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Fontaine — Profile
fontaine eun.
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fontaine haeyeol eun is the eldest son of monaco's princess consort. he is also known as solaire of the boy group insomnia.

●● updates

left mahoutokoro
got scouted by silencio records
trained for like a year or so
debuted in insomnia as soliare

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status active
owner maknaelivi
coder aceofaegi
inspiration square two by pohroro

Fontaine — Gif 1
●● basic information

Full Name ||

Fontaine Haeyeol Eun
Eun Haeyeol | 은해열

Meaning Behind Name ||

Fontaine — Derived from Old French fontane meaning well, fountain, a derivative of Latin fons.
Haeyeol — His Korean name, which also serves as his legal middle name. The name Haeyeol consists of the Sino-Korean characters Hae (海) meaning sea and Yeol (烈) meaning fierce.
Eun — A Korean surname deriving from the Sino-Korean character Eun (殷) meaning flourishing.

Nicknames ||


Age ||


Birthday ||

18 June 2021

Assigned Sex ||


Gender Identity ||


Sexual Orientation ||


Romantic Orientation ||


Nationality ||


Ethnicity ||


Species ||

Human (Wizard)

Birthplace ||

Busan, South Korea

Hometown ||

Larvotto, Monaco

Accent ||


Marital Status ||


●● physical info
To him, his best feature is his eyes.

Hair ||

Short and black. Neat, always.

Eyes ||

Dark brown, has a certain depth to it.

Skin ||

Soft and smooth, free of any blemishes.

Height ||

5'8 | 173 cm

Body Frame ||

Short, faintly muscular

Tattoos ||


Piercings ||


Dominant hand ||


Voice ||


Scent ||

Bergamot, tonic water and Himalayan cypress

Face Claim ||

Do Kyungsoo | D.O, EXO

●● magical info

Blood Status ||


Magical Education ||

Hogwarts | Gryffindor

Year ||


Wand ||

Yew and Dragon Heartstring, Ten Inches

Boggart ||


Patronus ||


Amortentia ||


Exotic? ||

Fontaine — Gif 2
●● personality

Likes ||


Dislikes ||


Loves ||


Loathes ||


Passions ||


Fontaine's background has left him with a certain need to be acknowledged and deep-rooted insecurity. These two issues have influenced nearly all of his personality traits in the present day. With the clean cut words and carefully constructed image, he easily plays the part of the well mannered prince despite not being one. Conversation tires him out easily, but he makes an effort to be sociable and witty because he believes that those traits make him more likable. He hides all of his negative feelings behind positive emotions, unwilling to drive anyone away with them. Fontaine knows the social game, and he plays it well enough because he wants to feel loved, he wants to feel cherished, and he wants to feel important. His natural charisma and charm aid him greatly, but the introverted Fontaine suffers under his mask of perfection.

In reality, Fontaine is a quiet and shy type that prefers keeping to himself. He's a sentimental type that cares deeply about others and feels with every inch of his body. He enjoys domestic activities and would honestly be more suited to a introverted life. Although insecure in nearly every aspect of his life, he is passionate about singing. That is the one thing in his entire life that he is confident about. It is the one thing that belongs to his true self that is praised by everyone he meets. Therefore, he puts his all into it. It's in that passion that he can't turn away from everyone else's eyes nor resist making everyone smile. Fontaine knows that he's selfish in that manner. He loves having all the attention on himself, and there's no denying that sometimes he manipulates the situation in order to get more. In the end, as long as everyone loves him, he doesn't care how much he suffers inside. But Fontaine still tosses and turns at night and he wakes up with tear stains on his pillowcase and he just wants to be loved and appreciated. That is the essence of Fontaine Eun.

