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Hi, guys! In light of recent events in Discord (i.e the discussion I initiated yesterday where everyone opened up about their issues with users, the team, the wiki, etc.), several users were talking about potentially resetting the administrative elections, thus opening nominations for another week and then elections themselves, pushing all promotions back for around two weeks total. In order to come to a general consensus, I'll list two options below.

Use your one vote wisely.


Option 1

The current election will be declared valueless, effective immediately after this vote closes. Nominations will open for one week, and voting will open for a week immediately after nominations end. All users who withdrew will be able to apply yet again, and all users currently applying will be able to do so again.

Option 2

The current election will run its course. All nominees must live with the outcome, regardless of what it may be.


Option 1 (+6)

  1. TheGoodDeath (talk)
  2. Fighting evil by moon light~ Chibi Moon
  3. ACSEvieForSophieSigI knew it when I met him,I loved him when I left him ~Sophie
  4. The Highlands Lady 19:20, September 10, 2018 (UTC)
  5. Mamamoo  is coming back for you~

Option 2 (+9)

  1. - jayemalik'
  2. Sonofapollo Owl Me
  3. all we did was survive. that's enough. 18:46, September 10, 2018 (UTC)
  4. -asteriea 19:17, September 10, 2018 (UTC)
  5. Template:TimeLord15
  6. Ragardless of what was happened, it's on you if you chose not to apply the first time. There will be future elections, I'm sure of it. So close the current election ending, we can't just rip those potential titles away from people who already are aware they are getting it. That would be unfair. Queen of Anarchy | 19:25, September 10, 2018 (UTC)
  7. MoniqueBrownCow Oli I saw it and I was like, oh! Brown Cow! Stunning! 11,223

  8. I am here , I am with you
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Although we had a very impactful discussion in Discord, users had their chance to run and they missed it. It wouldn't be fair for those who stuck through, ready for the commitment, have to undergo the stress of elections when they won it fair and square. To reset it just wouldn't be fair to them. Likewise, users have the opportunity to change their votes right now, so... I just fail to see the point behind restarting it. - jayemalik'

Agreed. It seems beyond counter intuitive and counter productive. Sonofapollo Owl Me 18:46, September 10, 2018 (UTC)

In light of the recent discussion, which I feel was remarkably productive, I don't think it's fair to the userbase to let the current election run its course. Had the election ended before or been set to start after the discussion, I would have no issue with it, but since it start before and is part of the cause for the discussion--and a subject of the discussion, at least indirectly--it should be redone to allow users who may feel like they now have a chance/are welcome to run the opportunity to do so without having to wait for the next election.

There was also talk of an HR department with one admin and two rbs, and restarting the vote would be a good time to start nominations for HR-specifc roles since I believe talk was that a user could not nominate themselves for that department (in the same vein, a user should not just end up in that department either because it's the only open spot).

There was also talk of a reset being unfair, but with the discussion I believe the opposite is unfair. I have nothing against the users currently running, but if there were a reset and they lost votes, it means that users saw that someone more qualified decided to run, and there is nothing unfair about that. This is an extremely special case and extremely bad timing for the election. And quite frankly, if people are so insecure about a person's votes that they think restarting the election will completely change the outcome...what does that say about the original vote?

I don't believe that restarting the vote is going to completely change the outcome. In fact, I doubt it. But in light of the recent discussion, it is necessary to give users the chance to put their names in since they may feel that they can actually do so now.

Also, on that note, in future elections and in this one, admin should not be opened up to regular users unless crat is opened up to rbs. It should not be one or the other; it isn't fair, especially when there is someone running for admin. If there were no one running for admin, I could see isolating it, but that is not the case.

18:51, September 10, 2018 (UTC)

The difference between the chance users had to put their names in before the election and the chance they have now is that a lot has been said and worked out since that time, and users may feel more comfortable running or like they actually have a chance of winning now. The users currently running would be more than welcome to keep their names in, and users would be more than welcome to vote for them again. It is not unfair, just time consuming, and time is what it takes to make the wiki open and inclusive and make users feel like they're heard.

18:55, September 10, 2018 (UTC)

The issue that I have with not allowing to go with the current results of the current vote. I don't hold any hard feelings against anyone, but I decided to go with voting for the first option due to the fact that I think some people were cut short from showing their skills, especially now that we've talked it out majority in discord. I may not support the fact that it'll add stress to those who already won their positions, but in the end, I think this is how it needs to be in order to get everything smoothed out. The Highlands Lady 19:24, September 10, 2018 (UTC)

I thought about it, and Jaye* is right about the fact that if we want to change our vote now, we can. I think though, because there is a possibility of of a different outcome based on maybe new people running or just a change in voting, rather than wait for the next admin to step down, we might as well do the vote over. If it is what it is, it won't change anything. But if its not, and something changes, I'd hope it's just for the better of the wiki based on any discourse given. I hate that we have to wait longer, but maybe it's just as well

Mamamoo  is coming back for you~

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