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If you were to ask Anika Ziegler and Dorian Ackermann the exact story of how they met, you would probably get a very embellished, very creative story from both of them - except both stories would be different. It might seem weird but that's just how the pair roll through life, over their own pages - but there are a few things they concur on. For example, the pair were born in one of the quieter parts of Belgique - although both sets of parents missed the ambient noises of city life, they were concerned about exposing their children to that kind of life so young. As a result of these doubts, a while before Anika Ziegler was born, the four moved together away from the capital, and further away where they could be relatively undisturbed.

One point that Dorian will bring to attention, but perhaps Anika will hold back, is the small detail that Anika is the elder, but also the shorter. Anika was born in the late months of one year, in late November, while Dorian was born in the early months of the next. They lived across the road from each other on a very narrow street, and if you knew how you could get across from one group to the next. It was a wizarding neighbourhood, hidden from the Muggle world much like Hogsmeade, and so Anika would smuggle her father's broom from downstairs and it was a hop, a skip and a jump over to Dorian's roof. Dorian quickly found a similar way to do this.

Childhood friends, as childhood friends did, got up to a lot of mischief. One of the downsides of getting to live in a wizarding neighbourhood meant you had to drive a long way to get to the Muggle school their parents insisted they attended, and as soon as you were in the muggle world magic was a no-go. Which of course led to...early wake up time. Not to mention that outside of school their parents were keen linguists, working from home for the large firm they had worked for in the city, and at least three of them were out at once sometimes so they quickly grew accustomed to living with the other's parents. It was no longer a case of two parents, it was a case of four.

It became Dorian's duty to do the roof-travelling when Anika overzealously (as he called her for a long while afterwards, overzealous Ziegler) attempted to do a Tarzan-style jump across to Dorian's roof in an attempt to impress her friend. Unfortunately, this didn't go to plan, and in the process she actually ended up breaking her leg, so Dorian decided that it was probably a better idea for him to fly across in case she got more plans. These night time visits got more and more common and he got faster and faster at ducking under her bed should her parents be roused by the sound.

Of course the parents had their eye on their alma mater, Beauxbatons - but the ambitious duo had other plans for their future, having found it hard to keep their secret from their muggle friends home in Belgium. Both wanted to try to be schooled at all three major schools - Beauxbatons, Hogwarts, Durmstrang - so they could boast the most all around, elite education. Their family was a sucker for their children getting good experiences and coming out on top, so they eventually agreed. Anika and Dorian were definitely not preppy enough for Beauxbatons, but they were fine being the outcasts from the moment they were sorted into Ombrelune.

They were often in trouble for various shenanigans such as pummeling each other with paper planes in class, spraypainting a tree, shaving off Nils Andersen's eyebrows, amongst other things and soon it was found that the two spent the majority of their time in detention. But it wasn't until Anika Ziegler decided one day towards the end of the year that she wanted to try and ride one of the unicorns, and roped an interested Dorian into the mess, that the last straw was snapped. They snuck off during History of Magic, because honestly neither of them gave a shit about History of Magic - and rode off into the forest after coaxing out the unicorn. By the time they were found, dazed, halfway into the forest with no sign of the unicorn (it had bolted - Dorian had scared it) they were on the brink of expulsion. They meant nothing by it, but couldn't help themselves.

If it were not for their intention to transfer to Hogwarts they would have been expelled, but they moved at the beginning of third year. With 'Ackermann' as his surname Dorian would go first, but with a surname of 'Ziegler' Anika would have to wait until last, and that was a fact that made both of them apprehensive equally. Hufflepuff was the choice for Dorian in less than five seconds - and yet, in a very un-Hufflepuffish manner, he watched every new Hufflepuff who passed him, just daring them to take the seat he was saving for Anika.

They knew they were rather decent quidditch players, and joined the team as a pair of doppelganger beaters who were so in sync it was difficult to beat them. Of course they continued their shenanigans and if it were not for their talent they would have been removed from the team with little haste. Their linguist background allowed them to insult people easier, and because they were still rather outcast by their non-Housemate peers it was even easier to do so - and during their Hogwarts years Anika's love of singing developed a little bit more. Whenever there was an alphabetical seating plan they would walk out and not return until the professor gave in, leading them to be disliked by a few professors.

In fourth year everyone began to date - and so, they decided to 'platonically date' purely because everyone was expecting them to date and they were so close it was not much of a stretch. This prospered especially so when they were co captains in their fourth and fifth years at Hogwarts. After their fifth year leaving with okay OWLs they headed on the next step of their journey - Durmstrang, in Scandinavia. For some reason Anika felt more at home here than anywhere else, whereas Dorian was a little less at ease, although he will fight this to the end. One of their favourite things was their rigorous, often unsupervised duelling club.

The two constantly dueled each other - six ending in injury, two in victory for Anika and one in victory for Dorian. The duels, however, promptly ended when Dorian got his head too far in the game and put Anika in a two week coma. Feeling dreadful for his platonic girlfriend he slept the fourteen nights in the hospital wing and spent his free moments there, cracking jokes and begging her to wake up. She had provoked him, she knew, and it had gotten intense and unsupervised, so she quickly blamed someone else rather than Dorian for her state after waking up. They have never fought since.

Anika's talent in singing exceeded her talent for quidditch by far - so when she got her record label, Dorian, who was a decent beatboxer, decided to be her backup as the loyal friend he was. Even now they are still dating platonically, fifteen years of not taking things further, they moved into a small house in Hogsmeade that Dorian liked when they moved to Hogwarts - he was best at home at Hogwarts, so she insisted they move there. The buisness was good for music there, too, so it suited the pair rather well. He's never told her he only liked that house with the wooden gate because it was opposite Honeydukes, he's never had the heart to do it.

2) Give a description of your character's personality. Personality must be at least one paragraph long. Are you noble or sneaky? Arrogant or humble?

Anika values her best friend, Dorian Ackermann, more than anyone else she could ever love - he means the world to her, and if he doesn't like someone they're not good enough. She's always been a little overzealous, perhaps overconfident, especially in what she tries in life (take the tarzan jump off her roof for example, and is basically a child trapped in an adult's body.) She's an excellent singer and she loves the pop genre for her songs, sometimes even selecting covers to sing. She's considered platonically marrying Dorian because he's the only one she feels like will love her for who she really is, the only one who has stuck by her for many years. One of her problems is that she hates to lose, is a very sore loser and will go to lengths to prove herself right even if she know she is wrong. Making sarcastic remarks doesn't mean she doesn't like a person she is simply just testing the water; it is what she has always done and always will do with Dorian. If something means a good time she'll never think about the consequences to herself, if it means she will satiate her need and hunger to fill her current desire, living in the moment. She'll never admit to anyone that she's scared of dying alone or that she's a monophobiac, she'd rather hide that even from herself if that could ever possibly work. But her overexcited, dorkiness around Dorian - that's genuine, she's loosened up to giggle and jump and scream with the best thing that has ever happened to her life.

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She's a singer and musician.

6) Describe your character's marital status. Is your character single or married? What is the spouse's name? Any kids?

Technically single, platonically dating Dorian Ackermann.

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Whatever tf Britain is on right now.

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