Fontaine — Gif 3
●● history

Fontaine Haeyeol Eun is the eldest son to Odile, Princess Consort of Magical Monaco. Fontaine and his twin Florent were the result of an affair between Odile and her then-Korean tutor, Eun Heeyeol, during her engagement to Prince Emmanuel of Magical Monaco. Luckily for both of them, the engagement was an arrangement that was still a secret to the public. It's not like Emmanuel had his own secrets. But the birth of the twins threw away everything that was planned. Odile's marriage to the Prince was a way for both of them to continue loving their partners in secret while honoring tradition in the public eye. In private, the two were close friends that both turned the blind eye to whatever they chose to do.

Fontaine grew up in the midst of luxury in Monaco. In an apartment overlooking the ocean, he spent most of his time with Florent and their father. Although in public the two maintained that their relationship was over, Odile and Heeyeol loved in private. Whenever she had a break from her royal duties, her feet would eventually pull her into the place that she secretly regarded as home. As a child, Fontaine focused more on his home life - too young to understand the gossip of Monégasque streets. He was always a quieter person, preferring to let Florent define the terms of what they were to do. His introverted personality led to him being exclusively excelling in home-based activities. Florent could explore the beaches if he wanted to. Fontaine was happier being at home, enthralled by the arts.

Although Fontaine was busy exploring the limits of the arts in every way, with his parents, things were not as in tune. The relationship became more of a burden for both sides. Odile was expected to conceive an heir/ess to the throne. Her relationship with Emmanuel was intensifying. Heeyeol was unhappy about the little glances the royal couple began to throw at each other, and the way their relationship had to be kept secret. The two star-crossed lovers could not realign the stars no more; they had realized that their paths were leading them away from each other. The couple quietly split when the twins were four. Their world took a change when their younger half-brother, Nicolas, was born.

It was around this time that Fontaine began to realize how absent his mother suddenly became from his life. She wasn't there to kiss him goodnight anymore. She wasn't there to listen to all his stories that came to his imagination. She wasn't there to witness his first display of magic. He was an impressive seven, and he made sparks fly. It was barely even mentioned. It's not like this was happening without reason. Fontaine was always there for every pregnancy announcement. He remembers all the soft pats on the head as his mother happily explained to him that he was getting a new sibling, or the hugs at his mother apologized for not being around. That wasn't the only thing keeping Odile from her elder children. As Fontaine and his siblings grew, there was a sick fascination with both sets of siblings. There were countless pieces on the difference these twins would have to their royal brothers and sisters. These never reached the twins, but Odile's heart was set on protecting her sons from public scrutiny as much as possible. She tried to use as much royal power as she could to keep them from the spotlight. But all the cameras ignoring him and focusing on his siblings make Fontaine feel much smaller than he already was.

When he was eleven, Fontaine started school at Mahoutokoro. By now, Heeyeol had moved back to South Korea. Fontaine spent his days in the shadows but tried his hand at getting the spotlight. There's nothing more than he wanted than to impress everyone. So from the start, he became a overworking overachiever. Fontaine was upset when they told him he couldn't possibly take all those classes. He could only give a blank stare when people hesitantly asked if he even had the time to do all the extracurricular activities. Eyebags came to be a constant decoration on his face. He nearly killed himself to be the best. It was a sense of pride for his father and his brother, but he was still chasing some sort of validation from his mother. Whenever he went home to Monaco, it was always a 'Well Done' rushed between activities. He graduated with honors, but the one face he wanted to see wasn't there.

When he graduated, he hesitated to go back to Monaco. Fate came for him instead. While in Japan, about to leave, Fontaine was lost in thought as he softly sang the song that was being played overhead. A representative from Silencio Records happened to overhear him, and recommended him for an audition. There was some intense debate in his frightened heart about what to do. But in the end, he went to England. Fontaine has been a trainee with Silencio, and is slated for debut in the group Insomnia. His sweet and soulful voice is what many people pick up on when he sings. And there's that sense of pride inside of him whenever he sings well. There's nothing more that Fontaine wants than to be famous. And once he debuts, he'll make sure he'll have all the eyes on him. Especially the one that he desires the most.

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