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Hope and Lucas Finch were born April 16th, to Molly and Peter Finch. Molly was born into modest means... and Peter to a well-off family. Peter's family was unhappy with his decision for a partner, and cut him off. When the young couple found out they were having twins... they realized they couldn't afford that. They dropped Lucas off with Peter's family, and Hope with her maternal grandfather. But... this story isn't about either of the Finch twins. It's the story about the youngest Finch-- Molly and Peter Finch's youngest daughter (not to mention the only kid they raised), Charlotte Amelie Finch.

Charlotte was born just seven years after Molly and Peter separated the twins, and sent them their own way to make a name for themselves. They were far better off than they were when they had the twins by the time Charlotte came around. They'd settled in Jackson, Wyoming, and had a cottage big enough for the tree of them. That very cottage was Charlotte's childhood home. She was raised there for the first eleven years of her life. As a kid, she was quite the happy spirit, taking after the older sister she didn't find out she had until much, much later. The three were a close-knit family - the kind that nobody would expect deception and secrets from. But alas, their lives in Wyoming were based off both. And while little Charlotte was close to her mother, there was no denying she was a daddy's girl. As a matter of fact, being such a daddy's girl is what elicited her first magical outburst.

Charlotte was age seven when it happened. To this day, she remembers the day clearly. It's the oldest memory she has. It was imprinted on her mind. Peter Finch and an older neighbor had a small spat, but it escalated into something bigger, in a matter of seconds. It finished off with Peter casting the killing curse upon the crippled old man, who - mind you - had been a no-maj. Knowing that what he'd done could cost him his freedom, Peter told his wife to pack their things, and that they'd set off for a different part of the country. Unbeknown to any of them, young Charlotte had witnessed the cold-blooded murder, which sent her to her house in a hurry, where she barely made it before having a panic attack. Her parents never found out what had gotten such a fearful reaction from their daughter. During her panic attack, a fire was produced in her room, where it grew and grew, until the flames swallowed the entire cottage. The Finches barely made it out of there alive.

The no-maj authorities had Peter as the main suspect, thanks to someone who'd witnessed Peter and the old man arguing. The trail, however, ran cold when the authorities went to the burnt down cottage, and found human remains. To this day, it remains unknown whose remains those were. Charlotte never forgot that day, and isolated herself. She didn't trust her parents anymore. She was quite literally scarred for life. She got nightmares almost every night after that, most of which led straight to magical outbursts that always led to almost-injuring her. She had things catch fire a few times, and TVs, radios, and lightbulbs almost always wound up exploding. Her parents managed to take care of every single one of them, until they ultimately got tired of it, and started to give Charlotte dreamless sleep potions. This helped a lot. While she managed to get some more rest, she could never look at her father in the same way. He was a murderer.

Then came the day that Charlotte received her acceptance letters to Ilvermorny's. She didn't get the one to Hogwarts, much to her parents' respective relief. Soon enough, Charlotte was shipped off to Ilvermorny's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, much to the young girl's relief. She was favored by Wampus and Pukwudgie, but she ultimately chose the former. There, she managed to come out of the shell she had retreated into after the crime her father committed. It took a lot of patience from the professors' and other students' behalf, but they all managed to witness her come out, and be able to flourish into a brilliant young woman. She never would have told them about her parents had she not been confronted by wizarding authorities. They had recognized her surname, and connected the dots to the case of the killing. It had been death by magic, so they had just as much jurisdiction. Knowing she couldn't lie to the authorities, she had no other choice but to tell on her parents. Her father was sentenced to death, meanwhile her mother didn't receive a sentence. She hadn't been aware of the killing. And while she didn't receive a sentence, she did lose her husband, which to her was even worse. The day the authorities came for Peter, Molly sent some of the most hurtful words Charlotte had ever heard towards her then-sixteen-year-old-daughter, calling her a life-ruiner, ungrateful brat, and that she and Peter should have known better than to keep her. That she had ruined their lives, like her older siblings almost did to them. Charlotte was too surprised, to say the least. She had siblings. Siblings nobody told her about. And as much as she wanted to reach out to them, she couldn't. Molly prohibited it.

Charlotte never regretted telling on her father, honestly. She felt relieved, if anything. It was a weight off her shoulders. Plus... she found out she had siblings. She would never go above what her mother decreed, but she was quite curious as to who they were. It took a lot of prying, but Charlotte got her siblings' names after one long ass year. She didn't have the chance to research them, though, because then she graduated Ilvermorny's and she had to worry about becoming an adult. She lived with her mum the summer after graduating, while during the school year she managed to snag a job as the school librarian and guidance counselor. It was the following summer that she had the chance to research her siblings, living on her own and having much more privacy, and was surprised to find out that... one had become a dark wizard, while the other had become a healer. Her brother was... clearly a chip off the old block. As for her sister... well, at least she seemed honorable, keeping a job as a healer. But Charlotte never reached out. No. She would eventually, but not now. She just didn't feel ready. Plus her mum would disown her if she did.

During the 2028-2029 school year, Charlotte was contacted one day, out of the blue, by the coroner of the hospital in the local wizarding hospital. It turns out it was to... identify Molly's body. Molly Finch had died. Charlotte was on her own now, with no support from anyone, except just a few friends. Nothing was holding her back except her job. Coincidentally, she'd been hired as the History of Magic professor that year. It was a job Charlotte loved, but seemed like she'd have to let go soon, with the decision she made. As the school year drew to a close, Charlotte packed everything up, and made the move to Great Britain. She managed to get a nice apartment in Magus Diaetam, and made it her goal to find her sister.

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Charlotte has since grown out of the shell of a child she once was. She's quite vivacious, and likes having a good time. She doesn't like going completely overboard at all (although she has potions for when she gets shitfaced drunk), leaving that for particularly festive occasions. As lively as she is and as much fun as she likes to have (which rarely ever is it particularly appropriate), she's actually a pretty good role model. She's kind, amicable, and caring. She's... pretty much a teddy bear, contrary to what her house suggests. She might be a warrior and survivor as her story suggests, but beneath all that, there's really just a huge dork. Charlie is very open-minded and understanding, hence why she was such a good Guidance Counselor. And the maternal instincts she has didn't hurt that, either. Overall, Charlotte is more than a decent human being.

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Currently Unemployed; Hopefully HoM professor next IC year

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