Forbidden Forest


The Forbidden Forest (or Dark Forest) is a huge wooded area that borders the grounds of Hogwarts. As would be expected given the name, the forest is prohibited to students, unless they are sent here as a detention assignment or for Care for Magical Creatures lessons. Few students willingly venture into the forest, because there are many dangerous creatures lurking in here. Occasionally, though, detention is served here.

There has been a recent discovery of black Périgord truffles in the edges of the Forest.

Beware Of The Dangerous Denizens Of The Forest! Creatures In The Forest (not all are dangerous, but if you still wish to proceed, do so with extreme caution!):

  • Acromantula Colony (DO NOT approach, use Arania Exumai if utterly, utterly necessary)
  • Fluffy (three-headed dog, vicious and strong. DO NOT approach)
  • Werewolves (don't get bitten so you won't end up being a werewolf)
  • Trolls (dangerous, DO NOT approach or make them angry)
  • Vampires (mostly good ones, but still be careful)
  • Hags (they live in caves or gingerbread houses, hoping to lure unsuspecting victims, much like Hansel and Gretel, so best not to be enticed into their dwellings)
  • Giants (dangerous, DO NOT approach or make them angry)
  • Thestrals (you can only see them when you have seen death)
  • Hippogriffs (DO NOT just approach one, take a bow and see of it bows back at you)
  • Blood-sucking Bugbears (as the name suggests, better not to be blood-sucked)
  • Blast-Ended Skrewt (don't touch the tail, it will explode. Males sting, while females suck blood)
  • Bowtruckle (usually peaceful, but violent when the tree it is guarding is being threatened, be careful in your actions)
  • Centaurs (DO NOT insult them with terms such as "half-breed", "near human intelligence" or anything related to that)
  • Unicorns (adults prefer a woman's touch, foals don't mind if men do it; don't try to catch or kill one)
  • Grawp (aggressive when in a bad mood, better not to approach)
Through the snow you can just make out the tower.


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