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왜 이렇게 밤이 길고 왜 이렇게 잠은 안 와? exo-cbx, sweet dreams

The Character's Background

1) Give a description of your character's personality. It must be at least two paragraphs long, seven sentences each.

henry is the starlight in the night. he's the way it's so pretty, standing out from its surroundings. handsomeness that is almost too perfect to dream about. the way that his life has been given to shine. there's no sense of struggle on those broad shoulders of his. it's that aura that surrounds him, that tells him and everyone else how much he's important. it tells everyone else that he is someone important. it tells everyone of his own specialty. he's the way that it's too far away from your eyes. the aloofness that keeps him from coming into close contact from anyone. there's a sort of detachment that comes from being of the stars. only other stars can even get close.
henry is the shadows of the night. there, but not really there. echos of everyone else's words. he doesn't speak often. he doesn't find it really necessary. everyone else speaks for him, or he just lets himself do the job silently. but he's always there regardless. even in retreat, henry occupies a space. he sits silently, taking in his environment and preferring to observe. he takes solace in the darkness that he occupies. in or out of the light, it doesn't matter. henry is comfortable whether in the spotlight or in the shadows. he just prefers to stray between both. the shadows don't scare him at all. even there, the darkness feels bright to him.

2) Write about the history of your character. How did they grow up? Is there an incident that made them the way they are? It must be at least three paragraphs long, seven sentences each.

there was a sort of neatness that lee seojun and joo hayeon lived their lives with. life laid out everything they could ever need, right from the beginning. they were handsome and beautiful. wealthy and talented. intelligent and charming. and life gave them each other, to make things unfair. a perfect couple, void from any objections a player of the game of life might have. unpatchable, they stuck together, beginning to live their lives together with the same neatness life had gave them.
their son was the same way. henry eden lee came into the world with the same neatness. big eyes and not a single strand of hair out of place. born with everything that he has ever needed at his disposal. henry tried everything and did everything when he was only a child. it was only natural for someone as curious as him. he was a quieter child than most. no siblings and a shy demeanor did that to him.
henry went into hogwarts at the age of eleven. maybe his parents had looked around at other schools, wishing for bigger and better for their son. but in the end, henry stuck to home and went to hogwarts.
he's graduated now. all out in the real world with his own apartment and everything. he's the prince of his castle but he doesn't really want it right now. he's realized that there's a benefit to waiting and seeing what comes next. so he moved to a small flat in the middle of london. has that minimalistic feel everywhere he goes. he keeps to himself, mostly. has few friends and sticks to just going to work and going back home. that's how he's enjoying life for now.

3) Write about your character's appearance. What do they look like? Are you planning on using a certain model for your character? If you already have a picture in mind, you can put it here!

Henry Lee Bottom Gif
Henry is tall and pale, which suits his cold and intimidating look just fine. He has neat, dark hair and cool brown eyes. As befitting of his upbringing, Henry dresses neatly and cleanly. He prefers classic styles. He is modeled by Oh Sehun, better known as Sehun of EXO.

4) Is your character a Pure-Blood, Half-Blood or Muggle-Born? Do you have any notable magical relations? (Remember, you cannot be related to important characters from the Harry Potter Universe!)


5) Does your character have any special magical abilities? Or special abilities in general (photographic memory, etc.)? Is he or she of a different magical race, such as Veela, Vampire, Werewolf or the like? Part or half of that magical race counts! (Remember, you cannot have a character with special abilities/of a different magical race as one of your first two characters!)


6) What is your character's profession? Does your character plan to enroll your character into the Ministry of Magic? Does your character not work? Is your character a teacher?

Henry plans to take a retail position in a shop. He also takes odd jobs from time to time.

