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Welcome to General Roleplay! This is the place where all classes and such will be placed, and is more-or-less the "official" roleplay.


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General RP:Hospital Wing19:19, August 22, 2019Bond em7
Clock Tower Courtyard18:10, August 22, 2019The sleepy nympholept
The Three Broomsticks17:28, August 22, 2019The sleepy nympholept
Large Office17:01, August 22, 2019Arthuriaxoxo
Training Grounds16:10, August 22, 2019Bond em7
General RP:Magic Theory12:22, August 22, 2019Arthuriaxoxo
General RP:Healing12:18, August 22, 2019Arthuriaxoxo
General RP:Charms212:14, August 22, 2019Arthuriaxoxo
General RP:Transfiguration212:12, August 22, 2019Arthuriaxoxo
General RP:Potions211:40, August 22, 2019Arthuriaxoxo
General RP:Defense Against the Dark Arts211:36, August 22, 2019Arthuriaxoxo
The Quad10:53, August 22, 2019TimeForTheTea
Lincliff Square10:39, August 22, 2019TimeForTheTea
Bluebird Candy Co.09:57, August 22, 2019TimeForTheTea
Sixth Floor Storage Room09:09, August 22, 2019PickleJarsAndPickleCats
General RP:Transfiguration17:14, August 20, 2019Ckohrs0221
General RP:Potions17:13, August 20, 2019Ckohrs0221
General RP:Defense Against the Dark Arts17:12, August 20, 2019Ckohrs0221
General RP:Charms17:10, August 20, 2019Ckohrs0221
General RP:Herbology17:29, August 19, 2019Bond em7
General RP:Herbology216:29, August 19, 2019The sleepy nympholept
General RP:1st Year Flying Lessons16:09, August 19, 2019Ckohrs0221
Black Lake08:56, August 19, 2019Hara Ynaguinid
The Pink Gentleman00:40, August 19, 2019TimeForTheTea
Lincliff City Park07:47, August 18, 2019Brocky292
Gladrags Wizardwear07:43, August 18, 2019Brocky292
Viaduct Courtyard02:34, August 18, 2019TimeForTheTea
Jamie's Bar and Grille02:05, August 18, 2019TimeForTheTea
General RP:Divination10:45, August 15, 2019PickleJarsAndPickleCats
The Three Broomsticks/Room07:52, August 14, 2019TimeForTheTea
Oslo04:38, August 12, 2019TimeForTheTea
The Potioneer's Garden07:23, August 9, 2019TimeForTheTea
Old Forest07:22, August 9, 2019TimeForTheTea
The Apothecary07:07, August 9, 2019TimeForTheTea
Dobby's Alcove13:21, August 8, 2019PickleJarsAndPickleCats
Grand Staircase Tower/Fourth Floor08:46, August 8, 2019Ckohrs0221
The Petit Pink05:37, August 8, 2019PickleJarsAndPickleCats
St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries/Seventh Floor/Psychiatry Unit20:17, August 7, 2019Ckohrs0221
Linwood18:40, August 5, 2019The sleepy nympholept
General RP:Mythology17:41, August 4, 2019Brocky292
Harkness Legal Practice18:03, August 2, 2019Jay Sea
Paris12:14, August 1, 2019TimeForTheTea
The Human Canvas03:23, August 1, 2019TheGoodDeath
The Leaky Cauldron06:35, July 30, 2019Hannahgrace.02
Whomping Willow19:30, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
White Tomb19:30, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Stone Circle19:29, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Shrieking Shack19:29, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
The Quidditch Pitch19:29, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Quidditch Gate19:29, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Quidditch Cave19:28, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Greenhouses and Gardens19:27, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Gamekeeper's Hut19:27, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Forbidden Forest/Thestral Paddock19:23, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Forbidden Forest19:23, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Entrance Gates19:21, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Covered Bridge19:21, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
General RP:Care of Magical Creatures19:20, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
