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Flynn has nine siblings - Simon, Liam, Oliver, Freya, Beatrice, Amelia, Francis, Alfred and Arthur. Whilst he could tell that his mother was no less thrilled upon his birth than she had been on any of theirs, it was known that he was an accident, an unintended child, and the upkeep of ten children was an impossibility. After giving his mother some money to help keep the rest of us alive, Simon, Liam, Oliver and Freya left the house - they had all graduated - his mother was forty-six upon his birth. Shortly afterward, Amelia followed suit to pursue her career. He has never been too close to any of them, except Francis, Freya and Amelia.

The entire family reunited to see him every once in a while,but the crowd often left him intimidated and set him crying, loudly. Nobody but my parents really acknowledged this. By the time he was four he was a stubborn little mule, and Beatrice drifted further and further from the family because of his being an 'annoyance' to her, eventually moving to France with a friend,citing him as her reason. Had he been old enough he would have called her a hypocrite - she herself had dabbled in such things. He does, these days, call her the hypocrite of the family when he must speak of her.

Francis, Alfred, and Arthur loved him, playing airplanes and superheroes with him a lot. This troublesome foursome - including him, even though they were trying to be heroes, we always ended up destroying something - were often blamed for all the chaos in the house, and were to blame, but not if his father burnt the toast, which he often did.

He was left by himself when his brothers Alfred and Arthur got their letters. He got himself an imaginary friend called Kieran, and his twin Kurt. They were superheroes, and that's where the obsession blossomed. He let his imagination run wild and did pranks with his friends, admiring how they never got caught, and saved invisible cats from trees. He began to read comic books, play video games and watch movies - which he became quite the fan of.

Flynn grew out of his imaginary friends when he got his letter, apparently he was too old for them and they needed new friends. But sometimes, he used to be sure he saw them checking on him. Now his life is filled with friends like Raven, Oscar, Rin, and Niele, they're definitely gone now. He's never been happier than he is now, however. He dated Raven but she broke it off, he feels better now and is dating Rin Chambers.


Flynn is quite an awesome person, if he says so himself. Which of course, he is saying himself, all of the time. He's a Gryffindor, just like all nine of his siblings - please don't ask him to list them all, he's already fed up of doing that. It is a real downer when there is a page about you and somebody asks about somebody else. Anyway, Flynn Matthews, an Englishman - or Englishboy, is that the word?, living in Glasgow, Scotland. You can find his family all about, U.S, U.K, Brazil...all sorts of places where you'd never expect to find them.

He's in love with comic books, superheroes, Dragon Quest IX and almost every Muggle movie you ever saw on a shelf. He's a keen comic book reader, an excellent drawer, and he sometimes draws his own with his own superhero as the starring character, and his friends as the sidekicks. There is at least one hot girl in every one. There's ALWAYS a hot girl in superhero comics and movies, unless it's a heroine in which case there's a hot guy. Well, there's always an infatuated character anyhow, he thinks.

He can be very arrogant, and knows how to crack a joke. Often an unintentional flirt, like his siblings. Flynn is very funny, and a bit of a prankster, but is often immature - when his friends are upset, however, he can be very serious. There's a sensitive side to him that is unsure of himself, he hides it so well he's unaware of its existence.









"if opportunity doesn't knock, get the keys to the bulldozer."

Flynn Alfred Matthews
RPer Lilly Mara
Age 16
Birthday July 12
Nationality British
Ethnicity British
Species Wizard
Blood Pure-Blood
Orientations Pansexual/Panromantic
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Faceclaim Alexander Ludwig
Height 5'10
Schooling Hogwarts
Year Sixth
Occupation Gryffindor Student
Wand {{{wand}}}
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Lion.
Boggart His siblings and friends dying while he is forced to watch.
Affiliation(s) Matthews family; Gryffindor; Hogwarts; Aevitas
Location Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Most influenced by Raven Briar
Languages English,


Model: Alexander Ludwig

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