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Joe Alwyn


Birthday 23 July 2020
Age 25
Status Alive
Pronunciation FLOW-Riy-aaN
Family older sister #1, older sister #2, brother-in-law, nephew, niece
Handedness Right
Gender Male (cis)
Orientation Heterosexual, Heteroromantic
Relationship Single
Nationality American
Speaks English
Species Wizard
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Eye Color Hazel/Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'2
Model Joe Alwyn

Florian looks nothing like his sisters. They have dark hair, he's blond. They have dark eyes, he has blue eyes. It's put his legitimacy under intense scrutiny, but Florian has never really doubted he's a Yaxley. The only thing these comments have accomplished is make him insecure and fill him with self-doubt that has plagued him consistently throughout the years. It's spurred him to take better care of himself and his image, wearing full suits, keeping his hair slicked back, never really allowing himself to value comfort over how respectable he looks. His FC is Joe Alwyn.
Joe Alwyn 2
The Yaxley Family has been around for a fairly long time. They were relevant during the 1300s, fraternizing with the nobility, during the 1600s, spreading out to America and wreaking havoc wherever they could, and certainly throughout the 1900s, closely affiliated to the likes of Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort himself when they tried to take over the United Kingdom. The Yaxley family remains notorious for their torture methods and infamous for their uncanny tradition of dominating occlumency. They were fierce and unflinchingly loyal to their ideals, a detail that hasn't withered as time has progressed, even if their values have.

In his nearly 100 years alive, Alphard Yaxley has never failed to live up to the expectations imposed by his direct ancestors. He's honored the Yaxley ideals in everything he has done, from establishing a cult revering Merlin himself, to ensuring his family lineage remains pure of muggles or anyone that seems otherwise unfavorable to their reputation. By all means, because they were one of the few remaining absolutely pure-blooded families, he saw his family as the highest authority in the wizarding world, and felt they should be treated as such.

Back in his times, it wasn’t uncommon to see a Yaxley involved in politics one way or another. Close to all of Alphard's children - at least those he publicly recognized as his own - had some level of control in the Ministry. Though never holding a high-ranking office, their wealth and formidable reputation gave them a hand in influencing others and manipulating the political climate to favor them and all their ambitions. To Alphard, this kind of power meant everything; especially for a family who, in spite of his best efforts, saw their power dwindling as they entered a new era of progress. Consequently, his children’s lives flew by being groomed for more power.

Alphard accepted nothing short of perfection from all his kids, and this continues to hold true with the few grandchildren that still affiliate themselves with him. The majority of his children were fine with it, truth be told. They attended etiquette classes, appeared at high-profile galas and balls, and only frolicked with children from other Sacred 28 families - or at least those the Yaxleys didn't perceive as 'blood traitors'. Most marriages were arranged, though only some of them were truly 'successful', and not necessarily in the way Alphard and wife Cedrella Yaxley (née Rowle) foresaw.

The heir to the family name and fortune, Alpheus Eldritch Yaxley, attended Hogwarts, having been sorted into Ravenclaw. Although uncommon, it wasn't something his parents couldn't cope with. He had enviable grades, joined the quidditch team as Keeper, and bore the title of prefect during fifth and sixth years and Head Boy during seventh. During the course of his time at Hogwarts, he did many things and met many people, but none like Astoria Nott. She, like him, was forced to live a life she didn't want. Their betrayal seemed inevitable, and their union only solidified it.

Astoria Nott and Alpheus Yaxley were best friends, first and foremost, and to this day many believe their marriage has lasted longer than any of his other siblings' because the affection was there long before their families decided marriage would be the best thing for their status. Although his family is blissfully unaware of this fact, Alpheus continues to be grateful for one of the few things his family ever did for him: push him towards Astoria. Their wedding ceremony was as big and flashy as you'd have expected from two families known for their dramatics, with Porteus Nott as Best Man and Vanusia Yaxley as Maid of Honor.

