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So, this is probably a really minor issue but when asking a question in the Character Help channel on Discord, it occurred to me that I don't think magical animal patronuses should be marked as exotic. The only thing that contributes to them being "exotic" is that they're rare. The exact wording from Pottermore is:

Most uncommon of all possible Patronuses are magical creatures such as dragons, Thestrals and phoenixes. Never forget, though, that one of the most famous Patronuses of all time was a lowly mouse, which belonged to a legendary young wizard called Illyius, who used it to hold off an attack from an army of Dementors single-handedly. While a rare and magical Patronus undoubtedly reflects an unusual personality, it does not follow that it is more powerful, or will enjoy greater success at defending its caster.

Which essentially shows that magical creatures as patronuses have no effect on the actual spell. They don't add any extra or extreme ability to the spell or the user. One of the C&L members suggested bringing it up in a vote so here we are.

  • Option One: Keep magical creature patronuses exotic.
  • Option Two: Remove magical creature patronuses as exotic with the exception that a reason for their specific patronus be place in the history and/or personality.
  • Option Three: Remove magical creature patronuses as exotics

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Option 1 (+0)

Option 2 (+11)

  1. Sig lower your sodium intake honey, salt isn't good for your health
  2. IIRC this is the way it is currently. I couldn't find anything that said that these characters were considered exotic, only that the patronuses were and you had to have a good reason.
  1. Having a character be exotic just because their patronus is, in my opinion, really dumb. Giving an explanation is fine. Fighting evil by moon light~ Chibi Moon
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  4. Let's be honest, no one would go for this option if it made chars exotic.
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Option 3 (+0)


Just to get the idea across - I am not against having characters with a magical patronus not be exotic, but let's not let it also become so that Magical Animagi are not exotic (this was my principal concern, bc there are common cases where patronus and animagus form are one and the same. really, what needs clarifying is that having a magical patronus will not be exotic, but that (magical patronus) with the animagus form being the same will be exotic.)

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