West Tower19:12, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Stone Bridge Tower19:12, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Quidditch Tower19:12, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
The Owlery19:11, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
North Tower19:11, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Gryffindor Dormitories19:10, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Grand Staircase Tower19:09, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
General RP:Astronomy19:08, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Prowling Passage19:07, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Room of Doom19:06, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Hall of Hexes19:06, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Grand Staircase Tower/Seventh Floor19:06, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Fat Lady's Corridor19:05, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Divination Stairwell19:05, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Grand Staircase Tower/Sixth Floor18:55, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Disused Bathroom18:55, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Boys' Lavatory18:55, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Pungent Passage18:54, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Passage of the Fouls18:53, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Grand Staircase Tower/Fifth Floor18:53, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Fifth Floor Storage Room18:53, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
General RP:Mythology218:52, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Fourth Floor Storage Room18:51, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Trophy Room18:49, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Third Floor Corridor18:49, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Serpentine Corridor18:48, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
One-Eyed Witch Statue18:48, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Guidance Counsellor's Office18:48, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Grand Staircase Tower/Third Floor18:46, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
The Pink Lady03:59, July 29, 2019Hannahgrace.02
The Hogwarts Express/Luggage Cart02:59, July 29, 2019Jay Sea
Lost and Found00:54, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Grand Staircase Tower/Second Floor00:54, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Armoury Gallery00:53, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Stone Bridge00:47, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Quad Battlements00:43, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Muggle Studies Professor's Office00:42, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
General RP:Muggle Studies00:42, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
General RP:History of Magic00:41, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Grand Staircase Tower/First Floor00:39, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Ground Floor Storage Room00:37, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Chamber of Reception00:32, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Caretaker's Office00:32, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Lost Tunnel00:29, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Potions Basement00:21, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Porticus Periculum00:21, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Porticus Circumscriptus00:19, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Kitchen00:19, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Hufflepuff Dormitories00:19, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Dungeon Staircase00:17, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Dungeon Hall00:15, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Dungeon Cupboard00:15, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Dungeons00:13, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Detention Escape Route00:12, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Deathday Party Hall00:11, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Boathouse00:10, July 28, 2019Jay Sea