Alpheus and Astoria, now Mr. and Mrs. Yaxley, had the honeymoon of a lifetime. Not even their return and subsequent load of responsibilities dampened their happiness. Until that fateful day came, where Alphard Yaxley murdered Alpheus' younger brother Archer Yaxley and demanded the silence of the rest of his children. He was a blood traitor, in love with a man below all of them; a muggle. This didn't rest well with Alphard, who for so long had groomed his family into perfection. And this - this just wasn't the kind of people Alpheus would want to raise his children surrounded by. Astoria was eight months pregnant; they still had time to flee. So they did.

Alpheus and Astoria disappeared into the wind the day after Archer's death. Their parents had nothing to go off of to find them, other than a written concession declaring Rodolphus Yaxley the new heir to the family fortune. They moved to the USA - Boston, more specifically - where they had their four children. Eleni, Kaia, Florian and not-Imogen Yaxley. When they were settled in Boston, Alpheus opened a store selling pyrotechnics, largely as it was one of the last careers anyone who knew them would suspect as their main source of income. Astoria helped around, but she was mostly a stay at home mother who occasionally dropped by to oversee delivery day and whatnot.

His family’s need to squander every rumor that they were as bad as the rest of the Yaxley family played a big role in Florian’s upbringing. He got everything he wanted growing up, no doubt about that, and he enjoyed spending his days with his family at the shop, but when you have a last name known for its classist, supremacist views, you’re bound to be roughened up a bit when you’re growing up. Eleni and Kaia were eight and seven years older than him; they weren’t really any help. Not-Imogen wasn’t going to be any help, either; the age gap between them wasn’t very big, and to be honest, having his older sister come to his rescue would have done more damage than actually helped him.

Attending the same elementary school as other children that ran in similarly elite circles didn’t make matters easier for Florian. The constant teasing about his family, the uncomfortable questions and the hostility teachers treated him with was exhausting. Every day, he went straight into his bedroom when he wasn’t helping at the shop and just slept his days away, too hurt and frustrated to even want to interact with his family. There was a time where he grew really resentful, too. In his eyes, they should’ve changed their last name if they really wanted a clean slate - anything that stopped all the hurtful comments and whispers behind his back. Unfortunately, in the following years, the bullying escalated.

It didn’t help that Florian was a seemingly late bloomer. Most kids his age were able to advance into theoretical magic whereas Florian was forced to keep on learning basic maths and muggle history simply because nothing was able to trigger his magic. Between that and the fact that he didn’t really look like his family, his blonde hair and lighter eyes standing out from his sisters’ darker hair and eyes, rumors started piling up that he wasn’t even a true Yaxley. If he were, maybe he’d have had his magic already, right? Well, Florian never really believed those rumors, but young as he was, they certainly did play a factor in his self-confidence.

Unbeknownst to any of them, Florian’s magic had already manifester by the time he was two. The incidents were too small to notice because they weren’t emotionally charged; early blooming flowers, greener grass, sunnier days; that was all Florian. Eventually, when he was ten, his hope began to dwindle very rapidly about being able to go to Ilvermorny. His desperation resulted in him doing anything to trigger his magic. Get in trouble, pick fights - anything that could lead to an explosive manifestation. It didn’t work. He got several broken noses and black eyes, but no magic… until it happened, just how he wanted.

Per usual, his biggest tormentors, Wyatt and Grayson, were making their rounds around the Yaxley’s store; they usually just took what they wanted and left Florian scrambling to try and put together the money to cover everything his classmates had stolen, but this time he figured enough was enough. He confronted them and it resulted in him getting his nose broken again, but rather than staying down, he leapt at them again and - well, one thing led to another, and he ended up lighting most fireworks on fire. The damages were extensive, but it wasn’t anything magic couldn’t fix and their insurance couldn’t reimburse; the bullying stopped pretty much immediately, and people were a lot more wary of the aggressive little Yaxley boy.

