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The Open-Ended Questions

A. Please answer the following questions as elaborately as possible. (Remember, this part doesn't have to be filled out if it's an expansion character!)

1) What would you consider to be your character's strengths, and your character's weaknesses? Elaborate on your answer.

Joaquin's strengths are his intelligence, his caring nature and his humour; his traits make him perfect for teaching, especially a subject he's so passionate. However, he is quite Machiavellian, very obstinate and can be extremely sarcastic when the time calls.

2) Has your character's life played out the way they wanted? Have they achieved the goals they set out for their life? Why, or why not?

Yes, definitely. He has an incredible job teaching the subject he loves, and he's happily married in a London home to the best woman in the world.

3) What's their ideal way of spending a free day? Why so?

Sat with Aretha in the living room of their home, sipping tea, reading or watching bad movies. It's where he's most calm.

4) If your character could only keep 5 possessions, what would they be? Why?

His wand, a photo of Aretha, his Wizarding Law books, his certificate of graduation from Uni and the placquard with his name on that used to be stuck to his office door. They show all he has achieved in life.

5) What one thing would your character change about the wizarding society? Why?

He would make it so that everybody is treated equally, with no strings attached.

The Character's Background

1) Give a history of your character. History must be at least two paragraphs long. How did they grow up? Is there an incident that made them the way they are? etc. (Remember, history must at least be two paragraphs long for the first two characters, three paragraphs long for the third to eighth character, and four paragraphs long for the ninth to fifteenth character!) Joaquin, despite his years of travelling and exploring, has always been an Englishman at heart. The heart of Peckham has never been a particularly middle-class district, and his parents' occupations of a self-employed salesman and local waitress were nothing more than modest; maybe that is why they were so eager for their first-born son to have the best education their limited wages could afford. Of course, that's all well and good in theory, but when you head to your twelve-week scan and find out you're carrying triplets... it all kind of goes out of the window. The family only lived in a council flat, twelve stories up with lifts that constantly broke; how were they supposed to take care of three boys?  It took a lot of time, and a lot of work, for things to become stable. His mother took up another job, his father took up two extra jobs - for the first half of his life, Joaquin and his brothers spent more time being parented by babysitters and daycare teachers more than his true family. However, this whole business is what, in his opinion, got Joaquin started down the legal route. You see, Joaquin was never argumentative as such, but challenging. Cheap London daycare was rough at best, and even from a young age, he was obsessed with fairness; making sure every kid had the same portion of food, the same amount of playtime, the same comfort of beds when naptime came around. He was never selfish, nor did he ever argue for himself - it was always to make sure everybody was equal. And such a thought process has carried him through his life up to this very day. The whole magic part of his life waited a hell of a long time to spring up: in fact, he didn't know he was magic at all until he was thirteen, when he may or may not have started a fire in the apartment block's shared allotment after a particularly heated argument with his brothers. His Hogwarts letter came the very next day, apologising for the inconvenience and saying that he due on the train for the next available term. His parents were stunned to say the least, especially since his two brothers were as Muggle as a Muggle can possibly get, as were they; but the letter seemed foolproof, and for a couple of Labour-voting, working-class individuals, they were surprisingly welcoming of his newfound abilities. Maybe because it offered him that precious education. Wizarding Law, as a career possibility, did not occur to Joaquin until he reached his seventh year and he saw it at a job fair. As it had never been offered as a subject at Hogwarts, he instantly became intrigued, and spent the next few years enveloping himself in every textbook and resource he could possibly find. It also allowed him the opportunity to reunite himself with his Muggle upbringing: he attended college in London, then the UCL, studying British Law with the intent to go on and practise Wizarding Law for the Ministry - he graduated with honours, but the best thing that happened at uni was easily his meeting of Aretha, the woman who would go on to not only be one of the best lawyers in magical history, but also his lovely wife. She was beautiful - still is - and strong and more suited to the subject than anybody; he loves her dearly. It was after several years of practising law with Aretha that he realised he was far too soft for this profession. Law is not about who is right or wrong, just who can tell the best story, regardless of the truth, which goes against everything he has ever stood for. So, what other jobs could offer him the flair and challenge of law but is less... cut-throat? Of course. Teaching.

