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The Sorting Quiz

A. Select the option that best fits your character. (Remember, this part is a requirement for every character you make! Please italicize the answer.)

1. What are you looking forward to learning at Hogwarts the most?

A. Transfiguration
B. Magical Creatures
C. Hexes & Jinxes
D. The castle's secret areas

2. Pick one:

B. Stars
A. Moon

3. If flowers adapted their scent to attract the unwary, what would it smell of in order to lure you in?

A. Parchment
B. Freshly baked bread
C. A crackling log fire
D. The Sea

4. Pick one:

A. Dawn
B. Dusk

5. Four boxes are placed before you. Which one do you open?

A. The ornate one, promising secret knowledge and unbearable temptation
B. The small, tortoiseshell box, embellished in gold, with a small, squeaking creature
C. The small, pewter box that reads "I only open for the worthy"
D. The gleaming black box marked with Merlin's rune

6. Pick one:

A. White
B. Black

7. What road tempts you the most?

A. The cobbled street lined with ancient buildings
B. The wide, sunny, grassy lane
C. The twisting, leaf-strewn path through woods
D. The narrow, dark, lantern-lit alley

8. Pick one:

A. Forest
B. River

9. What scares you most?

A. Speaking in such a silly voice, people will laugh at you and mock you
B. Waking up and realizing your family & friends don't know you
C. An eye at the keyhole of the dark, windowless room where you're locked
D. Standing on top of something high, without anything to stop you from falling

10. It's late, you're walking alone, and hear a peculiar cry you believe has a magical source. What do you do?

A. Wait for developments, while mentally reviewing the most appropriate spells
B. Draw your wand & stand your ground
C. Draw your wand & search for the source
D. Proceed with caution, keep a hand on the concealed wand, and keep an eye out

The Character's Background

1) Give a description of your character's personality. It must be at least two paragraphs long, seven sentences each.

Jeremy is the kind of boy that would much rather sit and observe those around him and find things out through careful observation. He's a people watcher. That's just his thing. His ambition leads him to want to be the best in everything he sets his mind to. This can be both a good and bad thing. You see, it leads him to excel in extracurriculars but fail at school work. He only really works on things that interest him. Another thing to note about Jeremy is that he's competitive by nature. He loves a good challenge and the accomplishment that comes with beating it.

He can be pretty sassy believe it or not. He's quick to just add his two cents to any discussion whether he knows what's going on or not. This has led him to get in trouble on multiple accounts. He's especially sassy towards his family. He's pretty dedicated to this craft. He's protective of his younger siblings and looks up to his older ones in equal measure. They all are amazing in his eyes and will not hesitate to talk them up to anyone.

2) Write about the history of your character. How did they grow up? Is there an incident that made them the way they are? It must be at least three paragraphs long, seven sentences each.

Seraphina and Michael first met when they were present at a military ball. Sera was accompanying her father, Samuel, while her brother brought his own date. Michael was present with his younger sister, Vanessa Whiteford, while his parents were off socializing of their own friends. He let his attention drift briefly before he spotted the flash of blonde hair. From that moment on, his heart was stolen by the beautiful young woman on the arm of the tough-looking Coast Guard Commander, Samuel Whiteford, and flanked by two people on either side. That was their first meeting, but it wouldn't be their last, not by a long shot. It seemed that the more days the Morales family stayed in their hotel, somehow, Michael would appear wherever Seraphina would be that day. Feelings only bloomed from there, and when she traveled back to California after the events were over, Michael set his focus on transferring to the base that she called home. Nothing would stand in the way of him seeing the beautiful blonde that had captured his heart at first sight.

Things grew from there, and on a sunny, and very hot, June afternoon, Michael and Seraphina got married in the same church that her own parents had gotten married in. Seraphina was absolutely stunning in her wedding gown, and after the ceremony, Michael had compared her to an angel descending from the heavens to bless his earthly spirit. She absolutely blushed heavily at his compliment, and they had soon headed off to their honeymoon in the Bahamas. It was a perfect honeymoon location, and they spent a lovely three weeks in the island country. Returning to America, the newly-married couple had immediately recieved their first PCS orders. They were heading to Berlin, Germany... but what awaited them there would change their lives forever.

