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1) Give a history of your character. History must be at least two paragraphs long. How did they grow up? Is there an incident that made them the way they are? etc.

Elsie Anniken Vilhjalmsson was born on April 12th in Bergen, Norway. After some consideration, the married Muggle couple placed their daughter on the steps of Saint Paul's Catholic Church for reasons unknown to the community. From there, the little infant was adopted by another married Muggle couple that raised her alongside their two biological sons.

Although being raised in the Catholic Church there in Bergen, the extent of the family's strong religious values was attending church and praying before meals and bed. After all, Jørgen and Kjerstin Vilhjalmsson wanted to raise their three children with a sense of transparency and acceptance that they feared their beliefs would overtake. Basically, they wanted the faith and the community, but they wanted the welcoming nature towards all people they otherwise might not have put in them.

While growing up, the three were terribly close despite Ludvig and Asbjørn being seven and nine years older than the girl. Naturally, they didn't keep secrets from each other and it didn't matter what they were because they were always going to stick by each other. Actually, they were the reigning champions in football among the other neighbourhood kids, because they made quite the team without all the players (admittedly their cousin played too, but they don't talk about him anymore).

However, that all changed really quick. At one point, some weird things started happening with the young blonde with turned the brothers' views right around. After some particularly odd occurrences (which are now recognised as coming from magic), they were dragging her to the hospital then the nearby church. At the former, the found nothing. At the latter, they found nothing. Yet, that wouldn't keep Ludvig and Asbjørn from becoming suspicious of the behaviours. Perhaps, it was jealousy that overcame them from the attention being turned towards her.

Either way, they progressively started tormenting their adoptive sister over the issue. While being eight years old, the girl's fifteen and seventeen year old brothers began verbally bullying her over practising magic which was strictly banned by their religion. Although completely shocked and confused, the child just avoided them before they started with the physical abuse. After a couple of aggressive grabs and slaps, the bruises and scratches caught on with her adoptive parents nearly two years later. From there, Ludvig and Asbjørn were put under intense security, with the disturbance putting a large divide in the family.

Although it took forever, the final year before her step towards freedom had passed. After eleven years of life, she was receiving a letter to attend Beauxbatons Academy, but she was left feeling confused. For one, it was terribly translated into her language. For two, it was incredibly unlikely that she actually had magic. However, the moment a French Ministry Official appeared at their doorstep, the parents were conflicted between their views against magic and their views towards acceptance for all.

In the end, they were agreeing to send her off to the school, but were already threatening to disown her if she started pushing it (which meant no conjuring the dead or trying to unveil the future). Once September rolled around, she was officially becoming a Bellefeuille student at the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. While attending, she was mentally fighting herself over letting herself be taught of the destruction that was magic, but she was growing more aware of her loss as the year grew on. After all, this whole witch thing was quite fascinating, even if she was terrified to admit such a thing.

At first, the idea had been rejected by all of them, but the comfort that this magic wasn't terrible settled in with the young girl and her adoptive parents. Or, it did somewhere during her years of attendance at the school and things were looking decent. Naturally, the hostility she received from her older brothers wouldn't ever let up. However, it definitely wasn't expected to escalate back to those old abusive days of the past. On holiday, the fifteen year old was visiting her hometown and taking a stroll through their neighbourhood when her brothers decided to join her.

Although it's a bit foggy to her, it's a mix of getting teased and getting punched and kicked from her spot on the ground. Frankly, the blonde passed out and wasn't informed of the events that ensued, but she was taken back to Beauxbatons. At that point, it hadn't mattered much to her because it hadn't seemed survivable in the moment, yet there she was. After that, she wouldn't return to Norway for nearly three years, for it didn't seem to provide a safe nor a loving home anymore (or at least not one she could pretend to stand which her mother happened to agree with).

While being taken in by Cosette Lefévre, a Divination Professor at the Beauxbatons Academy, she would finish up her last years of school. From there, she was scouted for her Seeker abilities she had started to display in those final years. At first, she was playing for the Karasjok Kites in Norway for a year, before being moved up to the Norwegian National Quidditch Team a couple of months after she turned twenty. After these years, she's yet to return to Muggle Bergen to visit her family, for it's hard for her to see them that way. However, she's recently making it big with her position as Seeker on some of the biggest teams in Norway and she's perfectly content with sticking to that bubble for now.

2) Give a description of your character's personality. Personality must be at least one paragraph long. Are you noble or sneaky? Arrogant or humble?

Nowadays, her image is that of a highly respectable and powerful woman who is working on coming properly into her own. While she's being held to a professional standard, she's showing she's not a figure to be messed with (on and off the pitch). Quite frankly, she's one to be terribly competitive and defensive, but it's never stopped her from peacefully acknowledging the other team; win or lose. After all, she's incredibly loving towards everybody between other players, fans, press, haters, etcetera because she's aware of not having that feeling of love and respect.

Alongside her hardass personality, she's driven by the idea of freedom and excitement. Although commonly robbed of it, it's the thing she's still breathing for. If you've put a beer in her hand, you've put a night of endless adventure into your life. Perhaps, that's a bit of an exaggeration, because she's not really in need of alcohol for her to give that to you. While it might take a while, befriending her brings you 1) a bottomless bowl of shamelessly innocent flirting, 2) a side of secret hiding spots (which is totally cool because those are supposed to be for kids, but it's a definite that adults need them too) and 3) a main platter of stubbornness ready to defend you at all costs.

3) Are you Pure-Blood, Half-Blood or Muggle-Born? Do you have any notable magical relations? (Remember, you cannot be related to important Harry Potter characters!)


4) Does your character have any special magical abilities? Or special abilities in general (photographic memory, etc.)? Is he or she of a different magical race, such as veela, vampire, werewolf or the likes? Part or half of that magical race counts! (Remember, you cannot have an "exotic" characters as your first two characters!)


5) Describe your character's profession. Do you plan to enroll your character into the Ministry of Magic? Does your character not work? Is your character a teacher?

Norway's Seeker.

6) Describe your character's marital status. Is your character single or married? What is the spouse's name? Any kids?

Single, No Kids.

1. How much time will you have to participate on this RP site? (This does not affect which House you'll be sorted into).

A) I have a lot of other responsibilities, and although I really want to be a part of this wiki, there may be days on end I won't be able to participate in anything.
B) Although I do have some other responsibilities, and there may be times I'll be absent, I should be able to participate on a weekly basis, around my other schedule.
C) I should be able to participate at least some every day.
D) I have loads of free time, and don't see participation to be a problem at all.

2. Is this your first character?

A) This is my first character
B) This is NOT my first character.

3. If your answer to the previous question is B, how many characters do you have? How many of them are "exotic"?


4. Please post your time zone in relation with the UTC time zone (ex. Eastern Standard Time is -4), but if you don't understand how to calculate that then please simply put the name of your time zone below.


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