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The Open-Ended Questions

A. Please answer the following questions as elaborately as possible. (Remember, this part doesn't have to be filled out if it's an expansion character!)

1) What would you consider to be your character's strengths, and your character's weaknesses? Elaborate on your answer. Clarence is strong and a hard-worker, yet he's also a laid-back type of guy. Sometimes it clashes which can be frustrating, but he really just doesn't care about a lot of things. 

2) Has your character's life played out the way they wanted? Have they achieved the goals they set out for their life? Why, or why not?  Clarence's life hasn't been what he expected and he honestly wishes it was different some days. But he does enjoy the life he has now, especially since he's put forth the effort to enjoy it. 

3) What's their ideal way of spending a free day? Why so? Relaxing and doing absolutely nothing. Literally. 

4) If your character could only keep 5 possessions, what would they be? Why? 1. His wand. 2. His mother's hankerchief 3. His dad's pocket watch. 

5) What one thing would your character change about the wizarding society? Why? Clarence could care less about the wizarding society. 

The Character's Background

1) Give a history of your character. History must be at least two paragraphs long. How did they grow up? Is there an incident that made them the way they are? etc. (Remember, history must at least be two paragraphs long for the first two characters, three paragraphs long for the third to eighth character, and four paragraphs long for the ninth to fifteenth character!)

Clarence was born to a simple, all classic American family. His parents were normal citizens and weren't anything special. His mother was a seamstress while his father was a businessman working for a medium-sized company in San Fransisco. When Clarence was born his parents were pretty excited to have a child, even though he wasn't apart of their plan he was still loved for and cared.

Clarence's childhood was a happy and simple one, nothing too major happened and he went through life like everyone else. Being an only child he didn't play a lot with other kids, sure he played with them at school but it was rare that he had playdates. He did play with the kids in his neighborhood but he would rather be alone exploring and discovering new things.

Being a child in the 50s and early 60s Clarence wasn't exposed to too much, it wasn't until he was a teenager throughout the 60s that he started to get involved in the hippie culture. His parents weren't accepting of it and they had countless arguments and fights over it, but Clarence being the teenager that he was didn't listen to his parents.

Clarence loved being a hippie, the freedom that it gave him and how liberating it was just gave him that extra rush he was looking for. He would go out and party, sleep around, do drugs and smoke and just let the world wash out around him. He was your classic hippie, right up until the end of the 60s and into the 70s when he turned around.

Many people who were starting to become adults in the 70s realized how bad it was in the 60s, and Clarence was a handful of the few who gave up the hippie lifestyle and started to get clean. His parents, of course, were happy for him and helped him every step of the way. Clarence even got a job working with his dad at his business, and life was looking up for Clarence... Right up until he tripped up.

After a hard night of work dealing with angry customers and being treated like dirt, Clarence just wanted an escape and so he reverted back to what he knew best. After taking some drugs he went to a club and let loose, drinking until his wallet was empty and his mind was cloudy. Little did he know that there a particular woman who had been watching him all night, and once he was completely out of it she struck.

Clarence didn't remember what happened when he woke up on the floor of some random house, staring at the ceiling fan that was slowly spinning. There was a woman who was sitting on a bed, and she explained to Clarence that she had given him a gift that would make his life better. At first, Clarence was confused until the day went on and he was shown exactly what she meant.

Against his own free will, Clarence had been turned into a vampire and forced to join a coven. His sire was one stick short of a psychopath who kept all those she sired in the coven out of fear, as she was older and stronger and crazier than the rest of them. Clarence, of course, had to fake his own death, leave his old life behind and forced to embrace this new vampire life.

Though it wasn't all bad, Clarence did end up becoming friends with Ariadne Belcourt who was another member of the coven. The two had hit it off from the start, staying with each other since they were the sanest and hadn't given into the coven yet. They were mostly buying their time and waiting for the moment to escape, which was easier said than done.

That moment did come one night after a large coven party. Once everyone was drunk and passed out, Clarence and Ariadne made their escape. They never looked back and fled as far as L.A to make a new start for themselves, planning on creating their own coven that wouldn't be like the one they came from.

It was a slow and rocky start for their coven, as it was hard for them to gather up willing vampires to join. They didn't want to turn anyone against their will of course, and eventually, they managed to have a small coven of vampires that needed a family.

It was a surprise to them when an old friend showed up at their coven one night, nearly begging them to turn her into a vampire. They were hesitant at first since it was against their own policy to turn anyone into a vampire. But after hearing her endless pleadings and reasons, Ariadne ended up turning the girl into a vampire and she joined their coven.

