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I'm TimeForTheTea, Head of Characters and Locations here on DARP. This forum is designated for approving child characters only (i.e characters between five and ten years old). If you want to make another type of character, please go to the appropriate forum for either adults or students.

In order to get sorted, please type your character's name into the box below, click the button entitled "Get Sorted!" and follow the directions on the page as well as the rules and regulations outlined here. It also might be helpful to look through the sorting guide to help you in the right direction of what you can include.

As this is focussed on characters who might not have had their first sign of magic, it is not required to include the first magical sign in the history unless they have had it, then the basic requirements still applies. If they haven't had their first sign of magic yet then just specify that it hasn't happened quite yet.

Remember, your character must have a real name and not the name of a character from the Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them franchise, your real life name or your username. Find any of the additional policies pertaining to characters here! However, the Sacred 28 surnames (such as Potter, Weasley, Malfoy) are allowed. If there are other characters with the surname, such as 'Black', then please contact one of those users to tell them you're using the surname in order to figure out where they would fit (cousin, uncle etc). However, please note, you're not asking permission to make the character.

For a list of models that are either in use or reserved, please look at our User Model Registration to ensure the model isn't already taken. Once your character has been sorted, please remember to update the User Model Registration. You will also need to update the Exotic Tracker and the Child Registration pages to reflect your new addition.

Remember that you are only allowed one child forum at one time, including any WIP. However, you are allowed both an adult and a student forum at the same time. If you make more than one forum in a certain category, you will be asked to choose one to continue and the others to be denied.

The policies for children is that you will need to make a forum for the character when they turn five years old. You do not need to make a page for them until they turn ten years old (just before they go to Hogwarts!). When they turn ten years old, they will need to go through the sorting process once more in order to be accepted as a student and to know what house they'd be accepted into.

If your forum is taking too long to get approved and has passed two days without any comments, please contact any member of C&L department for help.

Thank you for your patience and bare with the Characters and Locations Department while they process any forums!

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