Flourish and Blotts12:51, July 26, 2019Bond em7
Prince Villa19:53, July 23, 2019Bond em7
Prince Villa/Beach18:30, July 23, 2019Bond em7
Linlithgow Palace06:19, July 18, 2019TimeForTheTea
Edinburgh Castle23:41, July 16, 2019Hara Ynaguinid
Quality Quidditch Supplies20:44, July 16, 2019Ildsjel
Thomas Bagman/Home/Living Room18:08, July 16, 2019Bond em7
Jolies Fleur05:08, July 14, 2019Hannahgrace.02
Ryu Better Work11:43, July 13, 2019TimeForTheTea
Sally's Restaurant18:28, July 12, 2019Bond em7
Department of Magical Law Enforcement/Auror Office/The Bullpen12:36, July 12, 2019Bond em7
Minister for Magic and Support Staff/Minister's Office08:06, July 12, 2019TimeForTheTea
The Spider's Web08:02, July 12, 2019TimeForTheTea
Princess Charlotte/Flat05:11, July 12, 2019TimeForTheTea
Madame Malkin's Robes For All Occasions17:19, July 11, 2019Bond em7
Lincliff City08:33, July 10, 2019TimeForTheTea
Minerva Publishing House/Lincliff Office19:44, July 9, 2019EvilhariboMadness
Stirling Castle19:43, July 9, 2019EvilhariboMadness
Carkitt Market23:28, July 8, 2019Nebuliss
Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour09:02, July 2, 2019TimeForTheTea
Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes08:25, July 2, 2019TimeForTheTea
Nan's Diner14:28, June 30, 2019HaleTheKing
Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes18:38, June 27, 2019Acatonthemoon
Honeydukes09:29, June 27, 2019Asteriea
Colovaria03:31, June 27, 2019TimeForTheTea
Culzean Castle12:24, June 24, 2019TimeForTheTea
Old Forest/Abandoned Mill05:33, June 23, 2019TimeForTheTea
The Precinct18:27, June 12, 2019Notmyresident
Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes/Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee16:14, June 8, 2019Notmyresident
Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes/Accidental Magic Reversal Squad16:12, June 8, 2019Notmyresident
Rex Shaw/Arthouse15:03, June 2, 2019Ckohrs0221
London Restaurant03:43, May 30, 2019Ckohrs0221
General RP:History of Magic200:47, May 28, 2019GoldenGail
Lincliff City/Downtown03:05, May 7, 2019Nebuliss
Maui23:24, May 6, 2019TimeForTheTea
The Hog's Head21:21, May 5, 2019Brocky292
Times Square07:38, May 5, 2019Alyssa5582
Old Forest/Swimming Hole20:47, April 11, 2019Aeradise
Red Flags Arena04:54, April 7, 2019Zany Knave
St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries/Fifth Floor20:32, April 6, 2019Acatonthemoon
The Trolley14:32, April 5, 2019Notmyresident
The Vintage Jukebox05:47, April 5, 2019Aeradise
St. Mungo's Clinic09:26, April 4, 2019Notmyresident
The Precinct/Block D06:00, April 3, 2019TimeForTheTea
Hopscotch Toy Shop05:18, April 3, 2019Aeriesol
Rose Black/Home12:33, April 1, 2019Bond em7
Alcoholics Anonymous20:08, March 29, 2019Notmyresident
Tudor Castle/Residential Hall21:26, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Parlor21:26, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Nonmagical Room21:26, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Lake21:26, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Kitchens21:25, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Gardens21:25, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Forest21:24, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Dining Hall21:24, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Dungeons/Crypt21:24, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Dungeons21:24, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Bottlery21:23, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Ballroom21:23, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Apothecary21:23, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Athletic Room21:23, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle/Ancestral Hall21:19, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Tudor Castle21:18, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Slytherin Dormitories/51G21:17, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Gryffindor Dormitories/11G21:16, March 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
