwind. No magical abilities showed, so every three months there was a new flight to a new country. He's lived everywhere: it's a fun bragging right, being so well-travelled before the age of eleven, though he quickly learned to not get attached to any people or places. It was by this point the lack of magic was becoming an issue; his father balked at the thought of having a squib for a son, especially considering the history of his family line, and so was delighted when Fletcher managed to produce a few sparks at the age of ten. They were nothing, really - a few flickers of light coming from his palm - but they were enough to prove that the magic hadn't just skipped an entire generation. And then, on his eleventh birthday, the letter for Ilvermorny came. They were in Virginia at the time, and despite the lack of any further magical abilities showing up since the sparks, Fletcher was shipped off to school as soon as the date came around. Neither of them were particularly enthusiastic about the idea - his father disliked the idea of Fletcher being so secured and easy to find, while Fletcher loathed being away from the parent who he'd spent the past few years practically glued to. Unsurprisingly, the first two years at school were pretty worthless; his magic was crap, he didn't want to make friends and the school was boring. Then third year arrived. As did some actual talent, for once.

Another move prompted Fletcher to transfer schools to Hogwarts at the start of his third year. His father was unusually insistent, treating it like some sort of chess move and claiming Fletcher was bound to be safe there because "they wouldn't expect it" - whoever they are - and thankfully, Fletcher started actually improving his magical abilities. Maybe it was the change of scenery that prompted it. Whatever it was, he's enjoying Hogwarts so far - the landscape is nicer, there's so much more to do and best of all, there's a lake full of giant creatures. Even if he's only going to stay here for a little while, he's at least going to have fun.
It's difficult to form any real sense of commitment when you're constantly moving from place to place. As a result, Fletcher is the epitome of a devil-may-care attitude; he's learned that there is no point in putting roots down and getting attached, to people or environments, and it has left him with a chronic sense of irresponsibility. You'd think years of warnings from his father about his visibility and being careful would stick, and for the first few years they did, but things have changed since he transferred school. His father's assailants have no reason to believe him a Hogwarts student, believing him to be a squib, and it's lulled Fletcher into somewhat of a false sense of security - his guard doesn't come down too easily, still retaining enough common sense to keep his name and personal details secret, but everything else has become a little loose. If he's truly safe here, then surely he doesn't need to be too worried? And besides, Hogwarts is cool. Way better than Ilvermorny. If he has to stay here, he's going to have fun.

And fun indeed is what Fletcher's life revolves around. His newfound "freedom", if you can call it that, hit him like a ton of bricks, and when offered to him alongside a huge magical castle surrounded by dangerous woodland and a million secret passageways and surrounding communities, of course he's going to go exploring. Impulsivity doesn't even begin to cover it. He'll happy walk out of a lesson because of a lightbulb moment to climb the Whomping Willow or run away to Lincliff, and he won't think twice of climbing the fence to a magical creatures compound to pet the animals. Hell, he'll do somersaults on the edge of the Astronomy Tower for the rush. His upbringing would have forced anybody else to grow up prematurely, and in some senses it has, but Fletcher is very much still a kid at heart - even more so, considering a lot of magical opportunities were denied when he was a little kid. Now he's just catching up on what he's missed. He could be a bit more careful about it, though.

Lacking any real concept of consequences has consequences of its own. As well as a very healthy dose of main character syndrome from the Big Secret he has (and kind of enjoys having), he lies like there's no tomorrow. I mean, most of his existence is a lie, so he might as well build on that, right? It's not like he'll be staying here for long. But that also makes him a very good secret keeper. Believe it or not, Fletcher knows what loyalty is; he'd live and die by his father's word and that extends to any friends who get particularly close. You can actually trust him with stuff. Partly because he's forgetful as hell and there's a good chance he won't even remember what you say, but mostly because he is surprisingly good at supporting people - he wants people to have as much fun as he does, and that isn't possible if they have loads on their minds.

It would be easy to call Fletcher immature, and maybe he is. Moving all around the world has been more a fun road trip than it has a constant escape from whoever his father pissed off, and for as long as he sees it that way, his attitudes are unlikely to change. After all, Hogwarts is just another stopping point before his father reappears and they set off somewhere else. It's not like he's going to be stuck here forever, right? So he might as well enjoy it.
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Boggart being trapped
Amortentia pastries; white chocolate; his father
Patronus field mouse
Interests circus acts; exploring; video games
Pet Peeve frigidity and intolerance
Habits ignoring plans; shouting out in class
MBTI entp-a
Star Sign sagittarius
Dreams/Goals get out of hogwarts lmao
Color blue
Song what makes you beautiful
Show spongebob squarepants
Movie peter pan
Book the hunger games
Food burgers
Drink cola

-"fletcher" isn't his real name, of course.
- he's an amazing gymnast, and is constantly doing flips or handstands to entertain himself.
- he's constantly injured, and is littered in small scars from adventuring gone wrong.
- his sense of direction is somewhat lacking, and he gets lost in the castle pretty much every day.
- he's extremely good at impersonating accents and voices.
- in the rare moments where he's chilled out and quiet, he enjoys stargazing.
- he started bleaching his hair long before his magic showed up and still does it, rather than use a spell, so his hair is somewhat fried.
- he's genuinely afraid of growing up.
- he's a diehard pokemon fan.
- he likes old disney movies, though if you ask, he only watches horror films.
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