The Sorting Quiz

A. Select the option that best fits your character. (Remember, this part is optional for adult characters!)

1. What are you looking forward to learning at Hogwarts the most?

A. Transfiguration
B. Hexes & Jinxes
C. Magical Creatures
D. The castle's secret areas

2. Pick one:

A. Moon
B. Stars

3. If flowers adapted their scent to attract the unwary, what would it smell of in order to lure you in?

A. Freshly baked bread
B. Parchment
C. The Sea
D. A crackling log fire

4. Pick one:

A. Dawn
B. Dusk

5. Four boxes are placed before you. Which one do you open?

A. The ornate one, promising secret knowledge and unbearable temptation
B. The small, pewter box that reads "I only open for the worthy"
C. The gleaming black box marked with Merlin's rune
D. The small, tortoiseshell box, embellished in gold, with a small, squeaking creature

6. Pick one:

A. White
B. Black

7. What road tempts you the most?

A. The cobbled street lined with ancient buildings
B. The narrow, dark, lantern-lit alley
C. The twisting, leaf-strewn path through woods
D. The wide, sunny, grassy lane

8. Pick one:

A. Forest
B. River

9. What scares you most?

A. Speaking in such a silly voice, people will laugh at you and mock you
B. An eye at the keyhole of the dark, windowless room where you're locked
C. Standing on top of something high, without anything to stop you from falling
D. Waking up and realizing your family & friends don't know you

10. It's late, you're walking alone, and hear a peculiar cry you believe has a magical source. What do you do?

A. Draw your wand & search for the source
B. Proceed with caution, keep a hand on the concealed wand, and keep an eye out
C. Draw your wand & stand your ground
D. Wait for developments, while mentally reviewing the most appropriate spells

OOC Questions

B. Whilst the first two questions will not affect the character's house (and are mandatory), the others are designed specifically to help users come up with their character's ideal job (and are optional).

1) Is this your first character?

A. This is my first character.
B. No, this is not my first character.

2) If your answer to the previous question is B, how many characters do you have? How many of them are "exotic"?

5 characters, no exotics

3) What would people who know your character well say they're really good at?

Henry is perfect in undergoing routine. Procrastination is foreign to him. Every new thing is seamlessly blended into his everyday life. Organization and habits just suit Henry perfectly. At the end of the day, rain or shine, nor unexpected surprises, keep him from getting what he needs to get done done.

4) What do they really want to avoid in their job/career? Do they hate working in an office? Do they hate the field?

Despite his organizational skills, Henry wants more than a desk job or to run his father's company. Maybe in the future, but for now, Henry wants to experience a variety of jobs that all very diverse and interesting rather than spending away his youth in an office job. Other than taking retail positions, he is also putting up ads in the Daily Prophet for random jobs and such. He likes to incorporate unpredictability into his everyday life

5) Aside from family and peers, what motivates your character the most in life? What drives their passion?

Henry, like his middle name suggests, is a man of Eden. He was born perfect. He is perfect when it comes to environment. Good-hearted parents that were wealthy enough to give Henry everything he needed to thrive and a big home in which childhood memories were lovingly created. He is perfect in person. He is everything a person would ever want. Tall, handsome, intelligent and polite. He really seems like the perfect being. But rather than staying in his Eden, Henry wants to go and create his own. He has no interest in the world his parents created for him, and wants to build up his own Eden with what he wants.

6) Where does your character's weaknesses lie?

Henry's weaknesses lie in his underlying arrogance. Although he comes off a polite and well-mannered young man, the environment and knowledge that he has been enriched with has him thinking that he is superior to everyone else. His limited environment of pure-blood revelry has also lead him to have ignorant and problematic views due to lack of interaction with many differences. This also conflicts with his ever-burning desire for curiousity. Although he seeks to understanding the living of others and broaden his world, he finds that his judging attitude is rather out of place. He needs to be able to let go of his perfect life in order to truly embrace the imperfect.

7) Wand cores and woods speak volumes about a person's character. What is your character's wand? Why does it answer to them?

Henry's wand is Fir, Phoenix Feather, and 12 1/2 inches long. He has the focused and strong-minded traits of those associated with Fir wands. The Phoenix Feather's wand is capable of producing great magic, suited for the knowledge that Henry has. The length fits perfectly with Henry's all-around tall stature.


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