Gringotts Wizarding Bank09:06, March 16, 2019TimeForTheTea
General RP:Honeydukes Passage21:37, March 15, 2019Aeradise
St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries/Fourth Floor10:49, March 15, 2019Notmyresident
Floo Market04:03, March 12, 2019Blue Butter
Coral Gates02:29, March 10, 2019TimeForTheTea
Concordia and Plunkett Musical Instruments00:01, March 9, 2019Radioactive1770
Edinburgh Castle/Ballroom02:44, March 3, 2019Brocky292
Department of Magical Education00:34, March 3, 2019Radioactive1770
El Rincon del Diablo16:15, February 27, 2019Blue Butter
Bittersweet Emporium16:12, February 27, 2019Blue Butter
Edinburgh Pack's Cabin03:49, February 20, 2019Blue Butter
Minerva Publishing House02:13, February 20, 2019Notmyresident
Seoul13:51, February 15, 2019Aeradise
Silencio Records Building/Dormitories/72B16:23, February 12, 2019Blue Butter
Dervish and Banges09:09, February 10, 2019Jiskran
Slytherin Dormitories/12B05:49, February 9, 2019Blue Butter
Graveyard04:45, February 9, 2019SocialCasualty
St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries03:04, February 8, 2019The Highlands Lady
Gryffindor Dormitories/41G22:56, February 4, 2019Blue Butter
The Precinct/Block E03:46, February 3, 2019Brocky292
Eeylops Owl Emporium & Magical Menagerie10:46, January 21, 2019TimeForTheTea
PowerPlayer Games03:13, January 21, 2019Queen of Anarchy
Maria Petukhova/Home05:46, January 17, 2019Don't Blink, Blink and You're Dead
Knockturn Alley02:11, January 17, 2019EvilhariboMadness
Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures/Werewolf Support Services17:46, January 14, 2019Zany Knave
NNQT's Apartment05:55, January 13, 2019Sofia The Odyssey
General RP:Wizarding Law01:01, January 9, 2019TheGoodDeath
Dr. Filibuster's Fireworks17:32, January 6, 2019Blue Butter
Hyde Park05:51, January 5, 2019Blue Butter
The Precinct/Block B21:35, December 22, 2018Dirael
Williams' Gym01:31, December 18, 2018TimeForTheTea
ZSL London Zoo01:28, December 18, 2018TimeForTheTea
Mariehamn10:29, December 15, 2018NotAHamster
Kwikspell Tutoring21:17, December 10, 2018JayeMalik'
Jellied Eel Shop15:49, December 10, 2018JustChase
Weeoanwhisker's Barber Shop02:18, December 10, 2018Blue Butter
Snow Rabbits Bath Potions02:01, December 10, 2018Blue Butter
St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries/Third Floor21:43, December 8, 2018Blue Butter
St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries/Second Floor21:37, December 8, 2018Blue Butter
St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries/First Floor21:31, December 8, 2018Blue Butter
Love Letters08:58, December 5, 2018Zany Knave
Borgin and Burkes03:32, November 29, 2018Blue Butter
Hogsmeade Post Office04:53, November 28, 2018Blue Butter
Flood10:50, November 23, 2018Notmyresident
Bellucci Residence21:49, November 16, 2018JayeMalik'
Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures/Department Head's Office03:51, November 14, 2018Zany Knave
General RP:Care of Magical Creatures/Freeform RP17:09, October 29, 2018Dirael
Athens02:14, October 27, 2018TimeForTheTea
The Precinct/Block A04:32, October 24, 2018Sophia McLaren-Cobb
The Precinct/Block C04:28, October 24, 2018TimeForTheTea
Dane Home/Callum’s Bedroom02:45, October 22, 2018Blue Butter
Department of Magical Transportation/WASA (Wizarding Aeronautics and Space Administration)10:37, October 21, 2018Notmyresident
