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1) History: Karzai did what she had to to get by for the day. And what she normally had to do was sleep with all kinds of men in Afghanistan just to buy a meal for the day, she wasn't asking for much just something to keep her healthy for a new day. Her family had been executed for treason, luckily Karzai was not there when the men had come looking for her and she hid as a prositute completely changing her look,so she would not be executed too. She was only 16 when her parents were executed and now in this part of the story she is 17 and still doing her business each day, she always used protection during her job during the day and scared off any men who didn't have their protection. But, there was one man who assaulted her on the street and raped her almost to death and left her on the street to die, but a man kindly took her into his house and she found out she was pregnant a week later, so as the man was sleeping she stole anything of value from his house and left in the shadows of the night with just a heavy backpack full of the precious items with her. Karzi sold the items at a pawn shop and was able to buy new clothes for herself and a small shack to live in and was able to get a small job working at a pub, but like her other job it only paid enough for each day and Karzai was afraid that she would not be able to feed her baby when it came out. Karzai worried about this many nights staying up late at nights thinking about it and having to slap herself in the face the next morning to wake herself up at work.

Then she finally had her daughter and named her, Mahnaz and sheltered her from the world as long as she could and since her name was a disgrace to Karzai she made her last name after her father, whom Karzai found out the name of from the man she stayed with for a week. Karzai sheltered her baby giving all the money she got from her job  towards her baby. But soon Mahnaz became a young women and at the age of 10 Karzai had to make her start working to help their family, so after her first period she started sleeping with young men and the occasional old man and the only learned ability she had was to talk simple phrases and to count the money to make sure the men weren't ripping her off. But, something strange happend one night as Mahnaz was in her bed by herself and the matress she was sleeping on with her mum they started to feel the be get warm so they quickly got off and as Mahnaz and her mother got off of it Mahnaz looked at it and similtaneously it caught aflame almost like she had caused it. Karzai had no way to put the fire out, so they quickly gathered what little posessions they had and ran out of the house, now having to live on the streets for a bed. But, when Mahnaz turned 11 an owl perched next to her on a Sunday when her mother and her took a day off from their work. Mahnaz had recieved her Hogwarts letter, telling her that Hogwarts was the only school that had taken homage on Mahnaz and let her into their school and she was told that they would provide transportation to King's Cross and an adequate house for her mother. So, as Mahnaz made her way with her escort to Hogwarts, Karzai was settling into her new small apartment close to the station unsure of what to think of this school and tried to assume it was a joke until her daughter came back fom school. But, it was not a joke at all Mahnaz was really at Hogwarts and she would go there all seven years and be timid when she has her first boyfriend, but she is very polite to her, but there relationship ends after graduation from Hogwarts and he goes to work as a Magizoologist and Mahnaz goes back to Afghanistan to study the giants that inhabit the desert there. When there she becomes very friendly with one of the giants, who is actually shorter than all the others only a few feet taller than a human, but was not a half-giant. His name was Garan. Mahnaz and Garan decide to leave the Giant colony and live in the Muggle world, where they would leave their responsibilities in the wizarding world and be poor and just live everyday off the money they could gain in a day and they thought it was the perfect life to live they even had a son and named him, Amir and he definately had gotten his father's height. It seemed like everything was going good for him until Garan's bad choices showed up when Amir was no older than eight he watched as his parents were shot by the men Garan did not kill like he was told and Amir was taken by the men to be trained as a fighter. For the next few years Amir had become very tough. He had mastered how to use basic weapons like gernads, knifes and guns. But, soon his letter came for Hogwarts and as soon as the leader caught him with the letter he burned them in the fire to ward off any hope of him going to England, but the leader finally gave in when he got reports of a group going into England and they would take Amir with them. Amir went with the men and then spent his next 7 years completely at Hogwarts trying to figure out what to do with his life. Always ready to leave with his clothes, knife, gernades and gun packed and ready to use if he ever had to or if he ever had to leave. But, Amir soon realized that he would not be leaving Hogwarts anytime soon this was his new home and he perfected himself in Wizardry to be able to defend himself and to be able to attack if he needed to. But, as Amir graduated he took on job after job and couldn't find his place and many years later of this year when Amir has turned 5 years old he was walking down Knockturn Alley when he heard a scream. Someone was trying to mug an inocent girl, so Amir beathim up and scared him away and in that moment he realized that he wante to be an Auror to protect those who he loves, anybody in the world.

2) Personality: Amir is very intelligent he thinks before he acts on anything. Amir always does his best to protect people in the best way he knows how and that is by fighting them. He also loves a great conversation and loves making friends and is usually on the side of the team with the most gains for the people in his life. He never thinks about himself before others and always thinks if his decision is the right thing to do.

3) Blood Relation: Half-Blood

4) Magical Race: Half-Giant

5) Profression: Auror

6) Marital Status: Single

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