2) Give a description of your character's personality. Personality must be at least one paragraph long. Are you noble or sneaky? Arrogant or humble? (Remember, personality must be at least one paragraph long for the first two characters, two paragraphs long for the third to eighth characters, and three paragraphs long for the ninth to fifteenth!) Joaquin has softened since his days of law school; in fact, he thinks he was never the steel-cored, hard-headed bastard they required. No, he is much more of a family man, the epitome of down-to-earth - why be unnecessarily harsh when all it does is achieve dislike? Conflict is best when avoided, that's his philosophy of life, and it's what's carried him all the way through education and back into the cycle - everybody is equal, and everybody deserves equal chance. And yes, that includes second, third, fourth chances. Okay, maybe he can be too soft. In truth, he wishes to be that teacher who the students feel they can turn to, whilst also retaining enough respect and authority to not completely become one of the kids. His power to pass on knowledge drives him, and he is capable of always seeing the bright side of any down situation - yes, that's Joaquin: an optimist to the end. Most people of his age have had such viewpoints stamped out of them by life, but he's flourished instead - maybe the progress from his poor upbringing to current position in the world is the reason for that. He's a man of bitter humour, of fluent sarcasm - Joaquin doesn't take bullshit from anybody, no matter how welcoming he appears to be. He certainly doesn't take shit from his students - try and shout out in his class, just try it. His confrontational side arises only when it is truly necessary, and is usually born from protectiveness: as salty as he can sometimes get when teaching, it is all front, and god, he loves his students. One of the many reasons he didn't quite make it as a lawyer is because he can be quite blinded by personal emotions: the lines between right and wrong, the ones he so fiercely defends, can sometimes be blurred to fit special circumstances in his eyes. Not that he's proud of it. It's just his soft side coming through, he was never so malleable in his twenties. His modest upbringing has the biggest imprint on his personality. You will never see him more comfortable than when he has his feet up, nose buried in a newspaper and sipping from a cup of strong tea with three sugars - despite Aretha's attempts to get him healthy - and frankly, he's happy with that. That's when he is at his most relaxed, and he can joke and laugh and say silly things, but don't let that fool you. Joaquin is extremely sharp. He had to be, as a lawyer, it requires thinking on one's feet and swiftly changing a story. That quickness has been converted now into his immediate comebacks and ability to solve problems in a heartbeat, which is something he prizes himself on. A bright smile and kind face with a brilliant, bustling mind - how sweet.

3) Are you Pure-Blood, Half-Blood or Muggle-Born? Do you have any notable magical relations? (Remember, you cannot be related to important Harry Potter characters!)


4) Does your character have any special magical abilities? Or special abilities in general (photographic memory, etc.)? Is he or she of a different magical race, such as Veela, Vampire, Werewolf or the like? Part or half of that magical race counts! (Remember, you cannot have one as your first two characters!)


5) What is your character's profession? Does your character plan to enroll your character into the Ministry of Magic? Does your character not work? Is your character a teacher?

He's a professor of Wizarding Law at Hogwarts

6) Describe your character's marital status. Is your character single or married? What is the spouse's name? Any kids?

Married to Aretha Harkness

7) What about your character's appearance? What do they look like? Feel free to write down what they look like! If you're using any FC, you can put a picture here! Please state the character's faceclaim! Joaquin is, in his own humble opinion, the definition of the word handsome. Or so his wife tells him. Standing at a healthy 6'2" with dark skin and darker hair and eyes, you will never see him without a suit on. Hell, the most relaxed you'll ever see him is at least in a shirt and jeans, maybe without a tie if he's feeling lazy. Blame law school. His FC is Idris Elba.

The Sorting Quiz

B. Select the option that best fits your character. (Remember, this part is only optional, for regular adults and expansion characters alike!)

1) Which type of spell is most useful?

A. A Complex Spell
B. A Spell Of Control
C. A Combat Spell
D. A Healing Spell

2) What is most important to you?

A. Grades.
B. Getting your way.
C. Life.
D) Friends and family.

3) What would you do if a teacher caught you cheating?

A. I'm the person people cheat off of.
B. I wouldn't get caught; I'm too slick.
C. I would deny the accusation until the teacher gives up.
D. I would 'fess up, apologize, and accept the consequences.

4) Which trait is most valuable?

A. Intelligence
B. Cunningness
C. Bravery
D. Kindness

5) What's the best way to get things done?

A. The right way, no matter how long it takes.
B. Trick someone else into doing the work for you.
C. Putting together a qualified team and completing the task efficiently.
D. Get some friends together and lead them in the task.

OOC Questions

C. These do not affect what house you're sorted to, but everybody must answer them!

1) Is this your first character?

A. This is my first character.
B. No, this is not my first character.

2) If your answer to the previous question is B, how many characters do you have? How many of them are "exotic" (of a different magical race/have a special ability)?


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