Prince Castle/School Room16:14, October 18, 2018Bond em7
Minister for Magic and Support Staff/Senior Undersecretary's Office06:36, October 14, 2018TimeForTheTea
Hong Kong Restaurant02:34, October 14, 2018Notmyresident
Department of Magical Transportation/Apparition Test Centre10:33, October 13, 2018TimeForTheTea
Department of Magical Transportation/Portkey Office10:33, October 13, 2018TimeForTheTea
Department of Magical Transportation/Broom Regulatory Control10:33, October 13, 2018TimeForTheTea
Department of Magical Transportation/Floo Network Authority10:33, October 13, 2018TimeForTheTea
Department of Magical Transportation20:32, October 12, 2018Notmyresident
St. Mungo's Clinic/Long-Term Patient Ward23:22, October 8, 2018Hannahgrace.05
Thomas Bagman/Home18:31, September 27, 2018The Highlands Lady
Thomas Bagman/Home/Elise's Room18:30, September 27, 2018The Highlands Lady
WizCo Building/Cedrica's Office13:44, September 10, 2018Bond em7
Wizarding Wireless Network12:30, September 10, 2018Bond em7
Bishop Hotel09:49, September 10, 2018TimeForTheTea
Berlin01:30, September 7, 2018Blue Butter
The Yule Ball/Other Areas00:17, August 27, 2018The Highlands Lady
Alaskan-Russian Border18:14, August 7, 2018Bond em7
Munich17:33, August 7, 2018Bond em7
Allies Alaska Base Camp17:33, August 7, 2018Bond em7
Patagonia17:32, August 7, 2018Bond em7
Acadia Monet's Office16:25, August 7, 2018Bond em7
Genevieve Bellefleur's Office16:23, August 7, 2018Bond em7
Russian Ministry of Magic15:38, August 7, 2018Bond em7
The Black House15:19, August 7, 2018Bond em7
The Black House/The Square Office15:15, August 7, 2018Bond em7
Hamburg15:00, August 7, 2018Bond em7
General RP:Potions2/Freeform RP02:28, August 4, 2018Nebuliss
General RP:Transfiguration2/Freeform RP21:28, July 28, 2018Brocky292
General RP:Transfiguration/Freeform RP21:26, July 28, 2018Brocky292
General RP:History of Magic2/Freeform RP21:09, July 28, 2018Brocky292
General RP:Healing/Freeform RP21:07, July 28, 2018Brocky292
General RP:History of Magic/Freeform RP21:02, July 28, 2018Brocky292
General RP:Herbology2/Freeform RP20:53, July 28, 2018Brocky292
General RP:Herbology/Freeform RP20:49, July 28, 2018Brocky292
General RP:1st Year Flying Lessons/Freeform RP20:23, July 28, 2018Brocky292
General RP:Defense Against the Dark Arts2/Freeform RP20:07, July 28, 2018Brocky292
General RP:Defense Against the Dark Arts/Freeform RP19:56, July 28, 2018Brocky292
General RP:Charms2/Freeform RP19:47, July 28, 2018Brocky292
General RP:Charms/Freeform RP19:39, July 28, 2018Brocky292
Lumos Broadcasting Center/Breakroom02:58, July 21, 2018Blue Butter
Lumos Broadcasting Center/Studio/Talk Show Studio02:56, July 21, 2018Blue Butter
Lumos Broadcasting Center/RR02:56, July 21, 2018Blue Butter
Lumos Broadcasting Center/SCR02:56, July 21, 2018Blue Butter
Seeker's Keeper Matchmaking Service21:27, July 9, 2018JayeMalik'
General RP:Music21:42, July 2, 2018Brocky292
Bishop Hotel/Room14:29, June 29, 2018Bond em7
Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare (Hogwarts Club)19:13, June 28, 2018Bond em7
Black House/Basement18:54, June 28, 2018Bond em7
Wizard Chapel16:20, June 28, 2018Bond em7
WizCo Building/Clarence's Office09:25, June 22, 2018Asteriea
Stirling Castle/Princess Demelza's Chambers17:02, June 7, 2018Blue Butter
Great Hall/Royal Wedding Commemorative Dance02:39, June 7, 2018Blue Butter
Le Cordon Magique/Restaurant18:25, June 1, 2018Bond em7
Thomas Bagman/Home/Master18:58, February 27, 2018Ckohrs0221
Empty Warehouse21:15, December 16, 2017Acatonthemoon
The Winter Solstice/Star Bright Gardens21:32, December 14, 2017Zany Knave
The Winter Solstice00:05, December 11, 2017Zany Knave
The Winter Solstice/Dining Room17:07, December 10, 2017Queen of Anarchy
The Winter Solstice/Dance05:31, December 8, 2017MaknaeLivi
Thornhill Estate/Lounge21:43, November 15, 2017Aeterna Superi
