Hello. I have been looking over the chat policy and I have noted some things rather unsettling that I think should be changed. Weirdo Guy (talk) 00:12, June 2, 2012 (UTC)


  • Please be active in the chat.
    • Do not join the chat and just sit there. Talk! It is a chat.
      • Doing so will result in a warning, then a kick.
      • If you continue to do it, it's a 2 hour ban.
        • 4th offense is an infinite block.
      • No Loopholes.

This vote is rather unfair, especially to those who might be busy. I mean, if a person is needed, someone can just ping them. I believe this one should be removed outright.


  1. MistelmBlue Rosehelloooo... 00:18, June 2, 2012 (UTC)
  2. - TheFlyingFoot
  3. Dduffurg48 18:07, June 13, 2012 (UTC)


  • Members may not refuse a Private Chat from a mod.

This one can be a little unjust, especially if the chat mod is threatening to kick them or harassing them. I say it be changed to a more specific sense. Something like, "Members may not refuse a Private message from a mod, unless being harassed by said mod."



    • Doing so will be an immediate and permanent removal from the Dumbledore's Army Role-Play wiki

This, I believe is slightly too harsh. I think it should be down to a shorter block from chat for a first offense. Second offense is a block from the wiki. Third offense should be the permanent removal.

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