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Forian von der Lüne
Blood Status
Human, Wizard
This character is roleplayed by SoA.

Florian von der Lüne is a first year Ravenclaw Student at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Florian has a small frame, he's very skinny and you can tell that sports has never been his forte. He's got pale skin, a mop of brown hair that he's usually combed to the side, and bad eyesight, for which he wears a pair of dark tortoiseshell rimmed glasses.

Florian dresses quite smartly, as per his upbringing. He usually wears a shirt-jumper combo, and sometimes even a blazer on top. His parents raised him to always 'look the part', so he always is very careful with how he presents himself visually. Sometimes he gets teased for looking too nerdy, but he's okay with that.

Florian von der Lüne was born to Audric and Freida von der Lüne. The von der Lüne family hailed from Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, and had historically been in command of the River Lüne, which is where they got their name. Audric and Freida were wealthy couple, but not quite as rich as their family history. You see, the von der Lünes (tr. 'of the Lune River) were a Noble family who had always been very well established for being stewards of Lünesburg and the river. From the early Medieval and Hanseatic periods, they looked after the town and the trade, that went to and from the river. Thus, they became known as the family of the River. As time went by, and the idea of nobility died in Germany, the von der Lünes became masters of commerce, merchants. They created a monopoly within Lünesburg, controlling what went in, and what came out. This way, they remained in control of the village.

All was well, until Audric became of a suitable age to marry. His parents wished for him to marry a girl from a rival business as his older brother, Elfric, had. However, Audric had other plans. His childhood sweetheart, Freida, and him were madly in love. When Freida told him that she was pregnant with his child, they decided that the best plan would be to elope, and leave the pressures of the family behind.

And so, Audric and Freida moved to the south of England, specifically Torquay, Devon. Florian was born, and he loved the little seaside town. Everything from the creaking floorboards of their detached manor house, to the cries of the gulls and the smell of the sea after a thunderstorm. Florian was a curious child, displaying his first sign of magic at six, when he dropped an icecream on the sand in the beach. Instead of crying, he just held his hand out, and the ice cream levitated back into his hand. At this point, his parents were aware of him being a wizard.

Therefore, it was no shock nor surprise when Florian received an acceptance letter to Hogwarts when he turned eleven. Florian was sorted into Ravenclaw house.

Florian has taken a keen interest in reading, especially muggle books on the weather. Living in a coastal English town, he is subject and familiar to the weirdest of weather, and more than anything he wants to know how it works, and how to predict it. Therefore, he reads a lot of science-y books, especially in the dark, thus resulting in him requiring glasses to help correct his vision.

Florian is very unassuming. But don't let this fool you. He's very quick witted and sarcastic. One wrong move, and he'll pick up on it easily, and make a joke out of it. He doesn't always do this, but is known to have made some excellent snide remarks every now and then.

He's usually very passive, but when threatened or irritated, he's been known to have quite a temper. This is also because he can be quite impulsive, and on occasion say things without thinking. This is something he's working on, though.



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  • His patronus is a Kittiwake
  • His wand is Beech with Coral as the Core. It is 11 & 3/4".
  • He has the following amortentia smells: muggy beach air, rainwater and rock salt
  • His model is Louis Hynes
Handedness Right
Sexual and Romantic Orientation ????whO KNOWs
Relationship Status Single
Pets None
Favourite Songs T-Shirt Weather by Circa Waves
Riptide by Vance Joy
Favourite Colours Blue
Favourite Sweet Candy Rock
Most Treasured Possession His Omnioculaurs
Where to Find Them Library/Ravenclaw Common Room


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