Thornhill Estate/Narkissa's Office02:30, November 13, 2017Aeterna Superi
Department of Magical Games and Sports16:50, October 23, 2017Bond em7
Thornhill Estate21:20, October 21, 2017Queen of Anarchy
Thornhill Estate/Garden04:29, October 5, 2017Nebuliss
Thornhill Estate/Lobby03:11, September 5, 2017Aeterna Superi
Backpackers Hostel/Movie Room23:15, August 28, 2017JayeMalik'
Thornhill Estate/Library01:04, August 22, 2017Queen of Anarchy
Thornhill Estate/Narkissa's Office/Narkissa's Bedroom02:55, July 20, 2017Queen of Anarchy
Emilie Davidson/Apartment22:36, June 29, 2017Ckohrs0221
Hospital Wing17:18, May 28, 2017UniPacific16
Cholmeley Lodge/Lucienne and Deirdre's Apartment23:16, May 25, 2017Queen of Anarchy
Cholmeley Lodge/Lucienne and Deirdre's Apartment/Deirdre's Bedroom16:07, May 24, 2017Queen of Anarchy
Cholmeley Lodge/Lucienne and Deirdre's Apartment/Lucienne's Bedroom16:04, May 24, 2017Queen of Anarchy
Ministerial Masquerade Ball21:55, April 24, 2017Carnarvan
Ministerial Masquerade Ball/Other Areas01:15, April 22, 2017Hecate Grimm
Jean-Pierre Trudeau/Pied-a-terre, Paris19:46, April 9, 2017Jiskran
Ollivander's Wand Shop (Hogsmeade)07:42, March 4, 2017Jiskran
Ollivander's Wand Shop (Diagon Alley)/Backroom22:46, January 17, 2017Zany Knave
The Bell Towers18:11, November 9, 2016UniPacific16
2030 Quidditch World Cup/Norway National Quidditch Team Campsite16:38, October 23, 2016DYSUTOPIA
2030 Quidditch World Cup/Campgrounds23:04, October 18, 2016Ckohrs0221
2030 Quidditch World Cup/Germany National Quidditch Team Campsite01:37, October 14, 2016MinaTula
2030 Quidditch World Cup/Merchandise Stand23:12, October 13, 2016NotAlwaysPerfect
2030 Quidditch World Cup/Meet and Greet12:26, October 12, 2016Bond em7
2030 Quidditch World Cup/United States National Quidditch Team Campsite16:56, October 11, 2016Ckohrs0221
2030 Quidditch World Cup/Ireland National Quidditch Team Campsite07:18, October 10, 2016Hecate Grimm
2030 Quidditch World Cup/Japan National Quidditch Team Campsite20:55, October 8, 2016Sophia McLaren-Cobb
2030 Quidditch World Cup/Egypt National Quidditch Team Campsite09:17, October 7, 2016Hecate Grimm
2030 Quidditch World Cup/Mexico National Quidditch Team Campsite01:09, September 26, 2016Ckohrs0221
2030 Quidditch World Cup/Argentina National Quidditch Team Campsite17:36, September 24, 2016YouKnowWhooo
General RP:Defense Against the Dark Arts2/Extra Classes23:09, March 10, 2016Surferdude1219
Atlanta04:22, January 29, 2016TheGoodDeath
The Apothecary/Potions Lab23:12, October 26, 2015TheGoodDeath
Department of Morale and Information/Ministry Ballroom04:25, October 19, 2015Ckohrs0221
General RP:Astronomy220:10, September 27, 2015Sophia McLaren-Cobb
Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures/Di Salvataggio for Magical Creatures/Haruka Stendahl's Office15:39, July 6, 2015Jay Sea
Le Cordon Magique/Restaurant/Banquet Hall13:12, April 28, 2015Bond em7
The Leaky Cauldron/Lily's Room17:05, April 17, 2015Bond em7
Forbidden Forest/Tower17:15, March 23, 2015Bond em7
Forbidden Forest/Tower/Tower15:16, March 23, 2015Bond em7
Forbidden Forest/Tower/Throne Room02:03, March 23, 2015Bond em7
Forbidden Forest/Tower/Entrance21:36, March 22, 2015Bond em7
Forbidden Forest/Tower/Walls21:04, March 22, 2015Bond em7
Forbidden Forest/Tower/Reception Hall12:28, March 16, 2015Bond em7
Department of International Magical Cooperation/The International Confederation of Wizards14:17, March 12, 2015Bond em7
Ashley Flame/Ashley and Lily's Flat/Lily's Room19:24, February 12, 2015Bond em7
Professor Willow's Office14:37, September 25, 2014Echostar
Forbidden Forest/Aragog's Lair02:49, July 4, 2014Echostar
Honeydukes Cellar02:54, February 25, 2014Rabbitty
Madame Malkins' Catalogue13:38, June 30, 2013Jiskran
Black Estate/Holding Cells15:09, February 8, 2013Bond em7
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