The Whiteford couple spent their first few weeks there separate, Michael working, and Seraphina exploring the history surrounding her, but as their second month wore on, she stumbled across an orphanage in a less-than-secure area. The next day, as it was one that Michael had off, Sera had virtually pulled her husband into the orphanage, looking at the kids coming out of the shadows. She was 19 compared to Michael's 23, but the little boy they adopted from that orphanage was a tiny one-year-old named Andreas. Things went quickly from there, and soon, the Whiteford couple found their number increased by one more. Upon agreement, they changed Andreas' name to Lance. Lance Justice Whiteford became his new name, and the couple had just became a trio.

The years seemed to go by incredibly fast... much too faster than what Seraphina was prepared for. On October 10th, 2030, she found herself hunched over a pregnancy test... Imagine her surprise when the test showed the plus sign that signaled that she was pregnant. The news were quite startling for all family members alerted by a pregnancy announcement with little three-year-old Lance sent out. And on July 2, 2031, Seraphina Estelle Whiteford went into labor with what she thought was just one child. Imagine their surprise when it turned out to be one at first, a little boy, then two minutes later, a little girl was born. Both parents were surprised to say the least, but they didn't let their surprise hold them back from taking both children into their family quite easily. They let Vanessa and Marcus choose their first names, and Lance choose their middle names. As such, the little boy was named Jeremy Alexander Whiteford, and the little girl was named Jasmine Annalise Whiteford.

Jeremy grew up in a military household. His dad wanted all of his kids to do something athletic so naturally Jeremy decided to do Kendo at the age of six. He enjoys it to this day. At about seven years old, he decided to join his sister in dance and quickly found that he loved that just as much. So, he takes both and his focus on them fluctuates. The move to England definitely didn't stop his love of these things.

On their fifth birthday, Jasmine got her first sign of magic which Jeremy was very jealous of. He wanted to be magical like everyone else! He tried for days after that before he finally managed to explode a vase in his frustration. Of course, he was in trouble for it but he didn't regret it. That meant he's just as magical as his sister and he was proud of it. Last year was a year of hardship for his family. Michael Whiteford died in action, leaving Seraphina as a widow and Jeremy fatherless. It doesn't help that Lance is now off at Hogwarts leaving Jeremy to be the 'man of the house' in his absence. He misses them both.

3) Write about your character's appearance. What do they look like? Are you planning on using a certain model for your character? If you already have a picture in mind, you can put it here!

Model: Owen Vaccaro

4) Is your character a Pure-Blood, Half-Blood or Muggle-Born? Do you have any notable magical relations? (Remember, you cannot be related to important characters from the Harry Potter Universe!)


5) Does your character have any special abilities? Is he or she of a different magical race, such as Veela, Vampire, Werewolf or the like? Part or half of a magical race counts! (Remember, you cannot have a character with special abilities/of a different magical race as one of your first two characters!)


6) What year is your character in?

Nine Years Old

7) The Sorting Hat has been known to take house preference into consideration. If your character could select one house they believe they are best suited for, what would it be and why?

OOC Questions

B. Whilst the first two questions will not affect the character's house (and are mandatory), the others are designed specifically to help users come up with their character's ideal job (and are optional).

1) Is this your first character?

A. This is my first character.
B. No, this is not my first character.

2) If your answer to the previous question is B, how many characters do you have? How many of them are "exotic"?

1 character that is exotic

3) What would people who know your character well say they're really good at?

Assessing a person's character based on observations.

4) What do they really want to avoid in their future job/career? Do they hate working in an office? Do they hate the field?

Something boring. Something that doesn't keep him on his toes.

5) Aside from family and peers, what motivates your character the most in life? What drives their passion?

His desire to be better. He believes he can always improve upon himself.

6) Where does your character's weaknesses lie?

His family and loose tongue.

7) Wand cores and woods speak volumes about a person's character. What is your character's wand? Why does it answer to them?

He's nine. He doesn't have a wand yet. (will put one if this is vital)


Slytherin's Crest The Sorting Hat has placed Jeremy Whiteford into Slytherin!

"Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends."


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