When he started at Ilvermorny, he remained a pariah. His sisters had amassed quite the reputation on their own, and all Florian had to work with was being their little brother. Kaia, Eleni and Not-Imogen had their own circles, but Florian was the kind of kid that ate lunch in an abandoned office and worked on his homework until he went to sleep. He didn’t really develop any kind of social life until well into his third year, and only then, it was because he was accepted for an exchange program and spent the second semester at Te Wai. He fit in well with the students there, and the experience was so nice that he spent the second semester of his fourth year at Nusantara, and the second of his sixth year at Anansi’s.

Eventually, his family did realize Florian was thriving overseas and not having as much of a good time at Ilvermorny. He begged and pleaded for a transfer, but fortunately, it was around then that Alpheus and Astoria decided to relocate to the UK, where Kaia and Eleni had also relocated. It made the decision to transfer to Hogwarts very easy, from where he graduated a year later as a Hufflepuff. As soon as he graduated, Florian found a job in the Department of Transportation within the Portkey Office. As the years progressed, he was transferred to the Floo Network Authority and later the New Operations division. There, he really thrived, to the point he eventually worked his way into the Directing Office for the NOD.

Although he's been innovating the wizarding world through transportation, he's been wanting something a little more... different.
Being a part of the Ministry comes with high ambitions and expectations. Florian definitely checks that box; he's incredibly goal-oriented and tends to be a bit of a workaholic, always striving for the best results through endless hours of work. Regrettably, with the experience and ambition he has, there's a part of him who is condescending at work, though it often cancels out with his constant support towards those he works with. Truth be told, while it may seem like he is only trying to find perfection in his work space, it’s a lot more centered around searching for perfection in himself. He’s overly self-critical, and he’s wary of his own doings in a somewhat obsessive-like manner. Not only a perfectionist, Florian is a professional of asking questions. He’s a skeptic at heart, and his frequent doubting makes him more cautious, choosing to avoid risks where harm could be done. He finds a certain peace in going the safe route. Why add the possibility of danger when there were other options? As they like to say, slow and steady always wins the race.

Florian’s idealism strays beyond his work environment as well. It isn't to say he wants to go back towards the olden ages — too much disgusting behaviors and mindsets — but he definitely does have the tendency to what to look at the better parts of history and aspire to emulate them in some kind of way. He's a romantic, for one, and hopelessly so; he hopes of one day settling down with a person he’s in love with, of raising a family, of embodying the dreams of his youth. Although, the fact of the matter is, his romantic side often stays inside the safe bubble in his head, as he tends to become anxious of the idea of pursuing a relationship in reality. Due to a mix of born introvertism and a history of bully encounters in school, he’s quiet amongst large crowds or unfamiliar places. He’s slick at staying unnoticed when he wants to be, and is rarely the type to start a conversation. He gets easily flustered around strangers in the sort of way that makes him red in the cheeks and has him overanalyzing all his words. In his head, sometimes it feels better to have missed an opportunity rather than attempting at it and failing in the most miserable way possible.

Really, Florian is pure of heart. His actions are driven by the morality of them, considering how he may affect others for better or worse. His thoughts and words express his rootedness in empathy. He’s the type of person to volunteer in hospitals or donate to good causes; not for the sake of forming a worthy image, but because he cares enough to do so. He’s open-minded and puts a lot of weight behind acceptance. His kindness goes as far as to putting generosity as a priority above all else. He'll give, give, and give for as long as there’s someone that is willing to take. He prefers to be the person offering rather than the one receiving, which has led to times of self-neglect. Florian’s compassionate personality is long traced back to being the youngest sibling and learning from his sisters. They all played some kind of a motherly figure role that shared unintentional, impromptu lessons on the differences of right and wrong. He observed their experiences, choices, and actions, and he absorbed them the same way others did with their personal role models. Truthfully, who he is today is thanks to them.
Joe Alwyn 3

Boggart Feeling of solitude
Amortentia Old book pages, coffee
Patronus TBA
Wand TBA
Interests TBA
Pet Peeve tba...
Habits tba...
Star Sign Leo
Dreams/Goals Becoming Minister
Color Dark blue
Song We Didn't Start The Fire
Show Band of Brothers
Movie The Purge
Book 12 Angry Men
Food Beef Brisket Burgers
Drink Firewhiskey

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