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Flynn Petterson

Gryffindor Alumni
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Basic Information
AGE 26
MODEL Nick Bateman

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Flynn was born in Oslo, Norway to a humble family. His parents weren't anything special and were honestly scraping by when he was born, but he was an added joy into his parent's life. Growing up was a bit of an adventure since he grew up on a farm some miles outside of Oslo, and his family was kind and caring. His childhood was honestly that of a dream, save for all the farm chores he had to do.

Life was simple and great, and Flynn was more excited when he got a baby brother. Ryder was a welcome addition to their small family, and the two brothers were always together. Flynn's magic was brought to light when he was 7 years old and playing outside with his brother, they were climbing a tree and Ryder fell out from the highest branch. Thanks to Flynn's magic he saved him from crashing into the earth, otherwise, Ryder would have died.

Though when Flynn turned 10 everything changed, some would say for the better and others would say for worse. Flynn's father had won the lottery, and not just any lottery but the jackpot lottery. He won (in American money) $930 million dollars which brought the family out of poverty and into the rich high life, which for the parents was a wonderful change but it was hard on Flynn.

They moved from their small farm to a huge house in the highlands of Norway in a rich, fancy neighborhood where their father ended up getting a job at an office and their mother went off to work as well. Leaving the two boys to be raised by maids and nanny's and be sent off to private school instead of homeschool, Flynn's world was flipped upside down and he hated it.

Flynn went from a sweet, cute little boy to a hotheaded angsty teenager who kept people at arm's length and didn't talk to anyone except his brother. Flynn only joined the Quidditch team so he could fly and hit a ball to get his frustrations and anger out, he resented his parents and he wanted to go back to life on the farm. He watched as his brother got roped into the popular crowd and slowly changed, and Flynn tried his best not to get sucked into the high lifestyle that his family was being swallowed by.

Hogwarts was a blessing and curse for Flynn, he loved the classes and learning but he hated the popular crowds. Gryffindor house was like the top of the ladder, leaving Hufflepuff at the bottom where his brother was. Flynn hated all the little cliques and groups, and just ignored mostly everyone. His teenage years were a struggle, and every day he thought of running away somewhere far to escape it all.

During his 6th year of Hogwarts, he met a Professor that changed his life around and gave Flynn something to hold on too. The Professor was a potions professor who also happened to be a retired police officer and Flynn took interest in that, of course, he was probably the only student who was planning on going into a muggle job but he didn't care.

His whole 6th year of Hogwarts was a ride, mixed with figuring out his sexuality and his career, some ups and downs with his family and even a fling or two with a student and even his potions professor . But it was all worth it and helped shape him as a person for good and even a little bit for bad.

After graduating he got a job in America to work in Miami, Florida, and after some years of working there and getting somewhat successful with his job, he moved back to London where he's decided to try and hone his skills. He doesn't know what he wants to do with his life yet, but he's intrigued to see where it'll take him.



Flynn is a suave, cool and sexy guy who knows how to flirt and get what he wants with a flash of a smile. Everyone who sees him knows that he has an aura of importance that he carries about. He makes sure he has the best outfit on, hair done perfectly and teeth straight and pearly white. The only issue with this is this isn't how he is behind the scenes, but there's no way he'll show anyone his true personality.

Flynn behind closed doors is a movie fanatic and junk food addict. He loves to lay in his bed and watch rom-coms all day snuggled up with his dog and snacking away on unhealthy foods. If he could he'd live out of a van on the side of the river, but he just can't bring himself to do it. He needs to show the world that he's a cool guy, that he's suave and sleeps around and doesn't care about anyone.

Honestly? Flynn is a decent human being with morals and a righteous agenda, the only thing if he feels like no one will accept him if he tries to be different so that's why he fits in with the stereotype of his looks. Being hot and handsome means he has to sleep around and be fit and never show his emotions or cry, and he hates it. But it's been so ingrained into him that he can't change, not unless he has someone to help him.

Flynn stays alone because it's easier that way and there's no one he has to impress. He has a dog because he feels it's the only living thing he doesn't have to hold a standard against. He can be himself when he's alone, and he can enjoy his life when he's behind closed doors. He honestly doesn't know if he can open up to another human being, because his fear might keep him from being honest. Flynn is scared to show his true emotions and feelings and way of life to anyone but his dog, because he doesn't want to be judged.

Overall if someone were to get Flynn to trust them enough and get to the level where he feels safe with them, then Flynn would open up. But it's been too long since he's had someone like that, that he doesn't know if it's mentally possible for him to let go. He doesn't know if he can be vulnerable, and it's something that's going to take a lot of work to break down with love and gentle hands.


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FATHER Jon Petterson
MOTHER Camilla Hagen
SIBLINGS Ryder Petterson, Eugene Petterson (Younger Brothers)
RELATIVES Grandparents and various cousins
WAND Ebony
BOGGART Giant Spider
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Gryffindor
LOCATION London, England
FAVE FOOD Chili Fries
FAVE SONG Mine by Bazzi


Eugene Petterson
His little brother surely is a thorn in his side and Flynn wishes he could slap some sense into him. He's frustrated with the way Eugene turned out, and has honestly tried to cut all ties with him until he gets his act together.


Prince Ronan of Windsor
Flynn is really starting to like Ronan, and can't wait to see where their relationship goes. He's a little nervous to open up to the Prince, and has been holding back a little for fear of rejection.


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Flynn Glasses
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