The coven despite being small was a good one, and all the members adored their leader Ariadne. She kept them safe and was a good leader, right up until the day she died. No one knows exactly how it happened, as Clarence had found her dead body in an alley one night. She had been killed by hunters, that much was obvious. But even Clarence doesn't know how or why it happened.

It took some time to decide who the new leader would be, but eventually, everyone settled on Tilly to become the new leader after Clarence said he didn't want the responsibility. Though he was Tilly's right-hand man and helped her whenever she needed it, even when she decided to move the coven to London, England.

At the moment the coven is still small but steadily growing with every passing year, and Tilly has grown into a wonderful leader. Clarence has been supportive of her mostly because of how much Ariadne loved her.

2) Give a description of your character's personality. Personality must be at least one paragraph long. Are you noble or sneaky? Arrogant or humble? (Remember, personality must be at least one paragraph long for the first two characters, two paragraphs long for the third to eighth characters, and three paragraphs long for the ninth to fifteenth!)

Clarence is a pretty average guy when you look at him, he doesn't talk too much and he mostly just keeps to himself. On the outside he just looks like your average everyday 87 year old who is trying to figure out his life.

Though when you get to know Clarence you see that he's quite a judgmental and snappy person. He doesn't make friends easily because he judges people in an instant and makes his assumptions of people. He had to learn how to do this through his teenage years mostly to protect himself from bad influences, but sadly it's also influenced him to judge good people too harshly.

Clarence isn't a bad person but he's not the greatest either.  He doesn't have any plans for his life and mostly just 'goes with the flow' of everyday living.

Does he have a temper? Not really, he doesn't get mad easily and he's pretty laid back and has an 'I don't care' attitude towards a lot of things. People think he's pretty uncaring and while that's not far from the truth, there are certain things that Clarence cares deeply about.

He's always been a bit of a 'wild child' or 'bad boy' as some would say. He was never one to go looking for trouble but somehow he always got mixed up with the wrong kids. He would never buy drugs or drink unless someone offered it to him. He was always one to wait for the opportunity to come to him, and never sought it out himself.

Don't let his attitude fool you though because Clarence can be very cunning and nasty when he needs to be. It's almost like he knows the perfect cutting remark or how to get under someone's skin to make them angry. He uses this a lot to make people leave him alone, and 90% of the time it works.

Overall Clarence isn't the worst person to be friends with but there's plenty of people better than him, if one can get past his nasty 'leave me alone' attitude then he'd make a great friend or companion. It just takes a lot of patience and time with Clarence to open up and trust someone.

3) Are you Pure-Blood, Half-Blood or Muggle-Born? Do you have any notable magical relations? (Remember, you cannot be related to important Harry Potter characters!) Muggle-Born 

4) Does your character have any special magical abilities? Or special abilities in general (photographic memory, etc.)? Is he or she of a different magical race, such as Veela, Vampire, Werewolf or the like? Part or half of that magical race counts! (Remember, you cannot have one as your first two characters!) Full-Vampire

5) What is your character's profession? Does your character plan to enroll your character into the Ministry of Magic? Does your character not work? Is your character a teacher? He's a vampire and apart of a coven.

6) Describe your character's marital status. Is your character single or married? What is the spouse's name? Any kids? Single

7) What about your character's appearance? What do they look like? Feel free to write down what they look like! If you're using any FC, you can put a picture here! Please state the character's faceclaim! Paul Wesley 

Clarence 4

The Sorting Quiz

B. Select the option that best fits your character. (Remember, this part is only optional, for regular adults and expansion characters alike!)

1) Which type of spell is most useful?

A. A Complex Spell
B. A Spell Of Control
C. A Combat Spell
D. A Healing Spell

2) What is most important to you?

A. Grades.
B. Getting your way.
C. Life.
D) Friends and family.

3) What would you do if a teacher caught you cheating?

A. I'm the person people cheat off of.
B. I wouldn't get caught; I'm too slick.
C. I would deny the accusation until the teacher gives up.
D. I would 'fess up, apologize, and accept the consequences.

4) Which trait is most valuable?

A. Intelligence
B. Cunningness
C. Bravery
D. Kindness

5) What's the best way to get things done?

A. The right way, no matter how long it takes.
B. Trick someone else into doing the work for you.
C. Putting together a qualified team and completing the task efficiently.
D. Get some friends together and lead them in the task.

OOC Questions

C. These do not affect what house you're sorted to, but everybody must answer them!

1) Is this your first character?

A. This is my first character.
B. No, this is not my first character.

2) If your answer to the previous question is B, how many characters do you have? How many of them are "exotic" (of a different magical race/have a special ability)? 11/3

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