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Forbidden Forest/Second Task/Stands

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With a brilliant view of the entire maze, the stands for the students are tall and imposing like the trees of the Forbidden Forest. Just in the interest of safety, a protective charm has been cast to ensure that no unintended injuries happen...


Post Task Jonathanan and Lily[]

Jonathan 6th Year

Jonathan Prince Sixth Year Hufflepuff - Hufflepuff Prefect
-Son of Ash and Charity Prince

 – 02:03, August 5, 2020 (UTC)

He barely even takes in that they've won the task. He just watched his mother get swallowed up by the vines again. It had to be fake. It had to be fake. It had to be fake. "Lily, you-- you need a Healer. SOMEONE GET A HEALER OVER HERE." He yelled.

hufflepuff • angel of angels
[ AGE ] 17 y/o.    [ SPECIES ] witch.
[ CAREER ] student, waitress.    [ RELATIONSHIP ] single.

Honestly, Lily was over this as soon as everything parted and the crowd started cheering. The pain in her arms and legs got overwhelming and she just fell onto the cold earth, wanting to sleep or well...anything to dull the pain really.




Margot BriarhavenQueen of Wizarding Pop ♦

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Ex Pop Diva
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"Oh dear, oh dear." Margot huffed as she approached the injured girl. This was it! Her first real patient. She'd had the odd stomach ache here and there, but nothing real. "My my. You've done a number here. Alright, love, let's get you up." Margot attempted to help Lily to her feet, but the girl was as out of it as Margot after one of her more lively concerts. "Well then... we're just gonna have to improvise. Oh!" Margot hummed as she pulled out some coconut oil from her over sized purse. "I seem to have forgotten some of my supplies in the Hospital Wing, but not to worry. Muggles swear by the restorative powers of coconut oil. Should give you some relief while we get you up to the wing." Margot applied the cream and then waved her wand. "Wingardium Leviosa." She said curtly and walked towards the hospital wing with the injured Lily floating along behind her.

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